Bree was like any other tween who had nothing to do on a Friday night. She liked to roam the streets in her safe little town, hang out with the few people she trusted and knew or go to a local ballgame.

Since she started her mom's homeschooling program in early elementary school, she became reserved and unknowing. Her thought process jumbled up, making simple tasks harder to do each day. Her mentality slowly decreased over the years it took to reach high school. Her surroundings molded together into a fog, creating 'her own little world', as her mother calls it.

But that one night she decided to cool off, take a breather, the woman in the 80s style van approached her. Bree was in that mode, her 'world', when she was offered a ride by the strikingly beautiful woman.

The wild woman with the intimating features couldn't stop her from resisting. Bree answered with a hesitantly small, "No..."

"I can't let you starve, little girl." the redhead was hospitable and asked a question anyone in their right mind knew was coming. Bree didn't. "Would you like a candy bar?" She pulled out the child's favorite chocolate bar-the kind with almonds.

Bree's hand reached out, towards the candy, but it was too late. The woman, more than meets her foggy eyes, was out of the van in no time what-so-ever. She was in front of Bree in a matter of time, catching her off guard. Bree staggered back, amazed at the speed she moved. That was the last free movement she made. The beauty grabber her, flew to the back of the van and closed the doors behind her. Victoria knew the girl wouldn't struggle, then the venom would spread faster, more painful.

Sometimes exercise is good for a human. Other times, dangerous doesn't even begin to cover it.