Puck rolled over with a groan.

"Wake up." A high pitched voice told him.

"I don wanna." He slurred half asleep.

"Come on, wake up." It was then that Puck registered who that voice belonged to and his eyes popped open.

"Kurt, you're not supposed to be talking."

"Actually I am. It's been a month since the surgery."

"Well, don't over use it." Puck hoped that his fear didn't sneak its way into his voice. Kurt was talking again, which meant that he didn't need Puck anymore.

"Come on, I want to show everyone that I can talk again. I can't wait to sing." Kurt's eyes were wide and excited. "I hope to hit a high F by the end of this year, hopefully. I want to be able to sing along with Wicked again. God, it'll be nice to be able to sing with you guys." Kurt continued on with what would be amazing and nice about this turn in his life as Puck got dressed. "Did you know you are fucking sexy?"

Puck paused at the sudden change in what Kurt was saying. "What?"

"Sorry, that was random. I just really wanted to say that. It sounds sexier than it looks." He signed his earlier question with his tongue sticking out and Puck laughed.

"I don't know, I like when you sign." I wish you would always sign.

"I can continue to sign if you want."

"I would like that. Signing is special for us."

Kurt nodded and smiled widely. "Our Christmas presents prove that." He pointed at the snow globe on the night stand with a grin. He then stuck his hand out in the same sign that the snow globe people were doing. Puck smiled and signed it back.

Puck's fear that Kurt was going to stop needing him lessened through the rest of the day. Kurt was constantly signing, almost like when 'talking' to Puck he forgot he could talk. He would talk to other people and everyone at school had heard that Kurt Hummel had his voice back by lunch. He took all the attention as people congratulated him for recovering like expected, with poise and respect.

Puck was grinning at the people as he and Kurt sneakily held hands under the table, still not ready to tell everyone they were dating. Anyone who noticed his happy demeanor chalked it up to Kurt talking since, in the eyes of the high school, Puck and Kurt had become great friends.

At Glee Puck started to back off to let Kurt celebrate with the other Gleeks, some of whom were still not talking to him since the pregnancy scandal was revealed, but Kurt grabbed his hand and dragged him back into the middle of the group. Kurt snaked his arm around Puck's waist, acting like he wasn't hugging Puck, and Puck draped his arm over Kurt's shoulders. A few of the fellow Glee members looked at them oddly as Kurt answered all the questions that were poised until Mr. Schue came in and told them to sit down.

Nationals were coming up faster than Puck really liked and were adding that much more pressure into his life. Quinn was about ready to pop, figuratively speaking, Finn was still a little pissed off that Puck lied to him for so long, and Kurt was becoming more and more independent. Puck still hated how he had a part of himself wanted to mess up Kurt's healing. But that part shut up pretty well when Kurt decided to give him a gift in the form of song and a strip tease.

Kurt's lithe body was dancing quite seductively in front of Puck's entranced eyes. Puck shifted as Kurt leaned forward and writhed, wiggling his ass in Puck's face. By the time the song was over (Puck still wasn't sure what the name of the song was but it was now his favorite) Puck was hard as a rock and Kurt was sitting there in nothing but a corset and a pair of lacy panties with a definite bulge.

"Come 'ere." Puck practically slurred, sounding drunk.

"What are you going to do to me?" Kurt signed, looking very innocent like he hadn't just done a strip tease.

"Whatever comes to mind," Kurt grinned evilly and rose to his feet, striding towards Puck with a swing to his hips.

"What is coming to mind right now?" Kurt straddled Puck and Puck ran his hands down the lacing of the corset to Kurt's ass which he cupped slightly harshly. Puck didn't dignify Kurt with a spoken answer and instead captured Kurt's lips in a heated kiss. Kurt moaned and rocked his hips lightly against Puck's thigh.

The kiss was broken and Puck took a second to admire Kurt's red lips and mussed up hair as the smaller boy gasped against the tight material of the corset. One thing Puck loved about Kurt was his impossibly pale skin that bruised oh so easily. And Kurt loved having to come up with outfits that hid the deep purple bruising he always got. Puck decided to give him a challenge and bit and sucked higher up on Kurt's neck than usual. He even left a mark right behind Kurt's ear, which he knew Kurt would yell at him for later.

As Puck made his way farther and farther down Kurt's body Kurt expected him to undo the corset. But Puck had other plans and left it there, paying attention to the thin dancer's legs below the corset. Thankfully for Puck, Kurt happened to be an extremely flexible dancer, so his legs could be parallel to his body and he doesn't even notice.

"I hope you didn't pay too much for this underwear." Kurt raised his eyebrows then gasped in shock. Puck had just literally ripped the lace from Kurt's body, freeing his hard member. Puck smirked his signature smirk and ran a finger teasingly up Kurt's member, enjoying the shaky gasp that escaped the smaller boy.

Kurt reached down and fumbled with Puck's belt. Kurt slipped Puck's pants down his legs and Puck kicked them off. Puck's shirt was slowly taken off while Kurt kissed and nipped each inch of exposed skin. Puck then went back to teasing Kurt's inner thighs, loving every gasp and moan that escaped the little gleek.

He then stopped touching Kurt completely to reach up under the pillows, grabbing the lube and a condom. Kurt grabbed the condom from Puck's hand and carefully ripped it open with his teeth. Puck's strangled groan moved into a smooth moan as Kurt slipped the condom onto him.

"I fucking love your cock." Kurt whispered into Puck's ear, breaking their rule that ASL was the only thing he used. Puck didn't care. "It's so smooth and perfect. And I love that you're Jewish. I have always like circumcised cocks." Puck groaned and went to grab the lube to prepare Kurt but Kurt was ahead of him and slathered his own fingers. Puck watched wide eyed as Kurt prepared himself until Kurt was fucking his own hand.

"Stop," Kurt opened his eyes and looked at Puck, gulping in deep breaths of air. His fingers slipped out of him and he moaned 'Noah' lightly. Puck hurriedly slathered himself and guided Kurt onto his member. They both paused for a few seconds as they adjusted to the familiar feeling.

Always the gentleman during sex, Puck waited for Kurt to move first; but once Kurt gave the signal Puck rolled them over and slammed into Kurt, watching as Kurt practically screamed, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his back arching against the corset. Their rhythm was quickly found, a harsh speed that had Kurt out of his mind in a few seconds. Pleasure on the edge of pain filled him up quickly and it did not take many strokes of Puck's talented hand to bring him over the edge. Puck kept thrusting through Kurt's orgasm and came not long after Kurt started to calm down from his high. Puck collapsed next to Kurt breathing deeply.

Kurt was the first to recover and he quickly cleaned them off, disposing of the condom before it became disgusting.

"What is that song?"

"'Ring Of Fire' by Adam Lambert."

"Adam Lambert is now my favorite artist and that is now my favorite song." Kurt grinned from his new seat on Puck's stomach. Puck sighed, turning serious. "I love you." Kurt's eyes widened and his smile disappeared to be replaced with a little 'o' of surprise. "I really love you. More than I have loved anyone before. And I have no idea what I would do if you left me. If you realized that you didn't need me anymore and just disappeared out of my life. I would probably kill my…" Puck was cut off my Kurt kissing him. Tears were brimming on the edge of blue-green eyes as he broke the kiss.

"I am not leaving. Ever. So don't talk like that. Ever." Kurt poked Puck's chest for emphasis. "And I love you too." Puck smiled at Kurt.