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Mitsukuni was tossing and turning in his sleep. He was even gripping Usa-chan. Maybe he was dreaming about how they got there.

"Dammit Sai, keep Lee away from my ramen!" He muttered. Or maybe not.

It was early morning and Takashi just finished cleaning up all evidence that they were here. All that remained was a certain blonde and a little pink bunny. Takashi looked over at him as he threw out a fist, probably punching Lee in his dream. He had a blissful look on his face. It was well known in the leaf village that waking Naruto up was never a good idea. So the taller man did the only thing that came to mind. With a sigh, he decided it was easier to just pick him up and carry him.

He just looked so cute, and Takashi didn't want to wake him up…

They were well down the path before Mitsukuni began to wake up. It wasn't until then that Takashi noticed something that could be considered a problem.

Mitsukuni still had whiskers.

Not only that, but their clothes had changed with their bodies. Meaning, Mitsukuni still wore an orange jumpsuit, and he still wore his over sized coat. They looked like street performers. He decided something had to be done, lest they be recognized. He decided the coat had to go, and so did Mitsukuni's jacket. But what to do with them? He was rather attached to his jacket, and he knew the smaller nin liked his jumpsuit, no matter how much it stood out. He was particular about that. Before he could think of a way to address the matter, the blonde on his back awoke.

"Ngh… Shino?" Mitsukuni began. "I mean… Takashi… right?"

The bug user sighed. They would have to work on that. "Hn?"

"Where are we going?"

"To find a village. We need a place to stay before we can find our "families", you know."


They fell into a comfortable silence as Takashi continued down the path, the sound of leafs crunching beneath his feet the only thing breaking it. Mitsukuni amused himself with watching the squirrels and rabbits run around. He even saw two squirrels wrestling. Oh wait, no they weren't. He giggled softly, before noting that wasn't something he usually did.

From in his mind, Kyubi laughed at his container.

Deciding it was a fluke, Mitsukuni let his mind wander back to the night of the fire.


The enemy shinobi had declined somewhat. It was getting easier and easier. Lighter and lighter waves. Naruto was paying more attention to the older children than anything. Older children who were too old for the academy were told to go with the adults. Neji fought off what little Sound Nin there were. The faint sound of kunai echoed in the back round as Naruto consoled the scared children, every so often doing a head count to make sure they hadn't lost anyone. A few children kept glancing up, following something with their eyes. They quietly asked each other what it was and why it was there, but none of them had any answers. Finally, a child fresh out of the academy tapped Naruto's shoulder. Naruto looked down at the boy.

"Mister, what's that big bird up there?" The boy asked pointing up. Naruto looked up, his eyes widening at the sight of Deidara's bird.

"Neji I have to go. Take care of the civilians." Naruto said before running towards the academy. Half-way there, he decided that Neji would need the help he should be giving. He stood still for a moment and concentrated. A glowing man seemed to step out of him. The man's hair was spiky and blonde, just like Naruto's. He was tall and tan. His body was mid-sized, in between being built for speed, and being built for power. He wasn't wearing a shirt, but had an orange coat that neatly came down to the ground, with black lining the bottom. He wore black pants and no shoes. He turned around to face Naruto, revealing one eye of blue, the other crimson.

"What do you need, kit?" Kyubi asked his vessel.

"Help Neji protect the civilians." Naruto ordered almost continuing on his way before stopping and absent mindedly adding, "And don't let anyone see your sharingan."

The Kitsune nodded, running in the opposite direction with one blue eye, the other now brown.


He was brought out of his musings when he heard Takashi calling his new name.

"Mitsukuni, just answer this one question." Takashi told him.

"What question?"

Takashi's eye twitched as he pointed to the sign in front of them.

Vientown -
- Pueltown

"Which way should we go?" He repeated. "That fox of yours set this up for us, so how do we get there?"

Mitsukuni looked thoughtful for a moment, absentmindedly pulling Usa-chan closer to him.

Puel. Veintown would take you past Altru park, which is far to close to the Ranger Union Road for my tastes.

"Kyu-chan says Pueltown." Mitskuni said without thinking. He mentally slapped himself and he felt his eyebrow twitch. Kyu-chan? Really? Was he turning into a baby?

"Ah." Takashi nodded. He began walking down the Puel path. "Mitsukuni?"


"You can get off my back now." He told the shorter boy. He'd been awake this whole time. Why was Takashi still carrying him?

Mitsukuni shook his head. "Nah. I'm good."

Takashi was overcome with the urge to drop the boy. He sighed and kept walking. He didn't think he could take the kicked puppy look that he would surely get.


Fuck. Just fuck. That's all he could think. That bastard fox had to have known this. He had to have planned it.

Some idiots calling themselves team Dim- something or other were terrorizing the town.

And Na-Mitsukuni would want to save them. Of course.


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