What you mean to me
By: Runs-at-dawn


with you,
with your eyes,
with your voice...
Dreaming that one day
you'll notice me.


My profession has
become thinking
of nothing but you.
I do nothing else but
dream about your
lips on mine.

Fixated ...

I am consumed
with the desire of
one day being yours.
I desire owning every
cell of your body and
making it mine.


One day I will stop
being afraid,
and you will be mine.

Give me

Give me your mouth
so I can posses your kisses.
Give me your arms
so I can own your embraces.
Give me your eyes
so they can only look into mine.

I want you to be mine
as I am yours,
I want to conquer
every thought in your mind,
every pore of your skin,
every last one of your cells.

I have given you:
My soul,
my heart,
my tears,
and my love...
These are all yours.

Give me your love,
so I can cherish you forever.
Give me your life,
so I can live it with you.
Give me all you can give me,
so I can give you even more.


This night I am
determined to be a thief,
the one that will
steal your heart at last.

Your eyes will belong to me forever.

Masked by the night's shadows,
you will not be able to
recognize or resist me...
I will finally invade your heart.

Your passion will burn only for me.

I am a thief that will
steal and plunder your love.
Tonight your heart will hammer
and pound only for me.

Your lips will only kiss mine.

When you come to your
senses it will be too late,
because I have already
accomplished the perfect crime.

Your hands will only caress my skin.

I have stolen your love.
You won't have it back.
Now it belongs to me,
tonight and always.

I Found you

Now that you are all mine,
I am never letting you go.
You are my strapping prince,
who swooped in to rescue me
from a terrible danger.
Resplendent in his silver armor,
He saved me from myself.

I found you.
You argue you noticed me first.
Perhaps we indeed stumbled
upon each other,
as we threaded through
the shambles of our
fruitless lives.

Now that you are by my side,
I will hold on forever.
You are my one true love.
The one who came to
soothe my soul and
heal my heart.

Now that we discovered each other,
you belong to me.
I pledge my soul to you.
The most precious gift,
the one treasure I had been
searching frantically
for all of my existence
is here,
next to me.