Chapter 8



It's around 5:30 and I'm waiting downstairs for Kazama. I felt kinda bad about earlier. I realized I was the one in the "wrong." Obviously, Steve had done something to piss him off and I just added fuel to the fire. I rub the back of the head and lean against the wall closes to the entrance. The counter women don't bother me. They're too afraid that if Kazama saw them hanging around them they'd get fired.

I look up at the ceiling silently. My lips puckering a bit in thought before glancing down to my watch.

5:33 pm.

He should be getting off soon and just when I thought about that, the door to the stairwell opened and Kazama came out. He looks at me and his expression immediately goes blank. He walks forward, attempting to just walk by me without saying a thing.

I stand up straight immediately and looked at Kazama.

"Hey, Kazama..."

He stops and looks over his shoulder. "....."

I rub the back of my neck and give a sigh. ".....Sorry about earlier."

He doesn't say anything to me and my brows furrows. "......Well um.."

He looks back towards the door. "Forget it, Hwoarang."

I smile just a bit and my hands go into my pockets. "There's this awesome place downtown." I move over to his right as he steps outside and stops just outside.

I look at him. "I mean, really awesome. It's like a bar kinda. Not like "Tipsy" the place we went yesterday but-"

"I have plans."

I blinked. Kazama has plans? Wow, that's new. I just smile. "oh yeah? Plans eh? With who?"


Jin turns to the direction of the voice calling out to him. I also do the same thing and my eyes fall on Xiaoyu. She's somewhat dressed up. Something a girl would wear on a.....

"Date." I looked at Jin as he turns to look over to me just as his limo pulled up. Xiaoyu comes to his side and her arms wrap around his right.

"Seeya, Hwoarang."

Xaioyu smiles at me and waves. "Seeyyaa Hwoarang~!" and they both get into the limo. I shuffle my feet a bit awkwardly.

"Seeya." my voice is low and I don't think either heard me as the door shut once they got inside. I stand there and watch the Limo drive off. Kazama going on a date with Xaioyu. I should feel happy for him. He's finally getting out and hanging around with a girl. Dating a girl. I should feel happy...but. then..why did I feel a bit...rejected....


The door shuts and the limo starts to drive off. My eyes linger on him a bit just as the limo passes by him before returning up to what was infront of me. I don't know what to think or do. This was practically my first date. Unless you counted that One night stand with Nina. God, Nina. That was a night I just wanted to forget. Night of celebration and drinking. Back of the limo. What the hell was I thinking.

The back window to the front of the limo opens.

"Hello, sir. Where is your destination for this evening." the tone was blank. Monotone actually. Hardly any emotion.

I blink and look out the window. "The usual, Tetsuka."

The window slowly shuts and I sigh as I rest my head against the palm of my hand. "......."

Xiaoyu blinks at me and she slowly tilts her head, looking in my direction. "Are you ok, Jin?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I respond, though she can tell I'm not fine at all.

"..ok." she says slowly and sighs a bit. The entire date was a bit awkward. We were silent at first, ordering our meals and eating our appetizers. It wasn't until Xiaoyu spoke first that I actually started to talk.

"So, how's work been?"


"Aw..that's too bad. You should get out more then. When's the last time you actually got to relax?"

I sigh and shrug my shoulders. "Well, I haven't in awhile, unless you count yesterday with Hwoarang."

Xiaoyu blinks. "Hwoarang? You two are actually hanging out and not getting into fights?" she questioned that and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know really. We end up hanging out and getting along at first, but then it ends in disaster."

Xiaoyu laughed a bit. "oh yeah? How so?"

"He's a moron! He feels as if he's trying to help me and yet he fucks every single thing up. I fucking hate him. I hate everything about him."

Xiaoyu just watched me and I didn't catch onto the look of concern on her face.

"He's so annoying. Just everything about him annoys me so much. I hate the way he speaks, how he dresses. Especially those fucking boots." I didn't even realize myself rambling on about Hwoarang. Even though I spoke about how much I couldn't stand him. I was still talking about him. Which meant I was thinking about him. The entire fucking date, I was talking about Hwoarang. God dammit, Hwoarang. Even when you're not around me, you still fuck up my life. FML

Jin Kazama: 1 Hwoarang: 1


And there I was just standing there outside the Mishima Zaibatsu building. What the hell was I going to do now? I had all this stuff planned to help Kazama get out more. I sigh and my shoulders slump a bit. Maybe go home? But, I hated going home. I didn't have anything to do at home.

The sound of the door opening behind me could be heard. And I glanced back and see it's Jin's secretary; Jessica.

She looks at me and smiles softly. A tender smile. She seemed so innocent. Virgin.

"Hello, Mr. Hwoarang."

"Hey, Jessica." I smile back at her.

"You look a bit down. You ok, sir?"

"Yeah, I'm cool. Just kinda bored. Trying to think of what to do."

"Oh...Well, are you waiting for Mr. Kazama? I believe he left earlier."

"Yeah, I saw him leave. On a date."

Jessica seems a bit surprised. "Date? Really? Wow, that's new."

I laugh in response. "Yeah, I know right. Kazama on a date. Hell is going to freeze over."

She laughs back. Well, atleast I made someone laugh recently. I glance to her and watch as she calms and smiles to me. "Hey, well, if you're not busy. Maybe you can come with me to the mall with some of my friends. We're shopping for a male friend. Maybe you can help us...give us some input."

I'm silent thinking. "I dunno....." but then I heard her mention her friends. ".....Friends?" I look at her now. "Female friends?"

She blinks and laughs. "well, yeah, of course, female friends."

I grin a bit and my hands come into my pockets. "Sure. I don't mind helpin' you and your lady friends out."


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