Pixie in Training

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Ch. 12: Full Circle


I hadn't even been home for a minute when I was bombarded with news of what my baby girl had done. Well, I she wasn't so little anymore, she was nineteen after all. It had been only a matter of time before she tried something with Harry. Hell, Edward used to sneak into my room every night when we were together. So I wasn't really mad about that, what upset me was the whole tattoo thing. Since her skin is as hard as ours, it should've been impossible for her to get a tattoo. That meant that Izzy was involved and Lilly had kept their secret. Needless to say, all four kids were grounded for the next two months.

Each one of them was gifted like Ali-Rose. Isabella (named for me), could alter appearances. That gift allowed us to stay in one place longer than before. Lillian had the ability to turn people to stone then back again. Finally, there was Harry, my baby girl's mate, he was shapeshifter like his mother and he had the ability to sense danger. The four hybrids were inseparable and started referring to themselves as The Cullen's 2.0.


I had hung up the phone then for a second my body went numb. When my brother's words finally registered, I felt a piece of my heart shatter as I collapsed to the floor and wailed like a banshee. My loving husband and imprint, Jasper, had felt my anguish and arrived before my torso touched the carpet in out room. The rest of the family was right on his heels.

Jazz sent me extra-strength waves of calm but it had still taken a few minutes to stop my keening. Even then, tears still made their way silently down my cheeks. They all knew my brother had called, once I was calm enough I relayed what Seth had said; my mom had just died from a stroke. The others offered their condolences then did what our family did best, deal with the crisis.

While my husband and son comforted me, Alice packed our suitcases and Esme bought four first class tickets to Seattle, three for us and one for my niece, Ali-Rose. There was no way she would stay behind while her imprint was in pain. I couldn't ask that of her. Bella and I had worked too hard to keep the moronic mutts from the Res from imprinting on her but when baby Harry had done it, we both were fine. In fact, it brought us closer together.

What surprised me the most was what happened next. The family decided that since we'd lived in Vancouver for over ten years, it was time to move. At Angela's suggestion, they chose to return to Forks. In the space of an hour, the plan was fleshed out.

Jasper, Harry, Pix and I were flying back in three hours. Emmett, Rosalie and the twins were going to drive down to get the Cullen home ready for the family while we dealt with my mom's funeral arrangements and such. Bella, Alice, Angela and her mate, Jane (as in Volturi) would close up the house here then head back to Forks at the end of the month.

The cover story was simple, Jazz and I were married and Harry was our kid. Emmett and Rose were married and since the twins both inherited blonde hair and blue eyes from their German mother but looked enough like my sister, they were considered their parents biological children. Alice, Bella, Angela and Jane were all in committed lesbian relationships, with Commitment Ceremonies and all. Ali-Rose was the daughter of Alice and a half-brother Bella learned about after her father died. Once we were all settled in, we'd get jobs and enroll kids in High School. Carlisle decided to retire for a few years. He and Esme were going on a trip around the world then stay on Isle Esme for a while. Rosalie would be the de facto Coven Leader until they returned.

Alice flashed out to the car with our packed bags then pushed us out the door. We kissed and hugged everyone and told them we'd see them soon. My niece promised to call her mothers as soon as we reached the old Swan house. Bella still owned it and neither she nor I wanted the kids staying at La Push. Despite mom and Seth knowing, we managed to keep the Pack in the dark about the existence of hybrids. Angela and Jane drove us to the airport.

Look out Forks and La Push, the Cullen's are coming back, I thought as the scenery whipped past us a breakneck speed.

The End?

AN: Everyone will no doubt have noticed the question mark after The End, since the title of this chapter was Full Circle, I figured it was appropriate. At the moment, I have no plans for a sequel to this piece. I've never thought of doing a Twilight fanfic that centered mostly on original characters. I don't even know if there would be any interest in a Cullen's 2.0 story. If there is, then I'd need to think about it. Thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride.