Here it is, the sequel to Now He Needs Her!!

Sorry no John or Cameron in this one but they will be in the next one.

Some cursing - Derek curses when he's freaked out. You've been warned!


She was standing in the dark hallway of her house. Before her was John's bedroom door. It swung open revealing a time portal to the dark future.

She stepped through and put the plate full of pancakes on the table. A cot situated to the right drew her attention and she stepped towards it. A figure with a dark head of hair was barely visible over the covers.

She pulled the blanket back and…

"Sarah? Sarah?"

"John! John!" She screamed and instantly began to struggle out of the arms holding her.

"Sarah, calm down. It's me, Derek."

She struggled even more as the declaration just made her believe that she was still dreaming.

"Sarah! Wake up for fuck's sake."

The curse jarred her out of her twisted sleep and Sarah Connor opened her eyes. "Derek? Derek, are you really here?"

His eyes crinkled in good natured amusement. "Yeah, sucks huh?"

"A little bit." She replied using him as leverage to rise to her feet and off the fluffy bed. "Nice place you got here." She remarked looking around the comfortably decorated room to gain control over her emotions.

"Yeah, everything you could want. Only drawback is they lock you in and don't let you go but other than---What the fuck!!" he exclaimed holding his jaw where Sarah had just delivered a serious uppercut.

"That was for making John cry!" she responded and punched him a second time.

"Shit, Sarah seriously what the hell?" he shouted grabbing her wrist and pulling her to his chest.

"That was for dying and making me cry! Damm inconsiderate asshole," she mumbled dropping her head to his chest. "I hate you right now."

Derek smoothed back her hair, "No you don't." He looked around him realizing that they were very much alone. "Where's John and the me--Cameron?"

Sarah looked away feeling as if she had failed as a mother for letting her son time travel for something that wasn't even human. "He jumped."

Derek not understanding what she was saying repeated what she had said, "Jumped?"

"He time jumped. He went after Cameron. She gave her chip to John Henry." Sarah had to take a deep breath for this one. "She left a message for John and he fell apart when he found it so he went after her with the help of the Turk and Catherine Weaver, the bitch is a T-1000."

Derek looked down at the raging green eyes of the woman he had crossed time to protect. It must run in the family, this idea of jumping into time for an unattainable woman. The fact that his nephew had just done exactly what his father and uncle had done before him nearly made him laugh.

It would have been funny if the woman John was in love with wasn't a hunk of metal and if he hadn't just screwed over the entire human race to be with it. "Whoa! The turk that we've been looking for is here and John used it to as a TDE and took Catherine Weaver with him? That doesn't make any sense and who the fuck is John Henry?"

"I'll tell you everything in the car. Grab some stuff and I'll grab the Turk."

Derek had nothing in the room that was his so he just followed Sarah. She turned into a doorway and he was impressed by the lack of damage to the room. TDE's in the future had their own blast proof and cement bunkers to avoid casualties.

He immediately saw the message still scrolling on the screen.

I'm Sorry John

I'm Sorry John

I'm Sorry John

I'm Sorry John

"What's she sorry for?" Sarah gave him a dirty look and he snapped, "I mean specifically."

"Derek, how did you survive?" Sarah asked quietly.

"What do you mean? Survive what?"

Sarah looked carefully at the knobs and dials on the interface that had served as John Henry's extension. She managed to pull up the security tapes of that day and she heard Derek gasp as they entered the residence of Catherine Weaver. "This. How did you survive this?"

Derek stood right next to her and together they saw the unknown machine take out the babysitter while someone talked to a little red headed girl. The girl ran into the garage where she ran into John. John was standing with his back to the side entrance of the garage.

Derek tensed, easily picturing a bullet entering his nephew's vulnerable back. As if on cue the terminator opened fire but John with a sixth sense born of being shot at every other day had already dropped to the ground and Sarah had shot back. The machine turned its sight on her and she was pushed to the side by Cameron who took the intended bullets.

They fought and the machine threw her hard against the wall and she slid to the floor where she remained but with her knocked out the machine didn't attempt to re-engage her. Instead it took off and went in search of the Connors. The camera view was still in the garage but additional camera angles had opened and Derek saw his death.

He was checking the sides of the windows just as the other terminator came around the corner. He gave no time and with one clean direct shot took out Derek. Derek had seen a lot of messed up shit but this definitely took the cake. He'd been killed so quickly that his body was still moving forward unaware that it was dead. It finally got the signal or not in this case and crumpled to the ground.

He felt disgusted at himself for being so stupid and being taken out in such a rookie fashion. "I can't believe the asshole clipped me so quick. I can't believe I let him."

Sarah turned to him a look of pure disgust on her face, "are you serious? You're bitching because you didn't die more heroically. You died! Get it, you died!" she shouted pushing him away from her.

Derek had the grace to cringe and he watched the rest of the video in silence. Cameron still in the garage got up and she intercepted the terminator and threw him over the balcony before he could so much as look at John. Sarah followed Cameron's lead back into the house and John followed with the little girl tucked securely in his arms.

Derek's body stopped Cameron cold and Sarah hastily moved to the side to avoid colliding with the cyborg. Exasperated at being stopped Sarah turned to see what had gotten the bodyguard's attention. If Derek had ever had a doubt that Sarah Connor loved him and not just as a replacement for his brother this scene erased it like no words of love ever could.

She walked over to the body and lowered her hand and slid it to his neck. "Sarah, with all that blood. Why would you check for a pulse?"

"I had to be sure." She said quietly her gaze trained on the Sarah in the video.

It was a split second but he saw how her hand caressed his jaw before checking his pockets and sliding out his favorite baretta and tucking it into her own jeans.

"You remembered not to leave anything behind."

"I did remember." The tape stopped and she found another. This one would be doubly hard to watch and he instinctively curled his arm around her shoulders.

It had been so terrible to see John in that state but seeing the image that the camera spewed back out was literally making her want to vomit. The desperation and the way he pleaded had been too much for her then but she had been unable to escape. However with John no longer in that room Sarah could and she did.

Derek emerged after a while shaking his head. "We're too late. He already loves it more than he ever did in my future. How could you let him go after her?"

She faced the wall and her shoulders were hunched. She knew Derek would question not only why she had let him go by himself but why she had let him go at all.

"When he was twelve another terminator sacrificed itself for him. It dropped itself into a vat of molten iron even after John commanded it not too. He pleaded to me and it like he did in that tape. He had named it Uncle Bob and if that machine could have cried it would have."

Sarah paused and she clenched her fists at the memories. "Cameron did the same and she had told me several days before that she would have to leave John same as me. That we had to let him do it alone or he would never be the John that he needed to be."


"He's had so many disappointments and seen so much death. He's lost everybody and I've seen what he becomes and Derek I don't want him to be that. I don't want my son alone with nobody to be himself with but a cyborg that looks like a pretty girl…"

"I know that's why----"

"Let me finish, goddammit!" Sarah wiped roughly at her eyes and faced him, "but if that cyborg is willing to give him a watch that will detonate her on the push of a button or is willing to show me the future so I keep her away from him and ultimately leave him so as not to cause him any more harm…then how can I deny him the chance to go after someone not something..."

It was becoming more and more difficult for her to cut herself off from the machines that had been a part of her life for so long. "---someone who will love him unconditionally, someone who will protect him like I was never able to while still managing to keep his humanity intact and make him someone worth loving and not just someone to obey blindly."

Derek could not understand how she could be so willing to hand him over to the metal but then he wasn't John's mother. He wasn't even John's father.

He was only his uncle and even he could see that although they're had been mutterings about John's relationship with the machine in the future. John had still been an excellent leader and example to follow and he had been above reproach in all his dealings even with the cyborg but Derek wouldn't lie to himself and say that he hadn't noticed how the General never seemed as content with Katherine Brewster as he'd been when the metal had just been around.

"So what now?" he asked uncomfortable with this new more emotionally charged Sarah.

"You explain to me why you didn't die and we find a way to prepare for John to come home or we find a way to go after him."