Miss Ranma


Chapter One

"How much longer, Pop?"

"We'll get there when we get there! Quit sounding like a little girl!"

"You don't have to be so insulting, Pop. Sheesh!" the youth answered, looking and admiring the beautiful view of the area. "Wow! The sun's so bright. I just love how the air smells so sweet around here. The air's so clean around here too." "Aaaaah!"

"Quit breathing, shut up and let me think. Now, let's take a look at the map here. Oh. There it is. This way, Ranma. This will be the last part of our training trip. After this one last sparring match, you'll be the man among men you've always wanted to be."

"That's nice, Pop."

"You don't sound too pleased. It's very important you become a real man, Ranma. I've spent years training you, investing a great deal of time and effort into you. So you better not let me down."

"I'll give you my best, Daddy."


"Harumph! I mean, I'll kick some ass like a real man, Pop!" the teenager answered in a deeper voice.

"That's better. Now follow me." "This will clinch the joining of both the Anything Goes schools. Heh, heh! Despite the failure of my child's birth, I've still managed to fix things through guile and cleverness. Ranma isn't man enough yet but he will be."

Genma immediately leaped down off the edge of the cliff, deftly landing on rocks, boulders and other sharp edged cliffs without any kind of mistep as Ranma followed suit. In a few moments the two were standing around several springs with bamboo poles sticking out of them. "Hello, Customers! This is the legendary training ground of Jusenkyo!" a man wearing a brown uniform called out, seeming to have appeared out of nowhere.

As soon as the man had walked up to them, Genma spoke. "I hear these springs have curses applied to them. Where is the Spring of Drowned Boy?" the balding martial artist asked in a whisper.

"It over there," the man pointed. "But it very bad if fall in spring," he said, switching over to Japanese.

"So that's it. Thanks. That's all I needed to know." Faster than the eye could follow, Genma grabbed his child and threw her in the direction of the spring.

"Hey!" Ranma screamed in a falsetto voice, forgetting to speak deeply at the moment.

"What you do, Customer? Is very bad spring. It tragic story that happen very long time ago..."


But as Ranma flew towards the spring she surprised her father by skillfully gliding over it. She then grabbed another bamboo pole, spinning around and using her hands to "climb" upwards until she had reached the top, leaping into the air and landing on it, standing on one leg in the Crane stance.

"What's the big idea, Pop?!"

"Er. Training. I'm surprised you've done so well. I'm going to have to up the stakes!" With that Genma jumped into the air until he was standing on a pole facing his would be son.

"Is that so?! Try this on for size!" Ranma quickly leaped towards her father, practically flying towards him feet first, knocking him off his perch and into one of the springs. "Are you OK, Daddy?!" the girl dressed up as a boy called out. All of a sudden, before Ranma knew what was happening a large panda came leaping out of the spring, coming straight for her!

"Groowr!" !SMACK!

"Aaaah!" !SPLASH!

"Rowroof?!" the panda growled, shocked at the strange sound coming out of his throat. "What's going on? I hope I knocked Ranma into the right spring. Bad enough that Ranma failed me by being born a girl. The least she could do is fall into the Spring of Drowned Boy. Despite her lousy gender I had a rogue therapist hypnotize Ranma into thinking she was a boy ever since she was six years old. After she comes out of that spring she'll have the body of a boy. As far as Ranma knows he'll be cursed to turn into a girl with the application of hot water if what I heard about Jusenkyo was correct. But why is it taking so long for Ranma to come out?"

"Huff! Huff! Huff!" Ranma found herself inside a large, spacious room that seemed to go on forever. The ground was covered with beautiful white tiles while the color of the sky seemed to seamlessly change color. After looking around for what seemed like a couple of minutes, taking inventory of her strange, new surroundings, she called out, "where am I?! What is this place supposed to be?!"

"You're in the Room of Time."

Ranma turned around quickly and saw two teenage girls standing in front of her, wearing what looked like blue leotards with pieces of armor on them.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Pan," one of the girls said. She had a very strong build, almost resembling a female bodybuilder, but despite all that she was still an attractive girl with long black hair and a curvaceous figure.

Standing next to her was a more feminine looking girl with a much more buxom physique and shoulder length purple hair, resembling more of a fitness pageant competitor as opposed to a bodybuilder. "My name's Bra. Who are you?"

"Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this. Just show me the way out and I'll get out of your hair."

"Sorry, Ranma. But, you'll be stuck here for a year."

"A year?!"

"Yeah. Time goes by faster here than normally. Since you didn't come in the same way we did and you're all wet, we'd like to know how you got here."

"I came in from a spring. I thought I was going to drown but I feel like I'm coming out of a bad dream," Ranma said, seeming to shake herself awake."

"A wet dream?"

"Bra! That sounds like something Goten would say."

"Oh, come on, Pan. Don't tell me that didn't occur to you too. Anyway. We're here to train and get stronger. While you're stuck here with us, you might as well train here too."

"That's right," Pan said. "We can tell you're a competent martial artist."

"Sure. But why is it so hard to breathe in here? And the heat. If I didn't know better I'd think the gravity in this place is a whole lot greater," Ranma said, struggling to get to her feet."

"That's the whole purpose of this room. It's hard training just standing and walking around. And as time goes on the gravity will get greater and greater, getting worse along with all the heat and tough breathing. These hardships are what makes us stronger," Bra explained.

"That's why we came in here without permission; we wanted to get stronger," Pan replied.

"By the time we get out of here, we'll be so much stronger than the boys, they won't be able to take us for granted anymore."

"Right, Bra. But for that to take place we have some hardcore training to do."

"Really?" Ranma asked, taking all of this in.

"Yes, Ranma. We're strong women. Even though we're stronger than you, you can still become stronger than you are right now. I don't know how we're going to explain your presence to everybody else when we get out but we girls will just have to stick together."

"We girls? I'll train with you but I'm a guy."

"What? You're as much a girl as either of us are. Take a look at yourself," Pan said, directing Ranma to a large perfectly clear mirror.

Ranma looked into the full length mirror, regarding a practically beautiful countenance. After waving at the reflexion he paused for a moment but then said, "nice mirror, but I'm still a guy." Then Pan and Bra looked at each other for a moment.

"You know what?"


"That karate gi you're wearing looks nice but it just isn't the right kind of apparel for this place. But don't worry; we have a spare suit for you to wear. It will help you get stronger even faster. Come on, Pan. Let's help Ranma get appropriately attired."

"Hey! What are you girls doing?!" Ranma protested as her hosts disrobed her of her white karate uniform.

"What is this?" Bra exclaimed, regarding the straps holding Ranma's breasts in. "Do you have some kind of injury?"

"What? No. I..."

"If I didn't know better, I'd think someone wanted to make you believe you were a boy."

"That's right, Pan. We need to get these straps off."

"Hey, wait! I..."

!RIP! !POP!POP! "Golly, Ranma. You're bigger than I am! No wonder you couldn't breathe!"

"You're right, Bra. Talk about giving a girl an inferiority complex. What has she been eating?"

"I feel like a great weight's been lifted off of me and I can breathe a whole lot easier," Ranma said, her large bosom, heaving with every hard intake of air, having burst free from having been restrained for so long. "But what are you talking about, Pan?" the pigtailed martial artist asked, bewildered.

"Take a look at yourself now, Ranma"

The young girl took a look at herself in the huge larger than life mirror, being totally naked. !BLUSH! "Gasp!" Ranma quickly covered the frontal part of her body, turning pink from head to toe. The other girls watched Ranma's reaction for a couple minutes while their uninvited guest stood there frozen in shock.

!CLICK!CLICK! "Snap out of it, Ranma. You're a girl. Get over it!" Bra demanded. "You even have the ki signature of a girl so there's nothing wrong with you."

"I... I... You're right," the newly awaken girl confirmed, then standing up unabashedly. "Now I remember. My father had me convinced me I was born a boy. He would always go on and on about me being a man among men. I don't know why he did all that, but when I get my hands on him I'll give him the beating of his life!"

"That's good, Ranma. Now put this on. Our fragile egos can only handle so much," Pan said with a sheepish smile. "Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's something else I'd like to talk about."

"What's that?" Ranma said as she put the strange raiment on.

"I've noticed there's something different about you."

"That's right, Pan. While you and I have more brute power, speed and toughness, Ranma has more skill and finesse."

"Skill's way more important than just brute strength. What kind of training can you two do without much skill in martial arts even if you both are the strongest girls I've ever seen?"

"The heavy gravity helps to make us stronger and faster. That's how we normally train," Pan explained.

"Oh, I see now."

"How do you like your new clothes, Ranma?" Bra asked.

"Oh! This thing is heavy. Let me guess, more training, right?"

"That's right. Now watch this." !ZAP!BOOM!

"What was that?!" Ranma exclaimed in surprise as the yellow beam of energy left the purple headed girl's hands.

"That was a ki blast, Ranma. Maybe we can help each other. We'll teach you how to do things like shooting off ki blasts, flying and how doing things like that work if you'll teach us how to have more skill and finesse," Bra explained.

"And what's more we'll teach you how to better adapt to your female body. Who knows what knowledge you're lacking in the girl stuff department?" Pan replied.

"And let's not forget about increasing your will power. After we're through here no one will be able to screw with your mind like this again," Bra explained.

"You girls got a deal! Let's get cracking."


After the year was up, the girls put on their regular clothes, Pan wearing a red shirt and jeans, making her look like a construction worker while Bra wore a frilly, pink dress that helped to make her look like the rich girl she actually was. "You trained really hard, Ranma."

"I sure did. Working with you guys was a great opportunity. I really learned a lot of things I couldn't have learned anywhere else."

"We've learned a lot from you too, Ranma," Bra replied.

"Yeah," Pan interjected. "We have a lot more skill and ability than we did when we got in here."

"We didn't have hardly any skill or finesse when we got in here, Pan. Anyway, if you like you can come out with us, Ranma. Especially since we don't know how to get you back to the place from which you came."

"Well, I might as well see what this world looks like. Let's go," Ranma said as she and her new friends began to walk out of the Room of Time.

"Wait until everybody gets a load of us. We'll..."

!SPLASH! "Huff! Huff!"

"Ranma! I was beginning to think you had drowned!" Genma said, having already changed back into a man with the application of hot water, the Jusenkyo guide standing right next to him, holding the tea kettle.

"I'm fine, Daddy," Ranma said in a rather pert and feminine yet confident and powerful manner.

"Ranma, why are you talking that way?"

"What way?" Genma had a look of shock on his face as Ranma came, floating out of the water, moving right up to him fully aware and unabashed about her womanhood, standing at a much taller, statuesque height of five feet six inches tall, weighing a fit yet busty 130 pounds with 38-24-36 measurements. Ranma regarded her father with a cold, hard glare for a moment, her well muscled arms, folded on her impressive bosom, hovering over him as if she was standing in judgment of him. "Things are going to be a lot different from here on out, Daddy."

"Quit sounding like a girl!" "What happened to Ranma? Not only is she more feminine than she ever was, but she's become more powerful. How did Ranma develop so much in such a short amount of time? My goal was to make Ranma more manly but she's become more of a woman than before. Where did I go wrong?"

"I am a girl!"

"What?!" Genma said, taken aback by Ranma's almost glowing presence, cringing a little.

"Actually I'm a woman, a very strong woman."

"No! No! No! It can't be! That spring was supposed to have turned you into a boy."

"You threw her in wrong spring," the guide interjected. "Wrong spring right next to Spring of Drowned Boy. No know what that spring is though. Will have to check," the guide said, taking out a hand sized booklet and thumbing through at it.


"Is that why we came here, Daddy, to give me a sex change? How dare you have me hypnotized to make me think I was a boy?!"

"What the... How do you know all that?"

"I found out while I was in that spring where I trained with a couple of other girls with whom I became good friends. We learned a lot from each other. It was nice having friends for a change, especially since you and I are always moving from place to place. It's a pity I'll never get to see them again."

"Did you teach them any of the secrets of Anything Goes?!"

"What if I did?"

"How dare you share our secrets?!"

"These girls had a great deal of power but their fighting lacked complexity. I improved their martial arts skills while they helped me to increase my strength and physical attributes, learning a few other nice things in the process, as you can easily see. These girls had some serious power. What I gained from them was worth what I shared with them. Would you like to see what else I learned from them?" Ranma queried, her hands glowing with power.

"You were under the water for less than a minute. How could you have learned anything so quickly?"

"I was in another universe, Daddy. You're probably too much of a moron to understand this, but time flowed faster in that place. Now that I've explained all that, care to tell me why you felt the need to make me something I'm not?"

"It was for the art, boy."

Ranma's eyes grew red with rage. "Boy?! I'm not a boy, Daddy. Get that through your head! Here. Here, have this back." !CRINKLE!

!BOP! "Ow!" Genma rubbed the lump on his forehead, having been struck by a compressed ball which had been the straps that had held Ranma's currently larger bosom inward.

"Gasp!" the guide exclaimed, looking up from his booklet as Ranma threatened to come out of her too small gi.

"Listen, you worthless child! It was a thing of honor."

"Honor?! What do you know about honor, old man?!"

"Don't talk to your father like that, boy!"


"Anyway," Genma continued. "A friend of mine and I made an oath of honor to merge both of our schools. And because of your arrogance, that dream will never be fulfilled. Oh, what did I do to deserve such a worthless child?" the balding man cried out to the heavens with crocodile tears, his hands on his head, shaking back and forth.

"What does turning me into a boy have to do with merging with another school?" Ranma demanded.

"My brother student only has three daughters so I needed to come up with a son to marry one of his daughters. And now all of that is ruined thanks to you. Oh, the humanity!"

"Let me get this straight. You put me through years of near death martial arts training, groping by over sexed monks who thought I was a cute boy, forced me to live my life as a lie and last but not least, you brought me here to this place in order to make me something I wasn't just so you could merge two schools with your friend?"

"Quit sounding like a spoiled little girl! I told you it was all for the art, boy! And now you've ruined everything. Do you care nothing for honor? Didn't I teach you better than that?"

"I do care about honor, even if you don't! But there's no way I'm going to marry another girl. I just don't swing that way, Daddy. Both you and your friend are out of luck."

"Waaaaagh! You break your father's heart! After all I've done to make you the greatest martial artist in the world, this is how you repay me? Where's your integrity and loyalty to your father, to the art?"

"You speak to me of honor and integrity when you've done nothing but lie and steal from some of the people who were kind enough to train me in some of their techniques?"

"What the... How did you know about all that? Ulp!" Genma covered his mouth when he realized he had just let the cat out of the bag.

"I'm not as thick headed as you imagine me to be, Daddy. And since I was dealing with the hypnosis you put me through I really couldn't think too straight while you were doing what you were doing. Now that I know who I am and what I'm capable of, the dishonest things you've done are a whole lot clearer to me."

"Don't question my methods!"

"I'll question anything I want! By the way, why wasn't I hardly ever in school? I can barely read and write as it is. Were you raising me to be a thick headed, macho jerk? Yuck!"

"That's not the point! But there's still hope. Jump into the Spring of Drowned Boy right now!"

"That no work right now, Customer. Spring your daughter fell into is pre-curse neutralizing spring that make other springs no work," the guide said, reading the booklet he had taken out of his pocket.

"It one out of a million chance that she fall in that spring. In fact that spring make whoever fall into it more of what they were before falling into spring or what that person was deep down inside. She no change into anything else no matter what different spring she fall into now."

"Noooo! I won't give up!" All of a sudden Genma vanished into thin air, reappearing right behind his daughter, surprising her and tossing her into the Spring of Drowned Boy.

"How dare you?!" Ranma screamed in righteous indignation, coming out of the spring unchanged but horribly drenched. "Oh, you are going to get it, Daddy." The pig tailed girl began to crack her knuckles as she flew out of the spring, making a beeline for her father.

!SPLASH! [I'm just a cute lil panda!] the sign Genma-Panda held showed.

"That's not going to help. This is for you!" !ZAP!BLAST!

"Growowl!" the panda screamed, leaping into the air and barely avoiding a powerful ki blast. "Ranma's capable of doing things I've ever seen her do. I need to get away from her so she can cool down."

"Come back here!" Ranma called out, trying to gun her inhumanly fast moving quarry down. Using machine gunfire like ki blasts, Ranma took to the air, bearing down on her father like a dive bomber as the panda took off running at super speed, leaping over pole after pole as his daughter followed him in a rage.

"Customers be very careful! Is dangerous cliffs around here!" the guide called out to them.

"I'll have to use my vacuum blade attack." !SNIKT! !RIP!

"What was that, Daddy, some kind of invisible attack?! My senses have increased so that won't work a second time," Ranma answered, still coming at her father full speed, barely dodging the invisible blades which had sliced off her karate gi pants.

While father and daughter went on their merry chase, another person had made his way to Jusenkyo. Looking over the springs from a high cliff was a rather muscular young boy, wearing brown travelling clothes with a yellow bandana on his head and a huge, almost man sized backpack, holding a great deal of necessities that didn't weigh him down the way it would have most people.

"How dare Ranma welsh out on our man to man fight?! Did he think he could get away from me by running off to China with his father? When I get my hands on him, I'll give him the beating of his life!"

"Ranmaaaaa! Come and face me, you lily livered coward!" the boy yelled to the sky with his fist in the air.

!BOOM! "Whoa!" the boy screamed, jumping high into the air, instinctively evading a stray ki blast. "What's going on?! Who's that coming this way?! Look out!"

"Come back here, old man!" !ZAP! !BOOM! Ryoga had a look of shock on his face as another stray ki blast struck a nearby boulder, splitting it into shards of rock. He barely got out of the way of a super humanly fast panda that passed by him without so much as as a pardon me! Then he saw the panda vanish into thin air.

"It was for the art and honor, boy! How many times do I have to tell you that?!"

"Boy?! I ain't your boy, Daddy! Quit calling me that!" !BLAST!

!BOOM! "Yeow!" "That was too close for comfort! I have to speed things up." The pandafied man immediately went inward, shaping himself into a ball of fur. Then he shot out forward bouncing like a ping pong ball against the rocks and cliffs.

"I'll get you yet!" Unbeknownst to both martial artists, they had been going around in circles, surrounding the Jusenkyo springs below.

"That girl's coming this way again. How is she doing all that? Gosh, she's fast. She's gorgeous too. If she's not careful she'll pop out of the top she's wearing. That girl has the best set of hips I've ever seen!" While the lost boy's eagle eyes admired the fiery redhead which got closer and closer, seemingly in slow motion, the vision got so close as to... !ZING! "Hey, look out!" the lost boy yelled, barely getting out of the way, having been snapped out of his revelry.

"You won't get away from meee!"

"It was for the art!" the panda's sign said as he sent another dangerous volley Ranma's way. !SNIKT! !CRACK!

Despite the fact that Ryoga had avoided getting struck by the young girl, the damaged ground on which he stood began to give way, causing him to lose his footing.

"What the... Gyaaaah!" Ryoga went falling and falling until !SPLASH!

"Glub, glub." As the water of the spring engulfed him, Ryoga changed, growing hair all over his body as he shrunk in size. "Aaargh! What's happening to me?! No! No! Noooo!" It felt like an eternity until the little piglet Ryoga had turned into finally came out of the spring, falling asleep due to exhaustion.


A little while later, in the hut of the Jusenkyo Guide, Ranma and Genma, having since been splashed with hot water sat down in the hut of the Jusenkyo guide as he explained how Jusenkyo curses worked.

"But how is it I went to another dimension where I trained for a year?" Ranma asked.

"That is rare occurence. You very lucky. That no happen everyday. That spring you fell into can only work if someone fall into it before fall into other spring."

Then Ranma angrily turned towards her father. "I'm not changing into a boy. You got that, Daddy?"

"You wound me, Ranma. And after all of that effort to make you a man among men."

"You'll have to be satisfied with me being the strongest woman in the world, the strongest in the world, period."

"A woman can't be the strongest!"

"I'll prove myself to you that I'm the strongest, Daddy. But right now I'm going outside to train." After his wayward daughter had left domicile, Genma turned to the guide.

"I'm starving. Is there anything to eat around here?"

"No have too much to eat here just rice, noodles and vegetables."

"No problem. I'm a good forager so I'll find something else to eat." With that Genma went outside.


"I didn't have any luck finding fish in that stream but I can still... What's this?!" Genma-Panda thought to himself, licking his chops in anticipation as he picked up the little black piglet. Thinking about how much of a great meal it would make, he took off for the Jusenkyo guide's hut.

"Bweeeee!" the little black pig squealed violently, trying in vain to get out of the hold of it's captor. "This thing's going to eat me! Noooo!"

"Ah, sir. Is very nice, succulent pig you find. I make too good Cantonese sweet and sour pork for you." The guide got to work, sharpening his knife while Genma/Panda prepared to heat up a large wok of boiling water.

"In ground of accursed spring we have the Spring of Drowned Black Pig. It very sad story of a baby black piglet which drown there one thousand two hundred year ago. After this whoever drown in spring become same baby black pig."


"Maybe this poor person who fall in spring," the guide said as the little piglet nodded his head frantically.


"Ha! Funny joke, yes?" !PLOP!

"Yeow!" Ryoga screamed, coming out of the large pot.

"Oh, look. It is poor person. We no can eat."

"What do you think you're doing?!" Ryoga screamed in a rage, his body a bright red, resembling the color of a lobster. "How dare you make sweet and sour pork out of me?!"

"We sorry for that, Customer. You victim of Jusenkyo. Cold water activate curse while hot water change you back."

"Never mind that! I'm getting out of here!" !ZOOM!

The two who were left in the hut watched the man go off in a daze. "He very fast."


While Ranma was training, merging what she had learned in the Room of Time with what she had already learned, using his ki to "increase her weight and gravity" in order to boost her physical abilities while she she did kata, she had a spectator, watching her.

"She's beautiful! Much better looking than Shampoo. If Shampoo's going to keep rebuffing me the way she's done for so many years, I'm going elsewhere. What set of legs! She just kicked up! Wow! I think I'll walk over to her and introduce her to her new airen. Wait! What is she doing? She's shooting up into the air. She's actually flying! She's gone! Where did she go?"

"Enjoying the sights?"

"What the..."

"Who are you, some kind of voyeur or peeping tom?" The young man before her wore a short white robe with yellow trim that went down to above his knees which were covered by blue, silk pants. His long, silky hair went half way down his back as he smiled gently at her. "This guy's cute. The only thing wrong with him is his glasses. Come to think of it, the glasses don't really ruin his looks that much."

"The way you're about to come out of that thing you're hardly wearing I won't have to peep," the young man said with a charming smile, looking down her open midriffed gi.

"Oh, this. Pan and Bra told me there would be guys chasing after me. I even remember how much guys would talk about girls and what they'd want to do to them when I was disguised as a boy."

"I don't have time for this! Now run along before I deal with you!"


"What are you staring at?!" Ranma demanded, breathing intently.

"I'm standing here hoping you'll come out of that strange shirt you're hardly wearing."


"You heard me, Ranma."

"How do you know my name?" the young girl asked.

"As you can probably see, my eyesight isn't very good so I've learned to hone my other senses to an inhuman degree. I practically have a radar sense. That's an over simplification, but you get the point."

"All right, so tell me who you are!"

"I'm Mousse of the Joketsuzoku Amazons."

"I thought Amazons were composed of tall, powerful women."

"Some of them are tall, but you're right about the women being powerful."

"I figured the men would be weak," Ranma stated, her sense telling her that the young man before her was in fact very strong.

"Normally that would be the case since men are forbidden from learning amazon secrets."

"Then how did you get so strong?"

"I trained elsewhere. China's a large country with great martial artists all over the place." Then the amazon youth noticed Ranma's quizzical look. "I've learned a lot of martial arts techniques apart from the amazons including extra sense perceptions in order to make up for my bad eyesight."

"So what are you doing around here?" Ranma asked, wanting to get rid of her uninvited guest.

"I noticed a strong ki signature while I was off training. So I decided to investigate. And here you are."

"Now you know who I am, Mousse. You can leave now. I have a workout to finish." With that Ranma ignored the young man.

"Well. I apologize for interrupting your workout. So to make it up to you how about this!" !SHING!SHING!SHING! Several flying daggers came at Ranma faster than a bullet.

!RIP! "Yeow!" Ranma screamed barely getting out of the way.

"Was that too much for you? In addition to martial arts I'm also a master of hidden weapons and magic. Didn't I tell you that? Oh, my!" "God, she's beautiful!"

"That really doesn't matter. You want to fight? Let's get it on!" !BLAST!

"Music to my ears!" Mousse dodged as Ranma attacked with ki energy, almost hitting the amazon boy who leaped backwards with consummate ease much like a cat would. But despite his speed Ranma caught up to him, flying towards him fists first.

"How do you like the sound of my fists, four eyes?!" !POUND!POUND!POUND!POUND! "Hiding behind a shield?"

"Whatever works. Try this on for size." Faster than the untrained eye could follow, the amazon youth threw some chains at his opponent which were in the shape of a boomerang.

!WOOSH! "You missed, Mousse."

"Wait for it." !CLANG!

"How did you do that?" Ranma complained, the chains she dodged, having come back as if they had a mind of their own, wrapping around her wrists.

"There's more." In the blink of an eye, Mousse took out a whip, grabbed Ranma with it and slammed her against a nearby tree, wrapping her up with it, raising her hands up.

"Oof! So you got me. I'll break out of this in no time," Ranma said, tensing her muscles.

"Not before I do this." At that point, Mousse whipped out a plumage of soft feathers, using this new weapon to attack Ranma.

"Ah, ha. Ha ha ha ha ha! Stop that! Giggle! No fair!"

"All's fair in love and war, little girl. Now where's that particularly sensitive spot?"

"Hehehehehehehe! Huff!" !TEAR! Using her skill as an escape artist Ranma slipped out of her bonds, getting ready to get back into the fight. "You should have beaten me down instead of playing games like that. Now, I'm going to give you the beating of your life!"

Then Mousse leaped into the air, backing up again. "I'm rather enjoying this game, Ranma. You're so fun to play with. And I'd much rather tickle you then beat you up. Then the myopic boy adjusted his glasses. "Wow!" Mousse gasped at the view. "You know what?"

"What?!" Ranma snapped back, moving in on him at super human speed, attacking him as he evaded and kept on backing up.

"I give up. I just can't attack you seriously enough with the way you're undressed right now. The very sight of your gorgeous body simply renders me helpless," the boy sighed with pretty smile.

"Oh, no you don't! Now that you're out of tricks you want to cut and run. Well, I'm going to hurt you and hurt you bad."

"Tricks? You silly rabbit, tricks are for kids! I'll be seeing you again sometime, sweet cheeks. You can count on that. Good bye!" !POOF!

!ZOOM! "Missed him! Where did he go?" "I can't sense him anywhere around here. He's pretty good. But as good as he is I'm sure I would have flattened him sooner or later,"


"What is it, Daddy?" the girl said, turning towards him, the guide standing right next to him.

"Must she keep calling me that?" "We're leaving now!"

"Gasp! Customer need new clothes!"

"Huh?! What's wrong?"

"Ranmaaa! Is this your way of rubbing my face in the fact that you're a female?"

"What are you talking about, old man?!"

"Your gi's all sliced up; you're practically naked!"

"Hmm?" Then Ranma looked down. "Gosh!" the girl said with a blush, trying to cover herself up.



Even though there are a lot of Ranma-is-a-girl fanfics, I hope you keep reading and reviewing. Next time Ranma meets up with the rest of the amazons including you-know-who.