A Good Thing

A Clannad fanfic.

Disclaimer: Clannad and all related characters have been borrowed and will be returned to the original creators only slightly used.

Summary: Two spells promises something good, but what will happen when wills collide?

Author's Notes:

I know some of these scenes in this fic are borrowed from the game or anime, but the purpose of that is to make the story fit better within the continuity people are more familiar with, rather than recreating everything. I will try to limit that, however, and make them a little more original.

/ Another Duck

An Odd Outcome

It was lunch break, and Tomoya and Sunohara just finished their drinks in the reference library, along with Yukine. The day before, they had, or at least Sunohara had, tried a spell to make a girl fall for him. It backfired.

Needless to say, he wasn't very lucky as far as spells went. Or rather, the spells might have actually worked, but he had problems getting to the point where he actually had finished chanting the words or performing the silly action usually required for Yukine's spells.

"Would you like to try a different spell today?"

"The last we tried, I ended up with a lot of pain, so no thanks."

Tomoya thought about that attempt. Considering it involved Sunohara dropping his pants in front of Kyou, the outcome was rather obvious. It took a few hours before he could walk straight again.

"What spell do you have for today?"

While Sunohara was understandably wary of trying something new, Tomoya was a little bored, so he figured it couldn't do any harm. He wasn't as stupid as his so-called friend, anyway.

"It's a rather simple spell. All you have to do is hold your fingers in the shape of a heart."

"Like this?" Tomoya demonstrated.

"Yes, exactly. Now, chant, 'To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped,' three times."

"To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped. To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped. To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped."

"Good! Now, if you walk around the school, the first girl who talks with you is someone who likes you."

"Someone who likes me? And all I have to do now is to walk around the school? That doesn't sound too hard."

While doubting it would actually work, Tomoya was simply too curious to not try it out. It was something as simple as walking, so why not?

He went out and headed towards the new school building. There were almost no students walking the corridors, and the few who were seemed aware of his status as a delinquent. The result was that he managed to go through the entire building, even passing his own classroom, without anyone saying even a word to him.

Not really wanting to feel depressed about it, he decided to just end it and make his way back to the reference room.

"Hey, Tomoya!"


"What are you doing here?"

It was the Fujibayashi twins. Kyou had mentioned that Ryou liked him, so it made sense for him to meet her. But despite Kyou's question, he thought it more appropriate to ask them what they were doing, considering they never spent lunch close to here as far as he knew.

"I should ask you the same. You're not usually around here."

"Well, Ryou read my fortune, and it mentioned that something good would happen if we went here."

"You met me, so it did come true. After all, meeting such a great person can only be a good thing, right?"

Kyou laughed, mostly at him rather than with him. "You're a funny guy. Let's see if we're better off seeing you leave as well."

"Kyou, you're being mean to him."

"Ah, defending the delinquent, are we?"

She was usually nice to her sister, but sometimes her teasing was indiscriminate.

"Ah! I... I mean..." Ryou blushed and stammered on, not managing to say anything coherent.

"Heh, we'll be going now. Come on, Ryou."

Tomoya thought Kyou was up to something, but then, she usually was, so it's not as if it was something out of the ordinary. Regardless, he had met someone, and decided that definitely was enough for the spell. It was even a person he knew was interested in him from the beginning, so it's not as if he learned anything new.

"Did anyone speak with you?" asked Yukine when he sat down.

"Someone did, actually."

Sunohara jumped forward and grabber on to his shoulder. "Who, who?"

"I'm not telling you. This was my spell, not yours."

"I'm gonna try as well!" He formed a heart with his fingers exactly as Tomoya had done, then focused and closed his eyes. "To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped. To love, to be loved, dump, to be dumped. To love, to be loved, to dump, to be dumped."

A second later, he shot out of the door. Soon after, there was a crash, and a yelp. It was his voice, so it was likely no one actually said anything, especially as the distinct noise of someone running away in terror could be heard. Moments after, Fuko walked past the door, in the style of a zombie.

Tomoya looked at Yukine, who returned the look.

"I don't think she said anything. The spell says she has to speak with him."

"That's what I thought."

They didn't have to wait that long for Sunohara to return. When he did, he looked quite shocked.

"Sunohara, did something happen? Did someone speak with you?"

"Yes," he answered in a daze, "someone did."





"That's just..." Tomoya looked at Yukine for help, who just shrugged, apparently as confused as he was. "I didn't think she liked you... There must've been some kind of mistake with the spell. Right?"

"It worked for you, didn't it?"

"Yes, but..."

There was no time to argue anymore, as the warning bell rang.

When the day ended, Sunohara went to find Nagisa, for a rather obvious reason. Tomoya just went home to clear his head. Something just seemed to have gone terribly wrong.

Author's Notes:

Thus ends the first chapter of the story. While it might be interesting, I don't think I will expand on what Sunohara does. Neither him nor Nagisa are among my favourite characters, though I don't dislike them. If anyone wants to use that as a kick-off for their own fic, go ahead! I'll even offer to beta-read.

/ Another Duck