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"Thank you," Brennan whispered.

"For what?" Booth replied, a smile on his face anyway.

"Everything," she told him, taking another sip of wine.

"That's a little vague, Bones. Especially coming from you," he grinned.

She sighed as her eyes slid up to meet his. "Fine. I appreciate you being the catalyst and encouraging me to rekindle my friendship with Angela."

"'Rekindle?' You could have just said that you, 'made up.'"

"I did!"

Booth chuckled. "So, you and Angela really are okay?"

"Yeah," Brennan said, glancing down to the other end of the bar where Angela sat with Wendell, Hodgins, and Cam. "We're okay."

"Good," Booth said with a grin, nodding in acceptance. "See, Bones? Aren't you glad I didn't get in the middle with you and Angela?"

"You did, Booth. Just now."

"Well, yeah, but only after things had cooled off. I mean, at the diner, I felt like I would've been jumping from the frying pan into the fire."

She started to question the phrase, then paused. "Metaphor?"

"Yeah, metaphor."

"Booth, um, about what you said at the diner?" Brennan questioned, picking at the corner of her napkin. "You know, about dying for me, killing for me…"

"Wouldn't even have to think about it. The answer's always going to be 'yes.'"

Brennan contemplated rebutting his statement. No one could be a hundred percent certain of anything. Yet she found the words evaporating before they even reached her lips.

She placed a hand on his arm, for the second time in less than a minute, unable to keep from touching him. She mused on that for a long moment. Why did they need the physical connection? It wasn't as though they were together. Yet they seemed to always be touching. She didn't pull away from him earlier in the diner. In fact, she'd held on. To him. Like a lifeline. A small gasp escaped her lips as realization set in. He was, is, and always will be her lifeline. Somewhere over the course of their partnership, she unknowingly came to need him. And as irrational as it sounded, she was okay with him being her lifeline.


A sliver of a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as her eyes refocused on Booth.

"You realized something just then," Booth said lightly.

"Perhaps I did," she replied with a tiny laugh. She shifted in her seat, her hand still on his arm. "Do you want to know?"

They shared a laugh, each realizing their most-recent exchange was practically the same as before, only the roles were reversed.

He glanced down at her hand on his arm, then back up at her. "Yes," he told her, wide grin firmly in place.

"Then pay the bill, and let's get out of here. A bar is no place to be disclosing information of this nature."


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