Why is Napoleon so mean?

Well, back then before the time of this book, Napoleon was just a regular pig with a regular life, but two pigs changed it all.

One day on the Manor Farm, all the animals were just doing there work and everything else that they regularly do; the chickens were laying eggs, Mollie was checking her ribbons and eating sugar, etc. Then there was Napoleon not really doing anything but eating his regular mush that Mr. Jones served him, then came along his two pesky brothers that would always bug and tease Napoleon, and they both lifted up a hand and smashed his face in the mush, Napoleon was furious! Now normally Napoleon was a very serene and kind pig, but while his brothers were laughing, Napoleon bolted at them with fury in his eyes and smashed them into the ground. Everyone was so surprised at Napoleon because they never thought of Napoleon as a good fighter ever before, they were also very frightened; they never wanted to step out of line with Napoleon ever again. He lost the "nice" title as well. His brothers just forgot about the incident because they didn't want their little brother to overpower them.

The next day everyone was doing their job on the farm but they kept their eyes watchful on Napoleon. Well Napoleon's brothers did it again; they smashed his face in to the food, and Napoleon did the same thing to them but worse. By this time Napoleon's personality was completely changed from serene and kind, to angry and semi-evil. Napoleon's brothers were really scared of Napoleon now because of the hard hit they took from him, so they tried to stay away from Napoleon so no more pain was dealt to them. Later on in the day Napoleon was walking around the farm when he slipped and fell, his brothers couldn't resist it so they bursted out laughing and Napoleon was so mad that he rammed them in a wooden fence. They were so hurt that they didn't even want to see Napoleon again so they left Manor Farm. Now the other animals were so scared that they didn't dare step out of line with Napoleon ever again.