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50. Dream

Saturday morning finds Harry and Ginny indulging in a leisurely breakfast, lazing about and talking about nothing and everything.

"I can't believe Ron and Hermione are engaged," says Ginny.


She cocks her head and looks closely at him. "What?"

"Nothing," says Harry, a little too quickly. She does not let him off that easily.

"Is there something the matter, Harry?"

"No, of course not," he protests. "It's just—"

"Just what?"

He sighs. "I had a dream last night.

Her stomach drops. "Oh, Harry! I didn't realise—"

"No," he says. "It wasn't a nightmare."

"Then what was it?"

Harry looks her in the eye. "It was about you. Well, about us."

"Tell me about it," she breathes, eyes shining.

And so he describes this dream to her, the first happy dream he's had in four years. He describes how the two of them sat at a table in a rambling garden, by the house that was all their own. He tells her how a wedding ring sparkled on her finger in the sunlight. He tells her how she glowed, and how he couldn't stop smiling with pride and happiness and a million other feelings that threatened to explode as he caressed her gently swollen belly.

For the first time, Harry is not afraid of what the future might bring. For the first time, all he feels is hope, and joy, and love for the woman across the table from him, and he knows she can feel it too.

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