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As she walked up the stairs, she discovered another downside to hearing Tony quote lyrics all day: the song had become stuck in her head. As she continued up the narrow stairs, the words escaped her lips without thought. "I broke apart my insides..."

Tony heard her voice and the tables had turned. Ziva was singing Closer and she was doing it without even realising how erotic it sounded. He doubted she was aware that she was singing it at all and as a result, it was so unintentionally sexy. The fantasies were back. Ziva, screaming as the song played in the background. Maybe he should have thought his invitation through before asking her upstairs. How could he have thought this would be merely a drink? It had been a subconscious proposal that she had accepted.

"I've got no soul to sell..."

That line sounded more deliberate. She was now next to him, matching his stride and watching him through the corner of her eye. Tony clenched his jaw and did his best to ignore her words. She had sung two lines and he was almost insane.

"The only thing that works for me..."

She shouldn't have been doing it, but paying him back was too tempting. She could have made death threats but he was so cavalier about them. How could she resist a chance to torture him, like he had tortured her all day? The second she saw him tense at her words, there was no way she was going to stop.

She moved in closer as she they reached his door. There was tension. Slowly but surely, the playful teasing all day had escalated to this. Ziva, inches away from Tony, her lips near his ear. Tony, trying to focus on the task at hand: unlocking the door without dropping the key and taking Ziva in the hall.

With shaky hands, he got the lock to click open and as he turned the knob, Ziva's lips fluttered against his ear as she breathed, "Help me get away from myself..."

That was all it took. After shoving the door open and quickly swiping at the light switch, he shot his hands to her waist and lead her over to the wall of his apartment, kicking the door shut as he went.

The relentless pressure of Tony pushed against her from behind was carnal and Ziva shifted her head to look behind her, hoping to catch a glimpse of his expression. As she did this, Tony leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I want to fuck you like an animal."

She could muster up nothing more than a low whimper as she pushed back against him; through his jeans she could feeling him grow against her. As she pushed back, his hands that had slipped under her shirt and had been firmly stroking her sides stilled for a moment and in response he bit down on her ear.

She had heard him swear before, but never in such a lustful context; before this it had been at work while he was frustrated. Hearing him sing those words made her thighs clench together with desire and she was surely going to combust before anything happened if it kept up like this. As if to complement the torturous attack on her senses, the contact of his teeth on her ear and his hot, harsh breath accompanying them caused another low moan to bubble from her lips.

Tony's hands started to circle her hips, slowly moving further down and a jolt of anticipation shot through Ziva. She moved her hands from their place on the wall to the back of his neck, pulling Tony's head down, away from her ear that he had been alternating between flicking with his tongue and grazing with his teeth.

His hands finally reached the top of her pants, but he didn't move them any further down. All he did was run his hand over the heated, sensitive skin of her lower stomach, occasionally moving his fingertips a little lower, only to pull them back again. With his other, he slid it back up her torso to her breasts. He teased her through the fabric of her bra, tugging her nipples slightly; she was so responsive under his touch. Ziva's hands gripping Tonys neck forced his mouth down to her shoulder, so he made the most of her offering by sucking on the slightly salty skin.

For the second time, Ziva moved her hips backwards, pushing against the tops of Tony's legs and his hardness. Her movement encouraged Tony's hand lower, but still avoiding where she wanted it. She jutted forward slightly, needing Tony to move his hand just centimetres south, but at her impatience, he removed his hand completely.

Reaching up, he untangled Ziva's hands from his neck and breathed a path up to her ear, his breath hot and moist. "You've put up with the teasing all day, Ziva... surely you can take a bit more?"

His voice was low and husky and he sounded just as turned on as she was. The difference was, though, that he hadn't had to endure a day of teasing. Teasing that left him needing things he couldn't achieve at work. Frustrated at the relentless teasing, even now, Ziva pushed away from the wall, leaving her enough time to spin around to face Tony before she was pinned against the wall again.

The look on Ziva's face was one Tony thought he'd never get from his mind, though it was one he'd never want to. Face flushed, obvious even through her olive skin, eyelids lowered with lust as she studied his face and what Tony couldn't resist: Ziva's lips, parted, her tongue dipping out to moisten them. That was it.

Tony's hands flew up to tangle in Ziva's hair as the force of their lips colliding forced her head against the wall. It had the potential to cause pain but there was far too much passion at that point to focus on anything else. As if to emphasize the point, Ziva bit down on Tony's bottom lip, hard, the sensation only furthering his arousal. She let go and slipped out her tongue to meet his. She knew he was a good kisser from their time undercover, but these weren't kisses of fake lust; they were deep, full kisses, their tongues pulsing against each other, their heavy breath mixing. Ziva needed more; she all but ripped the buttons from his shirt, nipping at the skin as she pulled it off, letting it drop haphazardly to the ground.

She pushed the length of her body against Tony's newly exposed chest and his hands dragged from her head to her ass, his fingertips digging in slightly before he hoisted her up, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist for support as her pushed her against the wall. From this angle, Ziva could feel his arousal more prominently, pushing against her through her parted legs. A short, higher pitched mewl emitted from her throat as Tony ground against her.

Desperate to feel the delicate skin of her breasts, he tugged at the bottom of Ziva's shirt, pulling it over her head. Despite the passion, he couldn't help but take a few seconds to admire her taut, toned body, trailing his eyes from her golden stomach up to her chest. Did her breasts taste as good as they looked? Tony moved his head forward, licking a trail from the valley of her mounds to the centre of her collarbone as he rid Ziva of her bra. The action caused her hands that had been clenched against the back of his head, pleasantly tugging at his roots, to be stilled, but the sight before him was worth the loss: Ziva's breasts, petite but generous in shape, bared to him, her rosy nipples pebbled from the sensory overload.

Tony's hands slipped up, circling around tips with his thumbs before applying pressure. He glanced up at Ziva's face, her eyelids fluttering as he toyed with her nipples. She met his gaze and moved her hands back to his head, pushing it down to her chest. Still manipulating one peak, Tony placed a wet, open mouthed kiss on the top of the other mound before shifting down to take the stiff bud between his teeth, flicking it with his tongue. He breathed in and up close; her delectable scent was all the more richer.

Ziva's head lolled a little as he licked, sucked and tweaked, simultaneously tightening her arms and legs around Tony. His intense gaze on her body, his obvious desire and the way his breath was ragged against her breast made her want him inside her all the more. His experienced mouth and fingers teasing her upper half, while pleasant in the extreme, was becoming not enough to quell the need radiating from her centre. Much longer and he would start to feel it, even through the irritating barrier of their pants.

As if sensing her desire, or maybe just the desperate pressing of her hips against him as he assaulted her nipples, the hand settled on her breast started to slip down her body, his other resting on her waist. He stopped above her naval, and Ziva managed between pleasurable gasps as his teeth tightened her tip, "If that hand does not go any lower, I am going home to finish this myself."

A muffled reply came from her chest, as his hand slipped further still, "Only if you let me watch."

Upon reaching the top of her pants, Tony brought his mouth to Ziva's neglected nipple. Like before, she was pulsing her hips against his hand, trying to encourage it further down, but this time he complied. Slipping his hand beneath the waistband of her panties, he stroked the available skin with his thumb lightly, drawing an excited mewl from Ziva. He was throbbing by now, her sounds travelling straight to his groin, her movements against him only leaving him needing her more. He was tempted to draw his hand back and take her then, but he wanted to feel her, hot against his hand.

With that thought in mind, he moved his hand the last distance, coming into direct contact with her heat. At his touch, Ziva's hips jerked forward on impulse, harder than before and a high note of pleasure followed. Her persistence allowed him to appreciate how much his teasing had really affected her. His fingers moved easily through her wetness and his mouth unlatched from her nipple and licked a path up to her ear to whisper, "I never realised I had this much of an effect on you. Had I known I might have done something sooner... So wet for me, Ziva..."

At saying this, he pressed against her bundle of nerves. A louder moan escaped her this time and he had to taste the mouth that was capable of emitting such erotic sounds. As his fingers moved, Ziva felt his lips crush against hers and she whimpered into his mouth. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue against hers as his fingers increased their pace, rubbing tight circles around her clit. Just as the shocks of pleasure started to reach their peak, Tony slowed his movements. Before Ziva could protest at the actions, he moved his hand lower again, slipping two fingers into her.

Ziva let out a small scream into his mouth as she gripped his hair so hard he thought she'd pull some out and he let out a low groan. Her body clutched his fingers as he pumped them as rapidly as he could in their position and there was no way he could hold out much longer. Ziva had her eyes shut as she broke the kiss and let her head fall back against the wall; he needed to see her like this, wrapped around his length instead of his fingers.

Tony stilled his fingers again, and Ziva lifted her head to see what he was doing. She opened her mouth to protest at his stationary hand, but he cut her off. "I want to be inside of you when I make you scream my name," he told her in his rugged voice.

Ziva looked into his eyes as he moved hand from her panties, the knowledge of what was to come overriding the sense of loss from the removal of his fingers. "No more teasing, Tony; I want it right here," she replied, her voice throaty with need. Their lips met again, the intensity increasing before she slipped her legs from around his waist. She was on slightly unsteady legs as she scratched her nails down Tony's chest, her lips dragging across his jaw. His stomach tensed as she reached the buckle of his belt, all intentions of taunting and teasing out the window. He let out a breath of relief as he was released from his confinements, his pants dropping to the ground. Only two more barriers of clothing on Ziva's body before there was nothing stopping him from what he needed.

Tony jerked forward as Ziva took him in her hand and stroked slightly. He was thick and rigid in her hand, but she stopped her movements in lieu of something more and let go to unbutton her own pants, ridding herself of her panties at the same time. Tony glanced down at Ziva, naked before him, Ziva doing the same to him, before he grabbed her and pulled her into an ardent kiss, pushing his erection against her stomach.

Here she was, naked, pressed against him as she sucked the tip of his tongue. He'd had her in much kinkier fantasies but there was no way they could compare to the way she felt against him, hot and aroused. He grabbed her and lifted her again, pushing her against the wall and sinking into her, feeling her squeeze around him as he filled her, his eyes glazing over with pleasure. He was still for a moment before he started to thrust. A strangled cry and a groan came from them as Tony moved, increasing his pace rapidly, a string of strangled expletives escaping him.

He gripped the back of her legs forcefully, tightening them with his thrusts, the feeling of Ziva moving against him too wonderfully distracting to focus on much else. Their mouths were connected, but both were too rapt their movements to keep their lips moving; instead they breathed heavily into the others mouth, their sounds mixing and being swallowed by the other. Ziva's breaths were laced with moans as she fought the urge to let her head roll backwards, wanting to keep contact with Tony's mouth.

His thrusts were quick and short as Ziva's hands gripped his shoulders as they moved against each other, her nails digging in, encouraging his speed. His skin was starting to shine with the effort and he ignored slight protests from his muscles as he felt Ziva start to flutter around his length in between the clenching as he moved. Her moans increased, the volume rising along with them as she pushed against him, desperate for release.

Tony could see she was about to let go, so he moved his mouth away from hers, to her ear. "I want to hear you scream when you come, Ziva," he ordered as he thrust up particularly fiercely, causing her to clamp down onto him as the radiating waves of her release forced her eyes to squeeze shut. Nails bit into his shoulders and her legs gripped around him as her face met the crook of his neck, screaming against it, Tony's thrusts never letting up. She was limp for a few moments to regain control and to catch her breath, but soon she was moving again, encouraging Tony's release.

Ziva sucked at the pulse point of his neck, her hands running all over his back as his movements became shakier. His mind was clouded with thoughts of release and with his hands on her ass, he pushed her against him, jerking into her as far as he could before slowing as he spilled himself inside of her. Ziva squeezed her muscles around him as he came, intensifying the spreading pleasure of his release and his slowed movements came to a stop as the feeling subsided.

He leaned his head against hers, their breathing becoming more stable. Tony's heart was still beating strenuously and he was sure Ziva's was, too. He released his hands from under her, moving them to her waist as her feet touched the floor. She used both him and the wall for support, her knees buckling slightly. They were both hot and sticky, but the dead weight of Tony leaning against her was not an uncomfortable feeling, reinforcing the thoughts of what they had just done. Ziva couldn't bring herself to worry about the consequences of what had just taken place, not after the pleasure that had just burned through her and she hoped like hell Tony was feeling the same. No, she wouldn't be thinking of all of this right now, she was taking it for what it was.

Tony was the first to try to speak as they stood together, comfortably intimate; it was this that he knew they would have to talk about. It wasn't awkward; it was easy to be like this, skin against skin. He met her eyes as he started to speak, Ziva cut in before he could say anything, "We will talk, but please, let us enjoy this moment now." She finished with a light kiss on his lips and disconnected from him, reaching down to pick up her discarded clothes.

"You're leaving?" Tony questioned, disappointed. Surely she couldn't be leaving after that, after saying they would talk? Something shifted; the teasing had a chance to take them somewhere that had been suggested from the beginning. He never expected the banter would go this far; it had taken them close to a kiss but never this far. So many things could go wrong. Their jobs. Their boss. Their personalities. Was he getting ahead of himself? Did Ziva even want any more than this, than this night?

She smirked up at him. "No, I am going to shower," she said, her voice hoarse from her screams, as she walked lightly to the bathroom, her whole body flushed.

He hoped it was an actual invitation as caught up to her. She stopped and he considered she may have wanted to shower alone until she kissed him on the side of his mouth, looking up at him with sincere eyes before half singing, half saying, "You can have my everything."

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