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Something about Roses and Love

When I lay beside you

I am everything I want to be
With your loving face in front of me
With your eyes that hum the perfect song
To go on long after I am gone

Like the absence of a roaring sound
And the walls I built came tumbling down
And it almost made me worship God
Cause you're everything these words are not

When I lay beside you
When I lay beside you
When I lay beside you
I am perfect

Waking, he noticed that the sun was already high in the sky. He yawned, stretched and slowly turned off the sheets covering his legs, letting a cold breeze invade the warmth he had felt a moment ago. His thoughts started to wander off, until he heard hasty footsteps approaching his room. The door was opened with a loud yelling. "Brother!"

"What's the matter, Sasuke?"

His little brother took some seconds to breathe out and then came closer. It was pretty clear something must have happened. Normally Sasuke would have already teased him. It had become kind of a ritual to tease each other as a manner of greeting, but today seemed an exception.

"It's…" Sasuke took a deep breath again and shook his head. "There are officers to see you. Father told me to get you."

Itachi nodded and went to his wardrobe, picked something out, changed and followed his little brother to the living room. Two police officers, the Hokage, his parents and some other elders from the Uchiha clan were waiting for him. Itachi coughed and they looked his way. "You wished to see me?"

They all looked at the Hokage. He sighed and started "We too are very surprised by the news, not to mention we're not even certain if it's true. I mean in our jobs, well you know it is quiet normal to disappear for a while, but-…"

"Hokage-sama, can you please just say it?"

"Okay, Kabuto-san has not returned from his previous mission. His team however has. They are unconscious so we don't know what happened yet."

Crack. Itachi tried to catch his breath, but found that impossible. He shifted his head towards the wall. He had heard something breaking, but what was it?

"Brother, are you alright?" Sasuke had been the first to speak up after the Hokage had left with the officers. His mother looked worried, his father however kept his stoic appearance. Itachi nodded and said, "Please excuse me, I don't feel so well," and he bowed and left the room. His parents and brother watched how he retreated to his own room. Sasuke looked up at his parents, as if demanding to know that everything's going to be alright, but they were silent. Fuguka resumed reading his paper and Mikoto asked what Sasuke would like to eat, with a smile on her face. Sasuke wasn't sure if it was forced or not or perhaps she always smiled fake like…Kabuto.

Itachi felt numb all of a sudden. For a whole week, he had been a living emotion bomb, and now he had exploded and only numbness remained. He had tried to leave the village in sure for Kabuto, but had been stopped by his fellow shinobis and been placed under house arrest. In his room he had remained, hoping for news of Kabuto or his teammates. He knew the Police Force was searching for him, as well as the ANBU, but the chance of them finding his love were zero.

It was strange, but the village didn't seem to mind Kabuto's disappearance. A disappearance of somebody always delivered gossips, but Itachi found the townsfolk had excelled this time. According to the local bakery, Kabuto was a spy, involved with shady business such as human traffic, prostitution and fraud; according to the local butchery, Kabuto was actually a girl, who was a drug addict and to finance this habit, (s)he'd prostitute him(her)self; and according to the flower shop of the Yamahas, Kabuto had a long list of lovers. They were all very different, but had one thing in common, the ending: Kabuto got killed.

Itachi at first, didn't want to think about it, but a week has passed, without any sign of life, and somehow the thought seems to be more appealing every time.

It was raining, when a hawk arrived in Konoha, carrying an important message. The Hokage was warned immediately. He sighed, when he heard the news. "Let's go to the Uchihas."

When he arrived, Itachi's family and the elders gathered in the living room. Fugaku had been acting as if Kabuto had never been the boyfriend of his son and wasn't happy that the Hokage had come to talk about him. Mikoto on the other hand had acted the same way as always, but had different reasons than her husband; she merely wanted to ease Itachi's sorrow, while Fugaku just wanted to forget Kabuto had ever existed. Needless to say that when Itachi had formally introduced Kabuto to his parents, it had been a big disaster, with Fugaku ignoring both Itachi and Kabuto.

Itachi came running, when he had heard there was news. Sasuke too had come, but was sent away immediately by Mikoto. "But I want to stay!" Sasuke whined. "Kabuto was my friend too." Itachi's hand went to his mouth. Even Sasuke had given up hope finding Kabuto alive. "Leave," Fuguka ordered and Sasuke ran to his room. All eyes went back to the Hokage.

The Hokage coughed and started "We regretfully-…" Mikoto sniffed and her eyes were watery. She excused herself. "We regretfully bring you the news of the death-…" Mikoto cried heavily and embraced her husband for support. Itachi too felt his eyes becoming watery. Be strong. I should not cry. "…-of the death of Yakushi Kabuto." He cried. The Hokage paused and looked at Itachi, but continued, "He was found murdered near the river Akon, in the Land of Water."

Itachi's breath began to grow heavier as he watched the white door. In the room after this door rested Kabuto's body. Itachi had been asked to identify the body, since he was the only one who had been close enough. He wondered if Kabuto was still as lovely as he used to be or if his body had been mutilated.

"Uchiha-san, you may come in," a medic-ninja said. Itachi stood up and followed the man in. His eyes widened when he saw Kabuto peacefully asleep on the table, as if he could wake up any moment, moan, mutter something about not enough sleep and smile looking at his lover. Good morning.

The priest ended his speech. Kabuto's coffin descended into the grave. Itachi's hope of ever seeing Kabuto again was officially gone and only an empty feeling of sorrow and solitude remained. As he turned around, he saw most bystanders had already left, except his team and family. It was kind of painful to think that except himself, there was no one else to grieve for his death. He remembered Kabuto's face while he was sleeping, that of a silent angel. Sleep forever more, my angel.

A long one to make up for the lack of updates. Kind of based on a dream I had about them, where Orochimaru killed them both. The next story will be happier. (Oh and this is actually the first chapter, where they are already lovers :3)

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As for the previous chapter, Sitebzen was kinda right about the argument why the hell Kabuto needed to go to the bookstore. So here is the dialogue between a hungry cashierster and Itachi:

Itachi: -walks in-

Cashierster: I'm sorry, sir, but we're closed. We're having lunch break.

Itachi: Oh, but I just need a book about origami.

Cashierster: Alright and do you know which?

Itachi: No..

Cashierster: -sighs- Come back later

Itachi: Ah, but I already search somewhere else and they said I could find these books here.

Cashierster: That's correct, but we're having lunch break. -rolling of stomach- Ugh, who's "they"?

Itachi: kabuto-san from the shop on the first floor.

(And you know how the rest of the story goes :D So basically it was a frustrated and hungry person(bad combination!) who called Kabuto all the way up.)