A crash from the bathroom made him jump. "You okay in there, Zexy?" Demyx called, peeking around the high backed chair.

"How many hair products can one person possibly own?" There was a rattle of several hairspray canisters being kicked around. Zexion let out an aggravated huff before the canisters hit the bottom of the trashcan with thump.

"I need those!" Demyx said, leaning over to try and see into the bathroom.

"You wouldn't if you didn't try and force your hair to defy the laws of physics."

Demyx's arms wrapped around his head protectively. "I like my mullet!"

Zexion only sighed as he emerged; kicking a stray can out of the way. "Just don't let Axel near the bathroom."

The other man cocked his still covered head to the side "How come?"

"It's all flammable."