The Bluemoon: The Prologue

I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog in one of my latest adventures, I traveled around the world, restoring the chaos emeralds due to Eggman releasing Dark Gaia from the core of the earth, awaking it from its age long slumber. I undertook a transformation it changed me physically, i met a imp-like creature which i nicknamed Chip. After, i realized my new form effected me emotionally as well, after i met up with Amy in the streets of Spagonia, she didn't... well, recognized me, until professor pickle had explained it was me.

From Apotos to Spagonia.

From Adabat to Shamar.

Professor pickle tracked eggman after i restored the sixth continent, Tails had dropped me off at Eggmanland at the top of the world. we infiltrated his base and made our way into where the temple of gaia, putting the last emerald onto the summit, me and Chip walked out thinking we stopped Dark Gaia, oh, we were sadly mistaken, Eggman restored Dark Gaia to its fullest. We fought our way into the core of the planet, destroying Eggmans newest robot. After the battle the dark creature rised from the lava below the platform i was standing on. The dark beast sucked up my were-form, taking back the dark powers it given me. Chip called upon the temples as an act to protect me and form the golem, Gaia Colossus. The battle was going well until Dark Gaia unleashed its true form, after the harsh battle that took place i manged to defeat the beast, i watched it sink back into the lava, before i knew it, i lost conscious due to much energy being lost. The next thing i remember i was in Apotos, where i started my adventure.

I found the imp on the ground then faded away leaving the sphere he worn around his neck behind. I made my way towards it, picking it up, putting it on my wrist, i still remember his last words Chip whispered to me

`I'll be here by you, always, upon the earth you tread' like a little voice on the wind, i let out a sigh while watching the sun rise before running home, went i got there i realized Amy had set up a party to celebrate our victory, it was when the sun went down about a week later, i had under taken the transformation, i dashed my way to tails, he did scans on me, the fox cub explained to me that my new form has attached itself to my DNA and i found out something else that you wouldn't believe...