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The Bluemoon: Chapter 14

If Fury had beat his wings any heavier, he could of blown away the world beneath him, the wind that blew passed them felt like a gentle touch along the griffons wingspan to his tail tip. If only the situation was as calm as the night was. A full moon gave light to the ground below, giving a white shimmer to the grassy plains as each strand swayed giving a wave like motion.

Shooting upwards suddenly wings tucked to his side before going into a dive, The night was filled with an eagle like cry as it pierced the night air as the forest came into their view, and it seem within moments the connections in the blue ones mind came alive.

A muddle of voices came into play, all overriding one another with similar questions and similar urgency in each tone 'Fury whats going on?' 'Fury Tell us what is wrong?' 'Fury?' All of them sounding like an echo to one another in the muddle until some sort of order was brought across the panic.

'Fury! What is wrong? We all heard you call out' The familiar husky voice of Quarry came through with his stern tone.

'Hellhound attack, 2 of them attacked, both are dead though. Quarry something doesn't feel right, Could you ask for a patrol of the general area just for safety reasons?' The avians response was sharp and quick, it was different from hearing his normally soft, calm tone.

There was another flurry of thoughts from the others in the pack 'Hellhounds!?, Here?, Why!?' Raising the panic amongst them higher then before. Hellhounds weren't a very common sight, specially of their entrance that is required to enter from the deep lava flows below to the surface but like all of Dark Gaias species, They return to the earth when they perish either from an illness or a fatal wound in battle, returning back to their sleeping creator, returning to the one they consider God.

An abrupt bark from Quarry brought silence again 'You heard the Shifter, do a run over the perimeter of the boundary and look out for anything out of the ordinary' The responses to him was ranging from a light hum to 'yes sir!' And within moments the familiar feeling of the others closing the connections to each others mind was apparent until one voice was still left in Sonics mind. 'Fury, leave the blue one with me then go join Zen on patrol so he remains on track instead of stalking Tara and Tacoda.'

'Alright' A short blunt response was all that was needed. The rest of the flight seem short as the wing beats shook the branches of the trees, the leaves rustled as Fury dodged his way down to the forest moss covered ground. Finding the way to Quarry was actually quite an easy feat, the connections to one another is not only a way to communicate with one another but it brings on an odd sensation when they are getting close to one another like an inbuilt compass that never fails.

The blur of familiar maroon fur made its way into their view, Fury dove down towards the ground and within meters Sonic leapt off the avians back, hitting the ground with a heavy thud, Claws dug into soft soil on impact before his shoes hit last like a cat landing on its feet. As quickly as the griffon went towards the ground, he turned his attention back to the sky again to follow the orders given from Quarry and meet up with Zen to make sure the area they are staying in is secure.

"They will alert us if anything is found" Quarrys tone was quiet and unusually calm, It was a situation he was all too familiar with, always being tracked by enemies and not enough man power to do anything about it would leave one desensitized to everything.

"Alright" Sonics response was quick and simple as he got settled on the mossy forest ground, placing his hands in the space between his legs in a defensive manner in front of his stomach. It took a moment for the blue blur to find the words to start conversation between the two. "Fury had a feeling this is the start of something bigger, do you think Aro himself is coming?"

The alpha shrugged his shoulders casually as his eyes jumped from place to place, watching his surroundings carefully. "It wouldn't surprise me, He only sends in the hounds when he actually wants to capture something, He is normally hell bent on wiping us out because we are their brother species, that rivalry has been there since the beginning of both of our species. Of course Aro has possibly learnt of your victory against our creator; Dark Gaia and sees some use for your abilities."

"That doesn't sound pleasant, You keep referring to Dark Gaia as 'Our Creator' is there some sort of connection we have to it?" The tone that was in Sonics voice was laced with worry, if they did get him what would they do to him and his young. As that thought went through his head he instinctively looked down at his growing stomach, running his claws through the soft fur there. It wouldnt be an over statement that he is afraid by the expression on his face.

Quarry seem hesitant before starting "Well, Yes, like the Zyons we also came from the core, as a brother species to the Zyons, before even myself there was the full bloods of our kind, ones that lacked a second form and remained in a permanent 'night form'. The Zyons remained very close to their creator, thus keeping their dark coloring and aura, Our species pulled away from it, enough there for us to be considered organic but still keeping the long if not immortal lifespan of a traditional minion" His ears seem to go back at the thoughts.

Sonics eyes were filled of concern and curiosity at what he was hearing, So himself, one of the biggest heroes of his world is considered a descendant of these dark creatures of the night, he is another one in a long line that has been fighting for survival, extinction biting at their heels. A dying breed.

The Alphas senses remained sharp as he was explaining the details, ears twitching, amber eyes shifting from place to place at a rapid rate "Wolfhogs, Lupus, Werewolves, Lunar Walkers and other names we have been given throughout the years. I will add before we came here, this world was already inhabited by tribal like races, natives as we use to call them, a young world before the one you know today. And of course we were feared by the natives of this world, stealers of children, thieves of livestock, even going as far as tying up villagers and leaving them out at night as sacrifice to 'calm the devil'. It was a paranoid way of living and i know for a fact it was either common wolves taking villagers at night or a Zyon taking a late night stroll."

"This is starting to sound like the old medieval myths and lore, are you telling me that Zyons started the werewolf lores?" A calm smile went across his blue muzzle, Sonic will admit, he found it ironic on how all of it was unraveling, how much of a role these two species have played throughout the years, forever leaving a mark on history even if its for the wrong reasons.

For a moment Quarry looked thoughtful as if trying to find a way to respond, raising an eyebrow for a moment before continuing "Kinda yes and no as actual werewolves use to roam these lands, They were the first to go in the Zyons conquest, it was more target practice for them, they were like us just lacking the intelligence. When the werewolves were wiped out, The Zyons sightings became more common and being their shape is similar enough in the dark it kept the stories alive, the common wolves did the howling at night, so sadly the natives couldn't tell the difference."

"Well you know how people are really, specially if they don't understand something, the fear of the unknown and whats in the dark, What could be out there." As the words came out of his mouth, there was a bitter sweet feeling that came with it, murky green eyes looking to the trees, Hes seen a lot in his young life, explored the world and yet he feels like he knows nothing about whats really out there.

An amused expression went across Quarrys face as he was speaking. "Eventually they did figure out there are different kinds of 'wolves' in the forests at night, just some are more elusive than others, we are more likely to give the natives a wide berth than anything else really, even if we did travel in large packs or 'families' as a lot seem to call it. Eventually the wandering of one of the natives did discover our kind, completely by accident i will add, it was the typical story of a lost child in the woods, got hunted and stalked in the dark by wolves and was protected by one of ours, instead of showing fear, she showed curiosity and was guided back home to the safety of her family. What i find ironic about this, it was the pack leader that helped her and her curious mind kept leading her back to that forest at night and she did it for years, kept coming back, learning more about our world, earning the friendship and trust of the pack and eventually becoming the pack leaders mate, Thus the first hybrids were born. A connection to the day and night"

"Like beauty and the beast, it always seems to happen like that" Sonic chuckled to himself, A lot of fairy tales seem to end up like that, that uncanny understanding and seeing past the looks, seeing someone for who they actually are.

"She shone light in our world and actually told how the stories were suppose to be, She showed us her world, in a surprising way the moment the natives gained an understanding of the world around them, they were incredibly accepting of our species, a single village in the middle of nowhere, dancing with wolves. It became a normal lifestyle to both parties and thats where a lot of hybrids actually started and eventually we learnt it was key to our survival when the Zyons started hunting down their brother species, their aim was only the full bloods and leaving anything that looked like a native. Stirring up the main populace on the surface is like kicking a hornets nest, theres a lot more of them then the Zyons so it would be pointless war. And So we started hiding amongst the ones of everyday society." Quarrys tone went somewhat quiet as he finished his sentence, one ear cocked to the side for a moment as his gaze went over to Sonic.

Sonics attention went from his surroundings to Quarry pretty quickly, murky eyes wide of curiosity, so a chance meeting was the saving grace of a whole species even if they didn't know it themselves that it was coming.

Taking a moment to figure out wording before once again continuing their history. "We were able to hide ourselves and survive But this wasn't without its downsides, depending on how the hybrids was brought into the world, it would take on one of its forms until it was of age, to you, it was 18 Sonic. Another flaw of these hybrids and this makes us extremely vulnerable, Unlike our full blood counterparts you cannot control when your body feels ready to reproduce, with how a group of dark gaias minions use to use a portion of their life to spread their numbers, your body is simply following that process due to your night form. With the fact you are considered to be more organic than minion you will follow the natural processes of a mammal, But after the first birth the body wears itself out and whatever influence is there dwindles enough to remove that ability for our body to do automatic reproduction for the rest of our lives."

It took a moment for it to sink in, Blinking several times. Thats it, he got his answer and hes starting to question if it was worth it or not, he was suddenly questioning if that was a part of himself he would fully accept, He was having trouble accepting that he is considered to be a minion of Dark Gaia and now feeling like he had no control over his body was the cherry on the top, through all the fog in his poor mind there was still a question that burned. The words came out slowly as he felt like he was learning the language all over again. "Now i can see why this is such a precious thing, So at least answer me this, everyone in this pack, have they all gone through with this?"

The response time was almost instant though his gaze wandered back to the shadows of the forest as if concentrating on the shadows "Yes, one way or another we have gone through with this, majority has failed, so many factors that come into play, either being attack, starvation and so many other reasons, only two or three have been through with it, some still have to go through with it."

Sonic listened intently on what he was being told and he could of sworn he heard a change in the tone even if it was subtle one and before he could even bring himself to question it, there was the familiar feeling of a connection coming to life in his mind from one of the pack members and shortly after that a frantic call followed from Tara, one of the twin sisters.

'Quarry! Aro has appeared on the surface and he has at least 5-6 Zyons with him'