I feel a strange urge to do this, so don't ask why. This will be my first Kingdom Hearts story. I don't own any characters in this story, apart from the ones I created, which are none. Warning! CloudxRiku relationship coming up. Don't like it, don't read it. Enjoy!

PS. These guys are meant to be out of character, OK?

It was midnight. Riku and Cloud didn't have a clue what to do. Lovers are like this. Always waiting for the other one to come up with a suggestion. Typical. They hadn't done much before either. Just kissing, eating, and watching TV. In particular, watching TV. Riku and Cloud were just watching wrestling on TV. Riku had an idea..

"Wanna' have a wrestling match?" he asked, beaming with glee. "Fine, if you want to get beat,", said Cloud, admiring himself "Oh, yeah?", said Riku. "Yeah,", chuckled Cloud.

They got a makeshift ring set up. Just like the real thing. Then they got into gear. More like out of gear. Cloud wore black underwear. Riku grey. They stepped into the ring. They started wrestling.

Riku punched, which connected. Cloud dodged the second one, giving him an opportunity. He kicked Riku's face. It must have been sore; Cloud's toenails were small but sharp. He then picked up the younger man, slamming him to the ground. He got Riku into a camel clutch. Riku screamed out in pain. After that, Riku took control of the match, but a kick to the pecs from Cloud sorted that out. Riku had nearly fainted. He suddenly fell to the ground. Cloud pinned him.

"I lost,", moaned Riku. "Its fine,", comforted Cloud. "Its ok,"…