What am I thinking, starting another multi-chap? Well, Lone Wolf is officially on hiatus until my muse decides to kick in - I'll let you know when that happens. For now, look forward to weekly updates on this little project, mainly because each week has a theme I can easily stick to, which means (therefore) easy updates. So without further ado, I bring you Measure a Year.

Week One - Drop


"Three...Two...One...Happy New Year!" the group chorused, watching as the vibrant red ball dropped in Times Square more than 200 miles away. The shout was followed by the harsh toot of a kazoo, and somewhere the audible fizz of champagne suggested the opening of a celebratory bottle. Laughter, kisses, and drinks were shared, and the start of the new year was one of gaiety and excitement at the Jeffersonian's First Annual New Year's Party.

"So, Bones, any resolutions?" Seeley Booth asked, bumping his shoulder playfully into that of his partner.

Her eyes flickered up from her glass of sparkling cider. A smile touched the corners of her lips as she took in his joyful appearance. "How much have you had to drink?" she chided, attempting to remove the glass from his hand.

Successfully evading her, he took a swig before answering, "A bit. But you didn't answer my question."

Brennan looked back down, gazing over the stair railing at all the other mingling guests as she thought about his question. The year had been difficult, she thought pensively, swirling the amber liquid in her glass. Then again, it always was: cases left her drained; wondering how so much evil could exist in one world, in one race. How people could justify murdering others to suit their own selfish needs and desires was beyond her, and often it left her feeling hopeless at the end of each week. How do you go on in a world that doesn't want you to? Yet there was a sort of fulfillment there, too - knowing she had done her part, caught the bad guy, been a good person, just once.

That was all of life, she supposed - draining, but fulfilling. In work, at home, in relationships...

She looked back up at her partner, shifting her weight to gaze at him more fully. At last she shook her head. "No, I haven't. It's... life is the same. And it's good the way it is, and always will be. I don't need anything to change right now."

She found his warm brown eyes upon her, perceptive in a way she found uncanny, even after all these years. Instead of making a comment like she feared, however, after a moment he just nodded, and a soft smile accompanied his vocal agreement.

"Yeah, Bones. Yeah... Life is good."

Their eyes met in a shared moment before a voice from below called for them to join in the festivities, and they made their way down to celebrate just how good life truly was.

enjoy! next theme, for next week is "triangle."