Title: Shifts in Gravity

Pairings: Sam/Freddie

Summary: Just arrived in London.

Word count: 640


Stepping out of the airport and into the crisp, chilled air of London; he watches the faint hue of red instantly start to flush over her milky white skin- mostly spreading across her cheeks and on the shell of her ears. He studies her look of fervent, and very much inherent, excitement.

Her eyes are bright, and blue, and always roaming.

"Dude, so glad to be off that freaking plane." Sam pauses for a moment, sparing him a glance before attempting to hail a taxi. "Being trapped with you in a tin can for nine hours was like one of my worst nightmares come to life."

He shakes his head because in all the years he's known her, it's become an automatic response; it's instinct. "I'm still surprised they let you through customs with the amount of hidden weaponry they found on your person. If I hadn't dragged you to the airport four hours in advance, we'd have probably missed our flight."

"Hey, when a girl is leaving the country- she needs to make sure she can protect herself in case of whatever. It was just plan B."

"What was plan A?" He asks with an arching brow and a tone suggesting he's aware that he isn't going to like her answer.

She grins wide; white teeth blinding despite her lacking relationship with a dentist.

"Using your body as a meat shield."

His plan had been to spend the summer abroad, visiting famous landmarks and as many museums as he could before college started in the fall.

Her plan had been to take a year off and backpack through Europe. It was either to lose herself or find herself; something contrived like that.

Sam's reasoning was, of course, left vague.

"Glad you're prepared." He intoned ironically. "But you do know that I'm only going to be around for the next two months, right?"

"Hence plan B and the weapons." She dismisses with practiced nonchalance, even more causal about the way she grips his arm, nails digging into the rough material of his coat after he tosses their bags in the trunk.

She pulls him to the side and then pushes him into the backseat of the taxi because it's always a pull and push sort of deal with her.

You get use to the shifts in gravity after awhile.

The inside of the car is warm and he's thankful for the heat pumping out of the vents. Freddie leans into the door on his side when they start moving, russet eyes watching the city landscape pass with a distracted focus about him.

To be honest, he's still not entirely sure how they came to the agreement that they would travel together while overseas. He remembered them sitting in Groovy Smootie; her making comments about his dedication in stalking her and how he was willing to follow her out of the country and him countering with pity for whatever hapless soul decided to pick her up while she was hitchhiking.

Some point after that, it was just decided.

Just like that.

"Benson." He reallocated his gaze to the blonde girl beside him as she spoke. "I think the dude wants you to stop drooling all over his window."

"I'm wasn't- I'm not drooling." Freddie returns with light contempt, fighting the urge to wipe at his mouth in spite of everything.

"Tell that to your wide open mouth a second ago. I mean geez, more water in here than the ocean we just flew over."

Instinct tells him to shake his head, so he does before going back to staring out the window as she starts in on something about legal drinking age and finding a pub.

And he doesn't even show reaction when she's all of a sudden leaning into his side, using his shoulder as a pillow. The kind you give a few punches to, to soften up.

Just another shift in gravity.