DISCLAIMER: Not mine: Saban, DC Comics, Columbia Pictures Television, Screen Gems, Lumiere, Universal Television/MCA, and others I can't remember right now. This was originally one whole tale, but a friend of mine made me realize that I could spotlight each aspect of the tale by splitting it into 6 chapters. Here's chapter 1…

By: C.A. Turner

9 months ago:

Having usurped the Presidency of the United States, Luthor was power mad, declaring Qurac and Kasnia enemies of the United States and her allies. Superman, his new thorn in his side for the past 12 years, had stopped him time and again…but Luthor had an ace. A synthetic red/gold kryptonite blend, in which he shot at Superman in a fine mist. The end result was to drive him insane. This would soon come back to…be the last mistake he would ever make.

Summoning his personal aide, he bellowed "Happersen! Bring me the last of the synthetic Kryptonite, and pull up the 'Operation; Alien Destroyer' file from my personal computer. It will soon be time for the endgame…"

3 months later:

Evidence had been found that would stop this from going any further. Luthor, however, wouldn't hear any of it, and was about to launch nuclear missiles against both Qurac and Kasnia.

Invading the White House, Morphin Rangers Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, Tommy Oliver, and Jason Lee Scott, along with Red ThunderCat Keith Partridge, joined Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The Rangers stopped the Putties, Batman nailed most of the guards, Wonder Woman deflected all shots, and GL nailed some of the more rogue Secret Service,and Keith was making short work of the drones with his broadsword, leaving the Man Of Steel to confront the President in the Oval Office. "This wasn't enough for you, was it? You had to have it all! Now we're on the brink of another World War! Are you happy now?"

"This was truly unfortunate, but it can still work. Stay out of my way." Lex doused Superman with a rather potent mist as he did this.

"I should have put a stop to this 4 years ago!" Superman shouts.

Luthor smiled evilly "Yes, and now they're going to burn for it. Burn!" –And soon, so will you!- he thought to himself.

"You should never have been elected, I should have put a stop to that! No, I had to follow the will of the people, no matter how wrong!"

Luthor sneers "Don't give me that! You love playing the hero! You love the applause, the glory, the fame and adulation! Without me, you're nothing! You've been the perfect accomplice!"

Superman gasped. "Accomplice?!?"

"Yes. And don't try to say you aren't addicted to this! I know you better than you think!" Luthor smirked. At this point, Keith charged towards the Oval office.

Superman looked at Luthor and glared "There are at least 10 ways I can stop you now."

"Yes, but they all involve lethal force, and you don't do that, do you? You can have me arrested, put me in jail, and then I'll get out, and we start this all over again." He sneered.

Superman looked down at the carpet. "I did enjoy it. All of it." But then his anger rose, and he looked at Luthor, snarling "…but if this is where it leads…then I'm done with it!" He then glared at Luthor, and activated his heat vision, just as the Red ThunderCat entered the office, screaming "SUPERMAN, NO!"

The battle was done in 22 minutes. GL, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Morphin Rangers got together when Jason asks "You smell something burning?"

The heroes charged into the Oval Office, where a horrible sight greeted them. The charred remains of President Lex Luthor slumped over his desk about to push the button, Superman standing over the remains, expressionless, as Keith looked at the other heroes, a horrified look on his face. For the 1st time since he was 9, he fell into Wonder Woman's arms, sobbing "I can't believe he did this."

Kimberly & Trini gasped, Zack was thunderstruck, Tommy gasped "Oh, my God!" and Hal was speechless. Even Batman was at a loss for words. The biggest surprise reaction came from Jason, who just looked at everyone, and said plainly, "Had to be done."

Making sure Keith was alright, Wonder Woman put a hand on Superman's shoulder. "How do you feel?"

Superman looked at the team, and to everyone's surprise, smiled, and told them "I'm terrific!"

2 months later…
"Has anyone spoken to Superman? He seems to be going from bad to worse." Hawkman asked the team at the latest JLA meeting.

"Now what? We were just talking about his trashing an entire nuclear submarine. He told the press that he gave all those aboard time to get off, but still…" Billy Cranston mused.

"You think he may be going off the deep end?" Isis asked.

"I'd rather think not. But, if he is…" Jason thought.

Laurie looked at her older brother. "What do you think?"

Keith spoke "Even at his most obsessed, Batman didn't scare me as much as Superman did that day.

The Flash raced in then. "Guys, turn on the tube! You won't believe it!"

Everyone watched as, to their horror, both Superman and Aquaman had declared themselves in control of the United States, and ordered Martial Law, effective immediately. The heroes gasped as Superman declared "And thus begins a brave new day for the United States!"

"And so it begins..."Keith frowned.

"Ok, now what?" Flash asked everyone. "Superman hasn't even gone to trial for killing Luthor…we don't need his going power mad right now!"

Isis frowned. "It gets worse. I once scanned his biorythms…to see if he's been taken over by an unknown source…no such luck. He's going off on his own."

"This is not good. If we have to stop him…how do we do it?" Bill Engvall asked. The Blue ThunderCat was listening intently to the conversation.

"We may have to…" Hal began, when Zordon interrupted him with "Rangers, Leaguers, I am teleporting you to join Capt. Marvel in Smallville, Kansas. A television news conference is about to occur, and the presence of the Justice League is vital."

Soon, on the Kent family farm, both Jonathan and Martha Kent were asked to speak to ABC News anchor Charles Gibson about something they wanted to say, to try and appease to Superman before it got worse. Capt. Marvel sighed when the team arrived, and Batman told him "You are not a full member, but we feel that you must be the spokesperson for this case."

Hawkman agreed. "This is the closest thing to an intervention that I can think of."

This is an ABCNews Special Report. We now take you live to Smallville, Kansas, where Charles Gibson is about to hold a press conference with Superman's adoptive parents.

Thank you. I am now speaking from the Kent family farm to Jonathan & Martha Kent, who, as it turns out, are the adoptive parents of Superman, who was, up until 2 months ago, was our country's greatest hero. Joining us are the Justice League of America. Mr. Kent, why did you decide to put yourself and your wife at risk by revealing this?

We need to try to shock our son back to his senses. What he's doing now…this is not how we raised him. This is very upsetting to both of us.

Clark, please…

Um, Clark?

Clark Kent, his real name. He is…or, was, a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Clark, if you're listening, please, turn yourself in. Stop this. Don't make this any worse!

We have been joined by the Justice League of America, who have, until recently, been friends and allies of the Man of Steel. Capt. Marvel, part time Justice Leaguer, is speaking for the team.

Yes. We prefer to see Superman turn himself in to stand trial for the murder of Lex Luthor. The League does not condone murder…under any causes, especially by one of our own. However, if not, drastic measures will be taken. We can not…will not allow murder to be a solution for a battle!

And I agree! Until recently, I was married to Superman…until a week ago, when he turned on the Earth…and apparently, humanity. Now, I wish nothing to do with him, and as of 10 minutes ago, our divorce has been made final. I am Lois Lane…and no longer wish anything to do with a murdering dictator like Superman!

We are now reeling from the bombshells dropped here. There are, I feel, more to come as…yes, I am receiving news from Lana Lang, our Smallville associate in Washington, DC. It seems that the man in question, Superman, has declared a press conference of his own!

5 minutes prior:

Watching from the White House, a furious Clark Kent shouts "My parents…and my so-called friends! They've gone and turned my folks against me! This is NOT over! There will be a reckoning…NOW!"


This is Lana Lang, outside the White House, where Superman has called an emergency conference…I believe he is about to begin…

People of the United States…and the earth. Until recently, I have served the planet alongside the Justice League, and was proud to be part of that organization. Recent events, however, have forced me to rethink this…and other things. The JLA has seen fit to try and stop my control. This cannot be allowed to happen.

As of this moment, the Justice League of America, and all who feel as they do…will be captured, and made examples of what will happen if they are against me! Here is an example…

He then grabs Guy Gardner, rips off his ring finger hand, then his head. Gasps arise as…

This is not limited to meta-humans! All who are against me shall be conditioned. I shall have my new troops round up the children of this land to be indoctrinated to my belief! Resistance is futile! That will be all! As he does this, the power ring on Guy's finger fades away. In pain, guy discovers his hand regrowing. Superman sees this. "Nice trick. Won't help."

"Wanna bet, Big Blue?" Guy shouts back. –Nice bluff. Wish I had a Kryptonite cannon or something.- Guy thought to himself. And at that moment, growing out of his arm, was exactly the weapon he wanted.

"What is this?" Superman snapped.

"Let's find out." Blasting Superman unconscious, Guy quickly creates a hovercraft from beneath his feet, and escapes. Quickly waking up, Superman turns to the cameras, shouting Gardner's ridiculous escape changes NOTHING! I will still destroy all those who dare to resist me!

In a related story, Wayne Enterprises announced that all projects involving nuclear energy will be abandoned. This has nothing to do with Superman's moratorium on nuclear power. In other news…

Watching on the monitors provided by ABC news, Hawkman sighs, as he turns it off. "Now what?"

"I guess we're now known as the Resistance." Flash said…without one look of a smart remark.

The next day:

Isis came into the HQ in total shock. "Guys, I've just came back from looking at some of the damage Superman's embargoes against certain nations has caused. People are dying! They can't exist like this! We HAVE to do SOMETHING!"

This time, instead of making a joke, the Flash took off to see this for himself…and came back with the same look on his face. "I never knew you to be one for understatement, Isis. This is horrible!"

Batman interrupted "What took you so long?"

Sparing the Dark Knight a shocked look from that joke, Flash blurted "No way they can grow any kind of food, much less sustain it, or life, not even clean drinking water! He's gone too far, these people are at death's door! What do we do about this?"

Isis got this determined look on her face. "I don't give a damn about his nuclear embargoes! We have a responsibility to the people on this planet to protect all life, not just those who bend to one will! Contact the Titans and Black Canary! We're definitely going to help with food, water, and whatever else they need!"

Batman added somberly "Count on Wayne Enterprises to help you out with whatever you need, Isis. No innocent is going to die on MY watch!"

5 days later:

A very angry Justice Society of America charges up the Capitol steps. "Whatever we have to do to stop him, we do it…now!" Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, declares.

"Just how do we do that? Not even Power Girl can match him in strength?" Stargirl sighed.

"He's right, though. We have to do whatever it takes." Dr. Mid-Nite shouted. "But where is he? I wish he would show up, already."

A voice soon declared "Be careful what you wish for." Soon, former members of the Secret Society of Super Villains surrounded the team. "Great. Now what?" Power Girl asked.

"That should be painfully obvious. Surrender…or DIE!" Aquaman joined the villains. Glaring at them, he shouted "DESTROY THEM ALL!"

But no hero just lays there and takes it. The JSA gave as good as they got, nearly gaining the upper hand, until…

WHARRRRAMMMMMMMMM! Superman was holding Guy Gardner's power ring, and nailed Flash, Mr. Terrific, Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, Stargirl, and Sentinel. "Like I said 5 days ago, you're either with me…or against me!"

"OK, people, here we are." Isis told everyone the next morning. Black Canary, Flash, and the Titans were with her, along with the Zeo Rangers. Troia, Cyborg, Starfire, Kyle Rayner, and the Zeo team were in total and complete shock at what they saw. "How did this happen?" a disgusted Raven asked.

Isis took charge. "We're here to stop this from spreading any further…at all of these countries! Flash, Cyborg, I've found some underground fresh water sources, so you 2 get started on the first of the underground wells. Black Canary, you and Green Arrow start handing out this rice and corn. The rest of us get started on plowing these crops. I don't give a DAMN if Superman gets his balls in a knot, these people are DYING! They need our help NOW!"

Kyle smiled "I know. We give all the people cans of Pork and beans, and we create a giant fart for Superman!"

For the 1st time, Isis giggled. Even Raven cracked a smile.

4 days later:

Superman discovered the plans the Titans and Isis made. He hit the airwaves, shouting:

The Justice League has decided that my choices are foolhardy and dangerous! I have said resistance is futile. Well, they have taken it upon themselves to fight me. As of now, they will be called the Resistance! For what they do is futile!

The next day:

"Bruce, we have to try. Maybe he can still be reasoned with." Wonder Woman stated.

"I agree. I'm just saying to be prepared for the worst." Batman told the Amazon Princess as they prepped for their teleconference to the Capitol Building. They were met by their former ally, Superman. "Aquaman and the Ninja Storm Rangers are patrolling DC. We can talk. In fact, I hope you can join me. The three of us, we could still stand for so much…"

"Not that way! We are here to help humanity, not control it. Although some of your ideas are needed. When you destroyed all of Earth's nuclear weapons, I wondered what took you so long." Batman told him.

"So did I. I waited too long. I was so busy trying to get everyone to like me. Now, everyone will just do as they're told!"

"You know we can't let that happen, Clark. Here are 2 words: Truth and Justice. See if you can remember what they truly mean." Wonder Woman challenged.

"Those words are a joke. Now, I can affect real change!"

"No, what you're doing, the road you are heading down now is worse than a joke. You continue, they will remember you in the same way as Napoleon, Idi Amin, Stalin, Hitler. Is that how you want to be remembered?" Batman asked.

"People are like sheep. Luthor was right about that. Now I can use that to create a better world!" Superman shouted.

"Clark, give it a rest. The people of the world aren't going to have it…and the governments will surely find a way to put you down, if need be." Wonder Woman pleaded.

"Diana's right. It's time to put an end to this…and you know it!" Batman shouted. "By the way…don't bother tracing this conversation. We've taken precautions."

"NO! This conversation is over! Both of you, end this now…before I forget we were once friends." Superman shouted, and turned the monitor off.

"Well, there's no turning back now, is there?" Diana asked.

"I'm afraid not. The Clark that we knew is gone…seemingly forever. We may need to take some drastic measures to stop him." Batman told her.

"Including…" Wonder Woman stopped. She didn't even want to think about it.

An infuriated Superman shook outside of the Capitol. –How dare they presume to judge me! After all we've been through…the Trinity, we've been called! Now this? It is time to put my plans into effect!-

Later that day, Nightwing arrived on the shores of Themyscira. "You're not going to believe this, but Superman has a plan for not only other metahumans, but also for the Earth's children. He's gonna…"

It was as far as he gotten. "Guys, Superman is having Aquaman and a group of robots round up all of Angel Grove's children! We have to do something now!" Isis shouts.

"We spread out throughout the city! But be careful, we still don't know what's happened to the JSA! In any case, we can't let him do this! Let's go!" Green Lantern shouts. Summoning the Power Rangers, they spread out in small groups of 9 throughout Angel Grove.

Aquaman is slaying officers left and right, as the faceless robots capture innocent children, snatching them away from their parents. He is snickering about how they should have been doing this all along, when…


He turned to face Hal Jordan…Green Lantern, along with Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Black Canary, and the Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, and Blue ThunderCats, ready to rumble. "You don't want to do this!" Hal snapped.

"Oh, but I do! Destroy them!" Aquaman headed straight for GL, but was blocked by the Blue ThunderCat. As WW and 4 of the ThunderCat team helped Black Canary free the kids, Hawkman, GL, and Bill went to work against the robots. "Hurry! Bill's probably going to need help soon!" Keith shouted. The Red ThunderCat was skewering robots with his sword.

"Yeah, tuna breath does have a habit of playing downright dirty…along with cheating." Black Canary added.

"That does not make me feel any better!" Laurie shouted.

Meanwhile, as Green Lantern smashed robots left & right, and Hawkman dealt with a group of stormtroopers, Bill leaped in front of Aquaman, and kicked him in the jaw. "Man, what the hell's wrong with you?" He was answered with a suckerpunch to the gut, and an otherwise knockout blow.

The fight continued, with one landing a punch against the other, when Bill leaped to save a child who was about to be beaten by a robot. Rescuing the little girl, he soon was knocked out of the battle, and Aquaman stood over him, gloating "Looks like tigers aren't so tough after all." He then picked up his trident, about to make the killing blow, when…the sky seemed to darken.

"Now what?" Black Canary snarled.

Aquaman looked around…and heard a motorcycle speeding towards him. Black in color, it stopped, seemingly riderless. The owner, however was there, karate kick successfully aimed at the one time Sea King. He then trashed the remaining robots, freeing the heroes to rescue the children. The new mystery hero shouted "All right, who's next?"

"That would be me." Aquaman snickered. "Be careful what you wish for, boy!"

"Why? You ain't worth my time, turkey!" he said, socking him with a right to the jaw. Aquaman got one good punch in, however. "Still think I'm still not worth your time?"

"Not even close. Not bad, though, that took balls. If your brains and muscle matched your guts…such as they are, you'd be a living terror!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means…boy…that you'd do better not having fish fight your fights!" the new man shouted as he plowed another punch on the villain.

"You will regret that!"

"What, I'm supposed to be afraid of my goldfish, now? My cat will have eaten him by then!" Of course…" he snapped, kicking him in the jaw "…you're probably busy landing dolphins in tuna nets!"

"AAARRRGGH!" Totally losing it, Aquaman charges the man, who then punches and slams him all over the area. The mystery man tells him "Stay away from Col. Sanders, boy. From my view, you're the biggest chicken I've ever seen!"

Humiliated, Aquaman takes off, shouting "…you'll pay for this!"

Deciding best to add insult to injury, the new hero shouts "What's the best tuna…Chicken of the Sea!"

After making sure the children are safe, Wonder Woman smiles "Thanks for your help. You really did a number on the walking $2.98 seafood platter back there."

"Not to seem ungrateful…who are you?" Keith Partridge asked.

"The Shadow ThunderCat."

"Thanks for your help. But, who are you, really?" Laurie asked.

"That will be known when America is free, and Superman and his new pals are stopped. Later." And with that, he takes off.