War in Heaven

Now war arose in Heaven, Michael and his Angels fighting against the Dragon; and the Dragon and his Angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in Heaven. And the Great Dragon was thrown down, the Ancient Serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the Deceiver of the whole world – he was thrown down to earth, and his Angels were thrown with him.

Opening words in the Book of Revelations


Harry buried his head into his pillow in an attempt to muffle the scream he was unable to hold back. His back felt like it was tearing open. He had noticed the lumps on his back a few weeks before he left Hogwarts for the summer holidays. He hadn't mentioned them to anyone, assuming that it was just some swelling from his encounter in the Chamber of Secrets. Madame Pomfrey hadn't mentioned anything was wrong so he thought that it couldn't be that bad.

The world seemed to be spinning, and he realised that he was suffocating himself in his pillow. He tried to move his head, but the movement jolted his back and he screamed in agony. The world was spinning again and his vision was going black, the last thing he heard before everything faded away was the sound of breaking glass, and the rustling of feathers.


It has been found by the Ministry of Magic that Harry Potter also known as the Boy-Who-Lived has been missing from his home with his muggle relatives since a week into Hogwarts summer holidays. The muggle police (aurors) who attended the scene found the bed covered in blood and the window broken. Potters uncle and aunt are currently being held in suspicion of his disappearance and possible death. After a thorough investigation this reporter wants to know why the Ministry and Aurors were unaware of this situation until days after it happened. Why was he not better protected, and who in their right mind would leave the Boy-Who-Lived with muggles. This reporter believes that the public deserve answers to these questions.

Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet

"What happened Albus?" The question was posed by Minerva Mcgonagle in the Headmasters office at Hogwarts.

"I'm afraid that I don't know Minerva, he should have been safe there."

"Obviously not. Those muggles were never fit guardians for a wizard."

"They are his family, Minerva."

"For what it was worth, which wasn't a lot. What are you going to do about this?"

"All I can, I have contacts that I can use to search for him. At the moment that is all I can do."

"I suppose it had better be enough then."

"We will find him Minerva."

"I hope so Albus, I really do."

"Molly, have you seen this!"

"Seen what Arthur? I haven't sat down all morning."

"Today's Prophet, it says that Harry's missing, possibly dead!"

"What! Let me see! Oh no, how could this happen?"

"We can't keep this from the children. If we don't tell them someone else will."

"I know, is there anything we can do?"

"Nothing more than is already being done. I'm sure Headmaster Dumbledore is doing all he can."

"You're right of course. I suppose we had better let the children know before they find out for themselves."

"Hermione! There's an owl on the kitchen table! I think it's dead!"

"oh! It's not dead Mum. It's just Errol, must be a letter from Ron."

"Oh, in that case I'll get the poor thing some water and something to eat."

"Oh no, no, no. This is aweful!"

"What is it honey?"

"Harry's missing! Ron said that they arrested his relatives on suspicion of murder!"

"That's horrible! Why do they think he's dead if he's missing?"

"Ron doesn't say. But it says that the police made the arrest a week ago, not the aurors. It may be on the news."

"I'll get your fathers newspaper from last week. It'll be in there if anywhere."

"Thanks mum."

"Here it is. Oh dear."

"What is it mum?"

"They found his bed soaked in blood and the window smashed. No sign of where he might be. And no evidence of anyone but the family being in the house."

"Mum, Harry will be ok, right?"

"I'm sure that the authorities will find him, honey."

"Thanks Mum."