(A/N: So my friend and I have a demented view on things, or so people say. We watched a horror film (and were terrified of it despite the fact that it was only a 12) and it was called the Village. Ever noticed something strange about Noah? Wondered why he's always... clapping? Well, here's the answer for you all! It's done in Noah's POV, and he's thinking of Ivy. It's a parody, and a JOKE. We don't mean to offend anyone. No doubt no-one will find it funny, well... unless you're strange like us :p)

He Never Liked Jazz.

You are so blind,

And so hard to find.

I hear you cry,

I search in the dark,

Terrified to reveal,

My darkest mark.

I can't let you see,

Who I really am…

For if you knew,

You'd surely have ran.

It comes on irrationally,

I don't have control…

Before I know it,

I'm acting like a troll.

The noise leaves my mouth,

In a demented sort of sound,

And I repeatedly stab Lucius,

Into the ground.

My hands clasp a stick,

And for once they don't shake,

I'm over my head,

But it can't be too late.

I'm sent to a room,

With walls white and sterile,

And hit at the walls,

Mouth bereft of a smile.

And then you let me out,

Brighter than the sun,

You say you can't see me,

But that's so much more fun.

I run to the woods,

And I pick you a berry,

But when I come back,

You're not nearly so merry.

The red fruits fall,

And you tell me to hide,

They are the bad colour,

And things have died.

When we get back,

The porcupines are out,

And I want to join them,

So I start to shout.

But you hide me in a cellar,

And it's dark and cold.

The girl next to me is scared,

The room smells of mould.

But when all is silent,

I start to clap,

The uncontrollable motion,

Making my hands flap.

So the truth sinks in,

And my mantra begins,

"Uh huh huh uh huh!"

For my committed sins.

My home is a cupboard,

I've never liked Jazz,

But I kill lots of people:

Because I'm a spazz.