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To Love A Vampire

Chapter 1

Angela's point of view

I nearly had a heart attack when the desperate banging coming from my front door was echoing through my house. I was alone, my parents were at the local pub and Ben just left after we spent a few hours watching films. We watched a couple of horrors so if this was a decomposing zombie after my blood then I was totally screwed.

I flicked on the hallway light but made sure to stand a safe distance away from the door incase the zombie caved it in. I could make out a face through the frosted glass but I didn't recognise it. I felt my heart speed up, what if this was some maniac who decided to go on a killing spree on this fine winter night?

Outside the rain was coming down hard and I could hear it thumping against my living room windows as I leant against the door frame. There was nothing near me for me to grab, no bat, no club, not even a cheesy china ornament that you usually see the victims grab in low budgeted horror films. The banging didn't stop and now the face was peering in at me through the glass.

"Angela for fuck sake open the door it's Bella!"

Well it's definitely no maniac. I ran towards the door and unlocked it. I didn't even have time to open it fully before Bella ran in to my arms sobbing. She was wearing a short sleeved top which was soaked through thanks to the rain and a pair of shorts with fluffy pink slippers that were drenched.

"I take it your not out for a walk?" This only made her cry harder.

I lead her into the living room, flicking on the light and turning on the portable heater so that she could warm up. She was clinging on to me for dear life but I managed to pry her off and sit her in my Dad's armchair, I wrapped the blanket that Ben and I was snuggled under only moments before around her shoulders and ran into the kitchen to put the kettle on. This was definitely a cup of tea moment.

I made the two teas, loading one up with a healthy dose of sugar, and put it in Bella's hands. She wasn't crying anymore but she was still shivering, the tea was getting dangerously close to the lip of the cup so I held her hands still so she could take a sip.

"Thanks Angela." Bella smiled at me which made me smile back. "Sorry for barging in like that and scaring you half to death."

I nodded. "Well I'll admit you terrified the hell out of me. But what's scared you so badly?"

I watched as she took a deep breath and her shivers suddenly stopped. Bella laughed then and shook her head. "I think im going crazy."

"I could have told you that when I first met you."


I laughed and handed her a biscuit. The overload of sugar was working on her nerves and she finally calmed down enough to relax back into the chair. "Tell me. What's wrong?"

"I think my house is haunted."

Bella mentioned this a few weeks back. She was complaining that she could hear whispering. But she's living in one of the oldest houses in Forks and not only that, there was a really bad wind that day so we concluded that it was just the wind coming through the cracks in the house. She never mentioned anything since.

"Bella you…"

She interrupted me. "Said this before I know. But Angela I mean it, im convinced now."

"Well what happened?"

"You know the whispering?" I nodded. "It wasn't whispering tonight, I was actually talking to whoever it was and I could hear them clear as day. They got pretty angry and threw their weight around. Angela my sofa crashed against the bloody wall!"


"What did they say?"

Bella put her cup on the table and covered her face with her hands. She started to sob again and I quickly sat on the arm of the chair and put my arm around her.

"Bella are you sure it's not just your imagination?" I felt her shook her head.

"They told me to leave. I said no. So they said if I stayed im in danger. When I said im not going anywhere then that's when I found out they had an anger problem by throwing my sofa around the room. Angela im scared."

She started to cry and I hugged her closer. Well that was insightful. What was I supposed to say to that? 'Yeah Bella that ghost had an attitude problem you better leave incase it throws you across the room?' I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face and I doubt she would appreciate the joke, she's usually pretty strong. It's normally me who cries and sobs over stupid things. So something's got her in this state.

I can't exorcise ghosts but I could offer my place for the night.

"Do you want to stay the night?" I felt her nod so I quickly gave my Dad a text to let him know. "Come on, ill grab the ice cream you bring the biscuits and ill meet you in my room."


Bella's point of view

My heart was threatening to thump its way out of my chest but as Angela told me time and time again I had to be brave and suck it up. After an hour of talking about how I should handle my problem she stuck on The Ghost Busters for a laugh and now im preying that they could do this instead of me.

From the outside you wouldn't have thought that my home was haunted. It was like a house from an Italian painting. It has white walls, floor length windows and it's surrounded by a glorious garden that took me ages to trim. It was very picturesque. My home is one of the most luxurious ones in Forks. It's situated just outside of the town, surrounded by woods and is very secluded. I worked my arse off to afford this place and after begging my Dad for the remaining few grand I managed to buy it and be the proud owner.

But now, just after a month of living here, im starting to have problems.

It started as whispers. I would hear them mainly when im reading or lying in bed. They would say the same thing 'get out' you know the stereotypical shit. But last night was when they upped their game.

I was sitting by the fire reading a book when I heard the whispers again. Outside a storm was about to start so like before I just summed it up to the wind seeping through the cracks in the house. When I didn't listen then it spoke loud a clear.

"You need to get out."

I couldn't tell whether the voice was a male or female but all the same it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It didn't sound menacing, just demanding. When I said im not going anywhere the voice threw a hissy fit, the next thing I knew my sofa came to life and crashed against the wall. I didn't stick around after that.

So ive now taken Angela's advice. Im going to ignore everything that you hear on tv about never making contact, leave it to the professionals bla bla bla and try and talk to what ever it is myself.

I sat down in the chair I was occupying the other night and put my legs up on the seat incase anything tried to grab me from underneath…it wasn't possible but im not taking any chances. Outside the rain settled in again so the room was quite dark. I looked around and cleared my throat.

"Is there anyone here?" I felt my heart once again start to pick up its beat and I evened my breathing knowing full well I'll end up getting hysterical if anything was to happen.

I kept an eye on my watch and let ten minutes pass, nothing happened so I tried again.

"You know im back after you told me to leave. You didn't scare me that easily." I suddenly felt the room get cold and I took a deep breath. You cant back out now. "Is that you making the room cold?"

"Why are you back here?"

I froze, not expecting a reply so quickly. I heard a chuckle, my heart beat got quicker.

"I thought I scared you enough last night. Why are you back?"

"Because this is my home." I looked around to see if I could see anything but I was still sitting alone.

"I can tell you're scared."

I rolled my eyes. Yeah no shit. "I know I am. I have a ghost haunting my house and demanding me to get out."

"A ghost? Im not the only one in here." I felt my stomach sink. Oh great.

"Fantastic. How many of you are there?"


So my house is haunted by seven ghosts and im still crazy enough to sit here?

"Can I ask why you want me to leave?" I heard the ghost snort. Ghosts snort?

"Because it's for your own good. If you stay you will be harmed."

This time the voice had a higher pitch to it and I had a distinct feeling that it was a female.

"There's two of you now isn't there."

"No actually we're all here."

"Rose will you shut the fuck up?" I heard one of them growl.

"No! For fuck sake Emmett, you've tried to get rid of her and it's obviously hasn't worked has it you big oaf."

"You know you maybe my wife and im supposed to love you no matter what but you're really getting on my tits now."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ive apparently caused a lovers tiff and is being ignored as their bitching it out…

"That's enough now the both of you."

A much calmer voice spoke and I whipped my head around as I hear it coming from the door way. The air stirred and suddenly the voice was over by the window. What the hell is going on? Im more freaked now then the whole ordeal of my sofa flying up the wall.

"You need to leave." The calmer voice was talking now and I felt a little at ease. His voice was deep and funnily enough it was comforting. "Stay and you will get hurt."

"Im not planning on leaving." Suddenly I heard the whispers again and was aware that they were coming from seven different ghosts.

"Then on your own head be it!" This voice was different from all the rest. It seemed angry and hissed it's words out at me. I suddenly felt very intimidated.

I felt the room getting warmer and realised that the whispering eased off, I knew they left and that I was on my own. I looked at my watch. It was five in the evening and I was aware of my stomach protesting for food so I headed towards the kitchen.

That chat didn't help matters much. I was still scared shitless, knowing that I may be harmed in staying here and that there were seven of the fuckers living in my home, it was nice to know with what im dealing with.

I opened the fridge and pulled out some cheese and ham for a sandwich.

If I don't do anything to antagonize them then they will leave me alone…wont they?


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