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To Love A Vampire

Chapter 3

Edwards's point of view

The deer's throat ripped open with ease and I drank it's blood hungrily, feeling that aching burn in my throat die down as soon as the blood touched my lips. It's was still there though, teasing me, taunting me, it'll never go unless I give in to my true craving.

Animal blood only dulled the burn. The salty, earthy taste of deer or the fresh mountain air taste of a mountain lion wasn't as satisfying as human blood. Human blood was sweet, thick and warm, like drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter's night. It warmed your body from top to toe and left you feeling sated and satisfied.

I discarded the carcass, only feeling slight remorse for my actions. I was quite vicious when I attacked, pretty much ripping the animals head from it's body, im usually quite more humane then that. I brushed my hands off, looking around to take in my surroundings. I was quite far from the town but I could still smell the faint aroma of people who have no idea of what's living amongst them. The embers of the fire inside sparked back up but I ignored it. I have done for so many years now.

I took a deep breath and moaned lightly. I could still smell her.

She smelled like spiced apple and morning sunshine, heaven in a glorious package. She drove my senses wild and everytime I caught her scent, that animal inside me was growling and begging to be released. It was driving me nuts.

My family and I decided to come back to Forks to continue living within the human community acting as humans ourselves. Ive lived years of being a high school and college student so this time I was going to take a break and maybe pretend that I was working in La Push just so that the people here wouldn't get suspicious on what I'll be doing everyday. Lay abouts wasn't exactly smiled upon these days.

That was until we discovered her.

Rosalie caught on to her scent when we arrived at our old home. She was disgusted obviously as she thinks everyone's beneath her and she was angry that Em's rumour he spread before we left sixty years ago about the home being haunted didn't work. It was meant to keep people away from the house so that we could easily take up residence when we return.

At first her scent was pleasing to be around, but then again we were all standing outside. I remember Alice looking at me concerned before we quietly walked up the porch steps and into our home. That's when her sweet smell hit me. I growled, low but loud which caused every single member of my family to look at me. I knew she was inside, asleep, I could her here heartbeat thump in time with her breathing. All I could think about was sinking my teeth into that pretty little neck and drinking her dry. Before I could even think about moving Emmett and Jasper held on to my arms looking at me as if I just grew two heads.

That night we spent it in the attic. I was being watched carefully by my brothers and by Carlise to make sure I wouldn't run down and attack her……but god I did want to. Each time I took a breath that sweet sweet smell would drive me insane. Emmett had to sit on me on more then one occasion when my urges over powered my common sense and each time I would make a bee line for the door.

While we waited for morning to arrive Alice told me about her vision.

"Edward the futures unclear because your so determined not to go and bite her."

My hands were gripping my hair while I tried to regain control for the umpteenth time that night. Emmett had his tongue down Rosalie's throat while keeping a firm hold on the back of my shirt, a request from me because if he sat on me one more time ill be as flat as a pancake.

"But I must stress this, if you do go through with your urges then you'll never feel what you're feeling with Bella's blood again."

My head snapped up. "Bella?"

"Yes. Bella. I searched through a few of her things while you were wrestling with Jasper and Em." Bella. Such a perfect name for someone who has this effect over me.

"Maybe I should just do it then Alice, put myself out of this misery. I can't take it anymore."

She gave me a look as if to say that it was unwise and then turned to look at Carlise who was watching our conversation with interest.

"She really has that much of an effect on you son?"

I heard Emmett snort. Well he was finally finished.

"Well no shit Carlise I have to sit on him on an hourly basis to stop him from doing something he'll regret, but this chicks blood is delicious I'll give him that."


"Oh for crying out loud Rose im sure if you were human I'll want to rip your head off to." He patted her head.

"Rose stop getting so jealous." Alice added while she sat on Jasper's lap. "This girl's human, she's nothing compared to you."

Rosalie glared at Emmett with a sneer. "And don't you forget it."

I rolled my eyes and turned back towards Carlise. Those two have been bitching so frequently lately it's starting to get on my nerves. I watched as Carlise went into a world of his own, a habit he usually does when he's doing some intense thinking, and left him alone for a minute to think in peace.

"There must be something there though." My Mother Esme said quietly from behind a book she was reading. "Don't you think how strange it is that Jasper isn't going through the same turmoil that you are?"

I looked over to Jasper who was in a deep conversation with Alice, I knew he could hear us. For years he's struggled to control his bloodlust, being the newest of our kind. It should be him being sat on by Emmett and I should be the one to hold him back. Ive had many years to control my urges. For me to come undone at the seams and for him to be totally relaxed in a house with such a delicious woman was strange.


I heard Bella stir from her sleep, softly moaning, sheets ruffling as she got into a comfier position. I bit my bottom lip and took in a deep breath, apples, cookies, sunshine and everything that was heavenly fogged my mind and I once again felt that fire burn hot deep down inside of me.

Emmett's arms were wrapped around my waist before I made it to the door.

I arrived at the house before the sun started to rise. All lights were off apart from a lamp that was on in the living room, im guessing Bella forgot to turn it off in a hurry to get to bed last night. I looked up at the small window of the attic and debated what the best route would be to get there without getting close to the girl. I could just jump but the sound of my feet hitting the side of the house would no doubt make a thump echo through inside and I didn't really want to wake her.

Before I could think of another possible way the front door opened and Alice appeared, looking at me with an apology in her eyes. I tried to read her mind but all I could hear was her singing along to some song she heard on the radio. I concentrated then and tried to locate Bella in the house. It would be easy enough. Her steady breaths and gentle beats of her heart would let me know she was in the bedroom sleeping.

Shock appeared on my face. "Where is she?"

"Oh Edward im really sorry." Alice was apologising and wouldn't let me know by her mind what she was saying sorry for. My mind only thought of one thing.


I ran at the speed of light indoors and into the living room. He sensed me coming and braced himself for when I would throw him through the fucking wall. We crashed into it with a loud bang making the pictures rattle and fall on the floor with a crash. A sick sense of satisfaction shot through me as I managed to close my hands around his throat, I would rip his head off like he did to my Bella!

"Edward let go of him!" Carlise demand echoed around the room but I didn't follow through with his order. For once Emmett left me alone, he knew to well not to interfere and get in the way of two vampires of the verge of ripping each other apart.

"What did you do?"

The menacing tone of my voice made him smirk and he rolled his eyes at me. "If you put me down then I'll tell you."

I felt Esme's soft hand on my shoulder, a silent plea to go along with his request. I slowly released my grip and he slipped down the wall and landed graciously on his feet. Alice came running up to him then and flung her arms around his neck. She looked over her shoulder at me with a scowl etched on her angelic face.

"You fucking tosser, if you ripped his head off then your cock would follow shortly." She let go of him then and turned on me. "Doesn't it ever occur to you that there might be a fucking good reason for why Bella's not here?" I looked over my shoulder at everyone behind me. Carlise and Emmett were tensed up and ready to pounce if I was to attack Jasper again, Esme looked as if she was about to cry and Rosalie looked like she was ready to kick my arse to kingdom come.

"Why the daggers Rose. I haven't even done anything." She huffed and stormed up to me, pointing a perfectly manicured finger at my chest.

"It's one of OUR," she poked me in the chest. "Rules not to attack one of OUR," once again another poke. "Own. It's YOUR," poke. "Fault for why we're in this mess in the first place."

I felt anger surge through my body. The cheek of it. I haven't even done anything! "How is it my fault exactly?"

"You stupid twat. She's not here because she left. Alice had to tell her that you was pretty much going to kill her if she stayed." I looked horrified at Alice.

"I had to Edward."

"Yeah man she looked like she was going to shit a brick." A loud slap bounced off the walls and Emmett sat on the sofa pouting towards Esme who looked as if she was going to skin him alive.

"Now she's run away, people are going to wonder why she left the home and putting it up for sale and she will tell them why. So you, Edward, have just unveiled each and every one of us to her. She probably thinks we're a new version of the fucking paranormal and people will come snooping just because you could handle it."

I could understand why they didn't tell her the truth. It's best to leave the thought of us being ghosts of some sort etched into her brain then telling her that we're vampires. That would just cause a whole different problem all together.

"I was handling it fine." I mumbled.

Carlise shook his head. "But we can't take the risk. You didn't see what we saw in you Edward. You looked like a man possessed. She left to stay with her Father. She was pretty scared so I don't think she would be returning. It's for your own good. And hers."

I felt a little relief wash over me knowing that I wouldn't have to go through that torture in my own home. But then the other part of me, the sadistic part, wanted to keep that smell near me at all times. Although I hated the way she made me react, I loved the feeling that she was giving me, I never felt it before.

"Did you tell her why I would hurt her?"

Jasper put his hand on my shoulder. "No mate, we just told her it's for her own good. She believed us, I think she just had enough and was too scared and confused to do anything about it."

"Typical human. Running in the other direction when their faced with trouble."

"It's better then trying to conquer it don't you think?" Alice snapped at her. I realised then that the situation was starting to take it's toll on people. Alice is normally a lot calmer and hardly ever snaps. It was startling to see her that way. Rosalie has become even a bigger bitch and poor Emmett, his head will have a permanent dent where everyone keeps slapping him.

And me……I attacked my own brother, blinded by anger over something that I wished to go away every night since we've been here.

I looked to my side to Jasper and smiled. "Sorry Jas." He shook his hand.

"Don't worry about it. I know what you're going through. I felt like ripping each and every one of you lot apart when you stopped my chances of attacking someone."

Alice snorted. "Even Rosalie?"

"Yeah funnily enough that feeling hasn't quite gone away." He grinned which made me chuckle. It was a welcomed sound. Ive been so uptight lately that I forgot what it was to let go. I was grateful to Jasper. He had the gift to manipulate emotions of anyone near him, but his humour and personality was enough to satisfy me.

"Oh haha." Rosalie huffed but with a slight smile on her face.


Later on that night I left the family and ran up to the room that Bella was sleeping in. It was the only room on the third floor, it was mine back when we were living here. Her scent was still strong I could feel my breaths coming in short pants. She truly was intoxicating. I span around and took in the state of her room. Books and trinkets were littering her desk. Her bed was unmade and her clothes were scattered over the floor. I picked up one of her tops and inhaled deeply. A sharp pain stabbed my chest.

I was missing her already.


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