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The argument and Grounding

"Oh come on Jake its not like I'm NOT going to call every once in a while" I was mad and I was sure that Jake knew that I was. I was shaking in anger I was probably going to shift soon if I didn't calm down

"No I won't let you. " Jake was ticked off. None of us had ever gone as far as Colorado. before and Jake wasn't going to take any chances of not being able to hear any of us either we all needed each other.

"You won't even notice that I'm gone." Jake shook his head. "You'r not being fair at all Jake." This really wasn't helping me at all I was still shaking.

A smile crossed Jake's face as he chuckled "Since when is life fair?"

"You'r not helping, Jake." I glared at him as I took a deep breath to calm myself down. It worked to a point but at least I wasn't shaking as much. "Just let me go Jake I'll take Seth me." The look that Jake gave me was saying no, "And if I get in any trouble I'll call you. Please just let me go, Please Jake." I hated it when I had to beg and Jake knew that He knew everything about me, And I mean everything.

"Fine, but only for a week, no longer." Jake was still ticked off but it was less noticeable.

Why don't you go see if Nessie has anything you can do I bet she would LOVE that. Speaking of Nessie where is she? I haven't seen her all week."

"Bella grounded her, and Nessie is not happy at all. I tried to get her out of it but Bella won't let her out of the house unless its to hunt." Jake was a little sad but I couldn't think of anything to say so I just said goodbye and left to Go call my friend that I was planing to visit next week.

She was a navy Officer who just came back from a two year trip. She left before I had first shifted. She was in Colorado for reassignment. I was going to go see her so I could tell her about what is going on in forks.

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