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"What do you mean you haven't finished making the guest list yet?!? Our engagement party is in less than a month now!!!"


"Don't you 'but' me Ronald Weasley!"

Ron gulped and took a big step back from his raging fiancé in trepidation, because although it was a beautiful and calm summer's morning in the front yard of the Burrow, she was looking anything but tranquil. Her eyes were blazing with anger, and her already bushy hair was practically frizzling with fury.

Swallowing hard, Ron said, "Look Hermione, the engagement's only one day less than a month from now, and we practically already know who's coming; my family, your family, our friends... and everyone who helped us defeat Voldemort." Ron mumbled the last bit of his sentence quickly, in the hopes that Hermione wouldn't hear him. She did.

"What!?!" Hermione exclaimed, advancing on Ron, "Everyone who helped us defeat Voldemort? Why in the name of Merlin would we do that? Do you have any idea how many –"

"It was Harry's idea!" Ron hastily cut in before she could finish her sentence.

Hermione huffed, "Harry's idea? I should have known." Then she let out a loud sigh and took Ron's hand, pulling him back to the crooked entrance of the Burrow muttering, "Come on darling, I think we need to have a word with dear Harry."

Hermione dragged Ron into the house and through the bustling kitchen, where George and Ginny sniggered at his frightened expression. Then she pulled him into the dining room where Harry was just finishing his breakfast. He took one look at his two best friends and knew he was in for trouble, "G'morning Ron, Hermione."

Hermione addressed him in a falsely sweet and formal voice saying, "Good morning Harry. How are you?"

Harry shrugged, "I'm alright… no better or worse than I was when you saw me yesterday really."

Harry chuckled, and Ron, who had been signaling his friend to keep him from saying anything that would further aggravate Hermione, smacked himself in the forehead.

"Really?" Hermione seethed, "Good for you. Yes, very good for you because you were in a spectacular mood yesterday."

"I was?"

"Well you must have been, because you decided that it was necessary to invite the entire ruddy planet to our engagement. What could possibly have given you that idea?"

Harry shrugged and tried to look nonchalant, but when Hermione continued to stare him down, he confessed, "Look, do you remember how I got promoted as a head Auror last month? Well one of my new responsibilities is to hold a party of recognition for those who fought in the war…and I kind of figured that it would be a good idea to just invite them all to your engagement since most of them are your friends anyways…"

Ron nodded in agreement, and started to say that it was a good idea, but then he saw the look on Hermione's face. "Harry, this is my engagement you're talking about!" she shrieked, "Not just some party! I don't want people whom I've never even met showing up there!"

"Don't worry, I'll only invite people you know." Harry reassured her, "But could we also have a few members of the Order give a few short speeches on the war? Please?"

Hermione could see that her friend was determined to have his way, so she grudgingly allowed him to hold his recognition party at her engagement. So, a couple of minutes later, they were sitting at the kitchen table, busy compiling a guest list.


"Must we? I mean he was lovely and helpful…but the man was sent to Azkaban for messing with goats for Merlin's sake!"

"Hermione, he saved us!"

"Oh, fine."


"I suppose we should."


"Ugh, fine- Wait, what!?!"

Harry looked up from the list he had been writing, "I said Malfoy."

Hermione glared, "I know, I heard you…but come on Harry…Malfoy?"

Harry shrugged, "Look, we may not be good friends with the bloke, but in the end he was a good person. And when his father died he donated loads of money to the Aurors."

Ron, who was slowly turning a dark shade of fuchsia said, "Harry, I will not invite that bloody ferret to my engagement."

"But he's a good person?"

Hermione sighed, "Who are you trying to fool, Harry? You hate him as much as we do, so why do you want to invite him?"

Once again Harry found himself confessing, saying, "Alright fine. I admit it. The head of the Auror's department insisted that he be invited because of the money he gave us. So could you please, please just invite him? Besides, what are the odds he'll actually come?"

Harry's argument made sense, so Hermione wrote the name Malfoy down on the guest list.

The invitations were sent away via a peck of owls later that day, and the fact that Draco Malfoy had been invited was soon all but forgotten.


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