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A flash of white, the supply closet being distorted...

All of those things sent Nigel's mind going completely outta whack as he stumbled back into his own time, Sam in tow. He struggled to balance and shook his head to clear it, "Holy-crap-on-a-stick-with-a-brick!" He exclaimed. "Forgot how much that messed ya up."

Sam gagged, struggling to free himself from a toppled-over mop. "You can say that again." He replied shakily. "I never want to do that again."

"Same here. Y'know, unless we have to." Nigel said, and left it at that. "How long do you think we were gone in this time?"

"Let's find out." Sam replied, reaching for the door. Stumbling on something or other, he opened it, cringing as the hospital lights flooded his eyes.

"Sam?" A familiar voice greeted them. "That you in there?"

Nigel's grin threatened to split his face in half, "Jackie boy!"

"Yeah, Jack." He answered, struggling against Nigel to free himself from the supply closet, "It's me." Wow, The blond thought, staring past his friend I guess we weren't gone all that long.

Jack peered past his friend, "Nigel? What the hell were you two doing in there for ten minutes straight?"

"Um." Nigel simply could not cease stunning himself with his impressive vocabulary.

"T-ten" Sam stammered, eyes bulging, "That's all we...." Bewildered, he exchanged looks with Nigel. Ten minutes? that couldn't be. They'd spent over two days back in the could....

Nigel shrugged. "Things work in mysterious ways, Sammy boy."

"What?" Jack asked, confusion etching on his familiar features.

Sam laughed. Any expression on a Cox's face that wasn't anger was downright hilarious. "Cue the Twilight Zone theme." He said, jabbing Nigel's arm with his elbow.

Nigel, this time sure he would get it right, copied his father's maniacal laugh. "MWAHAHAHA! Yes, Sammy, yes!"

Jack gave him a wide-eyed look and chuckled disbelievingly, "You guys are insane, I swear."

"And you're just as...." he paused, then frowned. "Coxian" for lack of a better word "as your father."

Jack blinked several times.

Well, crap. Nigel thought.

Jack, puzzled, cocked his head to the side slightly. "How... do you know what my father was like? I know you've met him, but that was a leee-hooong time ago, Sam."

"We heard Aunt Carla call him that..." Nigel coughed.

"Like, five years ago, 'ta be exact." Jack continued with a note of sadness. "I told him to stop drinking, dammit. His freakin' liver was outta whack, remember? You were there when he died-- and so was your dad. I swear, I've never seen a grown man cry so much." The newer generation of Cox gave a half-sorrowful, half-humorous grin at the last memory.

Nigel blinked several times.

"My dad...." Sam squeaked, his eyes widening to their full extent, " dad was....there?" His head whipped in Nigel's direction, "My dad was there!" He exclaimed.

"HA! I knew it would work!"

Jack's eyebrows shot up into his hairline. "Have you guys gone mental or something? Aunt DJ worshipped my dad, why wouldn't she be there?"

"No....Jack...." Sam tried, pure ecstasy preventing him from focusing on the current topic, "You don't....I mean...." He grinned; smile stretching from ear to ear.

"You know what, Sammy? Never mind. I don't think I'm ever gonna understand Pinky and the Brain."

Nigel puffed out his chest in pride, "Of course, I'm the Brain.

"Oh, right. Sure you are." The blond muttered, rolling his eyes. "just because you--"

He stopped; a startling vibration from his pants pocket capturing his attention. "Sorry guys. Cell phone." He explained, though by the looks on their faces they could tell what it was.

"Of course I'm the--" Damn, and Nigel was just about to launch into a speech of how he was OBVIOUSLY the Brain, too. He shut his mouth as Sam raised the device to his ear.

"Who the hell would call during hospital hours?" Jack muttered, scowling.

"H-hello?" Sam asked, aware of Jack's scowling eyes and Nigel's pouty face, "Who's calling, please?"

"Who's calling?" the voice on the other end echoed in disbelief. "Come on Sammy, don't play me like that! Sounds like you almost don't recognize me!"


"Anyway, I'll be quick. Since I'm chief over at St. Vincent's I can leave this place whenever I damn well please. So check out early and meet me for lunch down the street, okay?"

"Uh....You do realize I can't really--"

"Just don't tell Jo you're leaving and I'm sure it'll be fine."

His jaw dropped slightly. Only one person referred to Dr. Mahoney as 'Jo'....

He gulped. "Dad?"


"....N-nothing. Nothing I'll....I'll see you in a few. Bye." He hung up; head swimming as he stared at his friends in mild shock. "That was....that was my dad." he explained.

"I so knew who it was." Nigel lied.

Jack was baffled. "Sam, you're acting like you've never met your father before."

Instantly, his defenses were back up. "Well excuse me." Sam replied, "I didn't think the way I acted was of any concern to you....Coxie."

Anger and playfulness mixed together into an odd expression on Jack's face, "COXIE? Only your uncle ever dared to call me-- OR my father that."

Shock temporarily dissipating, Sam allowed for a smug smirk to spread across his face. "Hey, I'm a Dorian, what do you expect?"

Nigel scoffed, "As if you could expect anything else from a Dorian. They're so prideful, I swear." He rolled his eyes jokingly.

"Pfffft you're one to talk, squirrel prince."

Jack laughed, "Thatza new one!" he wheezed.

"And you'd do well to remember my authority!" Nigel cried indignantly.

The blond chuckled. "I'd listen to him, Jack." He warned, perhaps more serious than fooling around. "An angry Matthews is not a pretty sight." He shook his head, memories of the past few days playing before his eyes. "Anyway guys....I really should go. I don't want to miss lunch!"
Or the chance to see my father alive and well in this timeline.

"Damn straight!" Nigel huffed proudly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"That's MY thing." Jack grumbled half-heartedly.

Stifling a few more laughs, Sam held up a finger, "now boys," he mock-instructed, "I'm gonna be out late, so I want you two to be good and put yourselves to bed, okay?" He turned to Jack, "No TV after nine, do you understand me, young man? And Nigel, I don't care how much you ask, no cookies until AFTER dinner, or you're grounded."

Ah, how he loved to mess with them.

"Hey!" Nigel cried, but his voice cracked once. Sam's impersonation of his mother was uncanny. "You're not my--!"

Jack suddenly grabbed Sam and gave him a noogie, ruffling his blonde hair. "Shut 'yer mouth, kiddo."

"Jack!" Sam cried, "Let go!!!! I'm gonna be late!"

Reluctantly, Jack let his friend go and said, "Tell Aunt DJ I said hi wouldja?"

Trying his best to fix his hair, he nodded. "I will, Jackie-boy I will."

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