Chapter 5: A marauder's tricks.


Sirius liked having the upper hand, being the one in control.

He watched the pair of them in the mirror, over Remus' shoulder. His friend was standing completely still, apart from his arms which were sinking down to his sides again, the top having been slipped off.

Remus' head was slightly bent, but his eyes looked up through blonde eyelashes and met Sirius'.

Sirius was standing so close his chest touched the other's back, and he thought he could feel a slight tremble.

It was quite a sight, seeing the two of them standing there together, bare-chested and alone. Remus' upper body was covered in scars, which Sirius knew made him uncomfortable with undressing around others. But to him, it was the most enthralling sight he'd ever seen..

He lightly touched Remus' hand with his own, the one holding the top.

"I like it, but.. You look nice without it too" He mumbled.

He felt his friend's shoulder stiffen slightly, and saw a slight blush coloring his cheeks in the mirror.

Sirius smirked at himself. Literally feeling the impact of his words on the other…oh, it felt good. He moved his free hand a little further along Remus' stomach, and started tracing the line of a quite fresh scar.

"Does it hurt?"

Remus gave a little gasp at the feel of his hands.

"Um," he had to clear his voice a little, "No, it doesn't…It feels very good. It's okay, I mean. Um.."

The wolf swallowed.

This wasn't just his imagination, was it? Sirius was really standing half-naked behind him(pressed up against him actually!), caressing him! There was no other word for it.

And he seemed..Different. Sirius joked around a lot but, this didn't feel like that.

Remus suddenly became aware of something hard pushing against him, in the small of his back.

O-kay. Definitely not a joke…

All of a sudden a newfound courage came over him. He moved his right hand behind him, feeling the belt of his friend's trousers and hitching his thumb in under it. He roughly pulled Sirius tighter against him, and looked up at his reflection with a lop-sided smile.

Sirius looked momentarily shocked. This was new!

And then everything happened at once.


Sirius dropped the top to the floor, and with both hands free turned Remus violently around and pushed his back into the sink.

For a millisecond the world stood completely still, as if his body was telling him this really is the point of no return!

…And then their lips met.

Sirius practically attacked Remus' lips, pushing him painfully against the sink, and Remus answered with the same urgency. The kiss was desperate, hungry and passionate - a climax of several months of build-up.

Sirius enticingly bit his lycan friend's lower lip, just enough to draw a little blood and cause a small whimper.

As they drew apart, Remus held his friend's gaze while slowly licking the blood off his lip.

"Now that...hurt."

Then Remus retaliated, entwining one hand in Sirius hair, grasping his belt with the other and roughly spinning the both of them around so it was Sirius being pushed against the sink.

Sirius momentarily raised his eyebrows, before their lips lunged at each other again.

This time Remus had more freedom of movement, something he wasn't about to let go to waste.

His let one hand trace a line down Sirius' chest until it reached the hem of his shorts, and the other grasped his buckle. He quickly loosened it, and started on the trousers. He could feel Sirius beneath the fabric, getting harder by the second.

Sirius softly moaned into his mouth, intensifying the kiss.

The buttons finally being finished, Sirius' trousers and shorts fell to the ground. Remus couldn't help but stare. Up until now he'd been in a sort of frenzy, momentarily freed of his shyness. But the sight of Sirius manhood right in front of him seemed to wake him up.

Everyone wanted Sirius. They had for years. He'd probably had tons of experience…

Sirius noticed the wolf's hesitation.

"Hey" he whispered, Remus' eyes snapping up to meet his.

"You don't have to be nervous with me. All right? Just let me take the lead.."

He carefully lay a hand on Remus' neck, pulling him into a much softer kiss than before.

Holding Remus close and continuing the kiss, Sirius started tracing his fingers around the hem of his friend's trousers. He stayed like that for a while, not wanting to push and waiting for Remus to relax completely.

When Remus seemed to be comfortable, he started carefully undoing his buttons. He could feel the boy's erection pressing against the fabric.

Sirius broke free from the kiss for a second.

"Okay?" he asked, not wanting to scare him off again.

Remus made a muffled sound of agreement, his eyes closed. He relished the feeling of Sirius' body against him, and the soft kiss.

Encouraged, Sirius slowly freed his friend of the remains of his clothing. The wolfs slim but muscular body stood there before him like a greek statue. His pale skin looked soft as velvet, perfect and untouched, only waiting to be…

Sirius couldn't hold back anymore.

Going in for a kiss again, he turned Remus so that they returned to their original position, with Remus' back against the sink.

He let his hands roam over his friend, carefully at first but increasing in strength and audacity. He caressed the other's arms, moving down past his belly, to his hips, over his thighs.

He glanced at his friend, having an inkling that Remus wasn't particularly experienced in this area. However, the wolf's eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, lightly pushing his hips against the touch of the dog.

Sirius slid his tongue along the back of his teeth, taking a second to observe his lust-filled companion. Still watching, he let his right hand slide down and take a firm grip around Remus' erection.

Remus moaned, tilting his head back, and pushed harder against his friend.

Sirius let his hand move along Remus' shaft in enticingly long, slow motions. He leaned in for another kiss, and moved his other hand up to Remus mouth. The wolf caught on immediately, taking his fingers in his mouth. Still keeping the motion going, Sirius moved his now wet hand downwards.

Remus took a sharp intake of breath. God, that felt good!

Sirius now had both hands on him, the first keeping up the stroking motion while the second was playing with the head of his shaft. The two boys were so close their foreheads touched. Remus breathed heavily, and reached up to entwine his fingers in Sirius' hair. Merlin, how did he do that?

Half unconscious with desire and pleasure, Remus hardly noticed his dark-haired companion disappearing down in front of him, until a whole new sensation threatened to push him over the edge completely.

Sirius had taken him in his mouth, gently licking his head while still stroking the shaft with his hands.

"Oh Merlin, that's amazing.." Remus breathed.

This seemed to energize Sirius further, and he let Remus' length fill his mouth further, working feverishly as sweat covered his forhead.

As the motion and wetness increased, Remus felt himself drawing closer to climax.

"Oh god," he caught hold of Sirius hair, "I'm gonna…!"

And then his entire body seemed to explode with pleasure, drawing a half scream-half moan from his mouth, and arching his back almost painfully as he came.

His juices filled Sirius' awaiting mouth, who swallowed while holding on to Remus' shaft with one hand and his hip with the other.

"Ah" mumbled Remus, unable to perform a full though-process at the moment.

Sirius licked his lips slowly, and looked up at his spent partner with a smug look on his face.

He pulled himself up, and Remus' hands immediately found his.

"Wow…That was just…wow."

The wolf was barely coherent, gazing at Sirius with a glazed look in his eyes. Sirius smirked again.

"Yeah?", he mumbled into his companion's ear.

"If you liked that, just you wait until next time.."

Remus' eyes widened.

So there would be a next time.

"Got some tricks up your sleeve, eh?" he smiled, slightly relieved.

Sirius grinned, breathing hotly into Remus' ear.

"Oh yeah. It's not for nothing they call me a marauder."


Author's notes: Puh, allright, there we go… My first attempt at smut, and I must say I rather enjoyed it ;)

Hope you liked it too! And thanks for following this story so far, especially thank you to my lovely reviewers, who made me go through with this! Love!