Chapter 1

The chase.

Zack hurried through his room, filling his sack with all his positions. He ran over to a chest that was filled with chocolate bars. Zack tipped the chest over and emptied its contents into the sack.

Gotta hurry, gotta hurry." He said over and over.

Zack heard a sound from the hall and started panicking. He leaped out the window and ran.

Meanwhile at the Rose Rock hideout, this happened!

Rose was packing to. She had already emptied her makeup drawer and packed all her clothes, each one exactly the same. She was having trouble forcing one last hair dryer in one of her bags.

" Go In!" she ordered as she tried to hold the flap down.

She was about to zip the bag up when Zack appeared in her window, panting.

"Zack!" she exclaimed. She accidentally let go of the zipper and the bag exploded, sending its contents everywhere.

Zack looked around at the mess.

"What are you trying to do," He asked " ,pack your whole wardrobe?"

"Good obsevaition." Rose complemented. She looked confused.

"I thought you, me, Johnny, and Wiki weren't supposed to meet up

Until-" She began but Zack cut her off.

"No time," he said. "They're coming!!"

Rose turned Pale.

"What!" she exclaimed.

Just then, there was a loud bang coming from the door as if someone was trying to break in. Rose screamed. Knowing that she wouldn't abandon all her stuff, Zack grabbed Rose and stuffed her in one of her bags and leapted out the window.

Meanwhile at a shed in the middle of the jungle, this happened!

Wiki was hovering back and forth with a worried look on his face. Jhonny Style was fixing his biplane that they had moved into the shed. And as in "they" meant Zack and Wiki.

"Where are they," asked Wiki. "They should be here by now"

Jhonny just stood on the ladder fixing the propeller.

" Hey, you don't think that they got caught by those guys do you?" Wiki asked

If Jhonny was worried, he didn't show it, he just kept fixing the propeller.

The door of the shed burst open and Zack ran in sweating.

"There you are, boss," said Wiki happily " But weren't you supposed to bring Miss spoiledalot, I don't see her?"

"Johnny," he panted. ", please tell me you finished fixing the plane."

"Uh, no," said Johnny ", why?

" Oh , no reason," said Rose as she crawled out of her bag. "EXCEPT, THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO MAIME US FOR LIFE ARE COMING HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Johnny screamed.

"Hey, it's Rose," said Wiki. ", hi Rose." He blinked, then screamed.

Just then, there was a loud bang at the door, followed by several more bangs.

"They found us out!" yelled Zack. He ran up the ladder that Johnny was perched on.

"Wait," exclaimed Johnny. "I'm not finished?"

A hand smashed through the door and tried to turn the knob.

Zack began turning the planes propeller.

Maddy smashed his head through the door.

"Time for payback!" he screamed.

Zack finally got the propeller to work and they all piled in to the biplane.

Rose got into the drivers seat.

"Wait, Rose your to young to drive!" said Wiki

"Out of my way!" yelled Zack as he shoved Rose out of the drivers seat.

" But Zack, you're to young to dri-" Wiki began, but Johnny cut him off.

" You're goanna take off a water plane on land," he said. " ,You're insane!?"

Just then, the door broke in half. Captain Hulk stood there with an axe in his hand. He pointed at the plane.

"Get them!" he yelled.

The Sea Rabbits followed their captain. The where followed by Goons 1-7 an the Barboros pirates. All of them were cut, broken, and bleeding.

Rose, Wiki, and Johnny screamed. Zack turned the key and the plane shot forward. The attackers ducked, all except for Captain Hulk, who's forehead got hit by one of the planes wings.

" Sayonara suckers!" mocked Wiki as the plane shot towards the sky… for ten seconds before plummeting towards the ground. As the plane hit, it skidded across the ground on the skis on the bottom.

" Johnny," Zack asked. "What's happening!?"

" I told you," said Johnny. " I wasn't done fixing the propellor, we can only stay air born for so long," The plane rose up, then sank back down and skidded again. " looks like we'll have to wait until the engine kicks in."

Just then, there was a loud BANG! And the plane rose 30 feet in the air.

"Like that?" asked Wiki.

" Yeah, "Like that". answered Johnny.

Rose looked out the window.

" Trouble!" she called out.

The Goons were in a Rose Rock jeep and were gaining on them fast.

One of the Goon jumped and grabbed on to the bottom of the plane. Another Goon leapted into the air and grabbed the other Goons feet. They repeated this until they made a Human, er, Goon rope that connected the plane to the Jeep.

The Goon in the drivers seat put on the brakes in an attempt to bring the plane down. The plane lurched and Rose, Johnny, and Wiki were thrown against the back . Zack nearly feel out of the pilots seat. A box full of treasure fell out the window and spilled it's contents over the ground. One of the treasures happened to be a crown with verry pointy tips. (see where this is going.) The jeep was pulled over the crown which poped its tiers. The jeepwent spining out of control which caused the Goon rope to break, whitch sent the plane rocketing off in another direction.

"Phew," said Rose as the plane straitened up. "Glad that's over."

Just then, (Yeah, I know ive been saying that a lot, TO BAD!) there was a loud, Crash! And the plane shook.

" Now what!?" asked Wiki franticly.

Rose looked out the window, Maddy was driving his skiff on land!

The skiff hit a bump and flew into the air then rammed its side into the plane.

" He's insane!" yelled Zack.

Maddy hit another bump and the skiff ramed into the plane again. This time though, the plane spun out of control. One of the wings spun and sliced the skiff in half in mid air. Maddy ,and the now destroyed skiff, plummeted to the ground and landed in the dirt.

" Can't these guys take a hint?" muttered Wiki.

A shadow loomed over the plane.

Zack looked around.

" Dark already?" he asked.

Wiki looked out the window.

"Nope," he said, "it's that time of year again."

The Rose Rock airship loomed over the biplane.

"Hey," Rose yelled, "they jacked my ship!!"

A small hatch on the bottom of the airship and the goons jumped out and landed on the roof of the plane. They took out large mallets, and began hammering on the roof.

"They're breaking in!" monad Johnny.

"That's the least of our problems," said Wiki, he pointed ahead of them, "look!"

Ahead of them, was a large, swirling collum of dust.

A cyclone! Thought Zack, he then heard the banging on the roof. As his gaze turned from the cyclone to the now semi broken roof, a sly smile crossed his face. His gaze returned to the cyclone, Weird, yet convent. He thought.

"Grab onto something!" he ordered. Rose looked confused.

"Whhhyyyy?" she asked.

"Just do it!!" yelled Zack in reply.

Wiki grabbed onto a pipe on the wall, Johnny grabbed onto a lever, Rose grabbed onto the second pilot seat. The roof of the plane burst open and the Sea Rabbits, followed by the goons and the Barboros, enterd the plane.

"Time for revenge!" said Barboros.

"Blabber all you want," said Zack slyly. "You won't be staying long."

"What do you mean?" asked Dimmy.

Wiki caught on to Zack's plan and smirked.

"Hey Zack," he called out as the plane was flying above the cyclone.

"Do a barrel roll!"

The plane flipped upside down and the attackers fell out the roof and into the swirling column of dust bellow. Scence Zack and friends were holding on to something, they didn't fall.

Zack flipped the plane right side up, and the plane kept on going.

Zack got out of his seat and they all did a victory pose.

"Nice one boss.!" Wiki complemented.

Just then, the worst possible thing happened. Well, maybe not the worst thing, but it was still bad! What happened was…the propeller broke off. The plane stopped in mid air.

"Oh crud!" said Zack before the plane plumed into the large canyon bellow.

Meanwhile at a totally different location, this happened!

The cyclone had carried The Sea Rabbits, Goons, and Barboros pirates…..You know what im getting tired of naming them all so im just goanna call them the attackers. Now where was I… Oh yeah. The cyclone had carried the attackers far away from Zack, Wiki, Johnny, and Rose and they were whirling around in the collum of dust. Just then, the winds died and the attackers plummeted to the earth. There was a loud THUD as each of them hit the ground.

"That's it," said Barboros as he got up. "When I see that trouble making Zack again, I'll boil him in hot oil, and rip off his--" Before he could finish, a hench mummy fell on his head and knocked him out.

"Mommy," said Barboros weakly as he swayed side to side. "Kitty's chasing after the soy beans again." he passed out.

"Look," said Captain Hulk. "I'm sure if we all work together we can--"

That last comment made Barboros come out of his coma.

"NO WAY," he yelled. "There is no way that I am working with a bunch of pathetic, sorry excuse, for pirates, like you stinking rabbits and whatever you guys are!!" he yelled, pointing at the goons. He then turned to his owm crew.

"C'mon boys," he ordered the Hench mummies. "Let's go find Zack."

He turned and trudged off into the forest. Five seconds later, they heard roars from several creatures and cries of pain, and fear, but mostly fear, from Barboros who ran back to them, cut, and sore.

"Uhh," he said. ",go team?

Chapter 2

The Albatross's Maiden voyage.

The plane had landed in a river at the bottom of the canyon. To prevent drowning, Zack and friends had long scented moved from the in side of the plan, to the partly submerged bottom which was now the top scence the plane had flipped over. Johnny was sitting in a feedal position in one of the corners watching the fish passing the plane as it floated, gently, down the river.

"I can't believe it," he said. "all those years earning respect from the other Sea Rabbits, all that hard work, down the drain."

"You think you've got it hard," replied Rose as she scaned the water. ",all my stuff got washed away when we crashed," she sighed, reached into her pocket, and pulled out her stick of Rose Lip brand lipstick dispenser. ",all I've got left is this." She monad.

"How are you doing, Wiki,?" asked Zack. No reply. "Wiki?"

Wiki was standing near the edge of the plane, a look of fear on his face.

"Zack," he said trembling. ", do you notice anything familiar about this river?"

Zack looked around, then froze.

"You mean," he said." that it's the same river that was near the place we found Barboro's skull?"

"Uh huh," answered Wiki. "and at the end of the river was a--"

Rose screamed and pointed ahead.

"WATERFALL!" she yelled.

About 20 feet ahead of them was a 500 foot waterfall that sent thousands of gallons of water cascading down to a large river below.

"Jump!" yelled Zack. He and his friends leaped off the plane and onto the left side of the shore. The plane, carried by the current, fell 500 feet off the water fall, to the bottom of the river bellow where it would never resurface.

They walked for twenty minutes before finding a small clearing.

Rose sat down on a tree stump.

"Great," she said. "What are we goanna do know?"

"Well," replied Johnny, who was carrying a large barrel. " I don't know about you guys, but I have all the comforts off home right here." He set the barrel down and crawled into it.

"Johnny, this is no time for-" Rose began, but she stopped. "where did you get that barrel?"

Johnny poked his head out the top.

"I found it by the shore." he answered. "There's a big wrecked ship down there. Don't even ask." he said as he saw the look on Roses face. "It's empty, and too run down to float. It's split in half." No one noticed Zack exit the clearing and head toward the shore.

Pure boredom.

Rose was drawing pictures in the sand with a stick, well, you wouldn't call the pictures exactly, more like squiggly lines and shapes.

Wiki was flying around doing flying tricks, and Johnny was napping in the barrel he had found. Zack was no where to be seen.

Rose put another tally mark on the chart she had made in the dirt. The chart was labeled:

Minutes ive been here

Just then, Zack entered the clearing.

"Where have you been?" muttered Rose, not that she cared.

Zack was smiling.

"Follow me guys," he said "I think ive got something that might brighten your spirits."

They followed Zack down to the shore. When they got there, they gasped.

In front off them, floating in the river, tied to a tree, was a magnificent Sloop.

It's sails were pure white and a flag with the Sea Rabbit emblem fluttered on the top of the mast.

"Z-Zack," stuttered Rose." Is this what you were working on this whole time?"

Zack put his hand on the side of the boat and smiled proudly.

"Yep." he answered. On the side of the boat was

The S.S. Albatross.

"You" fixed the wrecked ship!?" Wiki asked.

Zack nodded.

Rose's smile turned to a unsure look.

"Zack," she said. "I don't think a boat is going to help us against the attackers."

"It's not supposed to," Zack replied. "We're going to use it to find the Tablet of Memories."

Wiki frowned.

"The tablet of what?" he asked.

Rose smiled.

"Is it some sort of treasure that is worth a billion Zennys!?" she asked hopefully.

"I'm sure it's worth a lot," Zack said. "But that's not why we're going after it."

Rose sighed.

"Legend says," Zack began. "That the tablet can bring back forgoten memories, show memories, or even," he looked at his friends, " erase memories."

"Oh!" Johnny said. "Your thinking of using the tablet to erase thae attackers' memories of the, uh, incident?

"It's genius!" Wiki cried.

But, Rose was not convinced.

"You're seriously relying on some stupid legend to save our necks." She asked. "Did your parents drop you when you were born?"

"Say what you want, miss sourpuss," Zack replied. "But it's our only chance."

He yanked on the rope and pulled the boat near the shoreline.

"All aboard!" Zack called out.

Wiki and Johnny eagerly got on the boat but Rose was hesitant.

"Ok, fine!" she finally said. She got on and as she walked past Zack she said "But this boat better live up to my expectations."

"Johnny," called out Zack. "You steer, time for this ship to make it's maiden voyage!"

As Johnny took his position at the steering wheel, Wiki Flew up to the top of the mast, and untied the sails. The pearl white sails were released. Zack ran over to the side of the ship and cut the rope that connected the boat to the tree on the shore, he then gave pushed the boat away from the shore, a strong gust of wind blew through the sails, and they were off. The boat lurched forward and sailed down the river.

"Steady as she goes, Jhonny." Zack ordered.

"Ay ay!" said Johnny.

"Oh and, uh," Said Zack as he rested against the side of the boat and pulled his visor down over his eyes. "wake me when we get to the temple."

Chapter 3

Goblins, and Soup, and fish! Oh my!

Hours passed and the more they pressed on, they soon saw more of the jungle.

Lush trees and fungus were everywhere. The boat floated down the river past waterfalls and small mountains. Zack slept through most of it. Finally, a large pain in his stomach woke him up.

"Ugh!" he moaned as he got up. His back hurt from sleeping against the side of the boat for so long. He scanned the area. Rose and Wiki were plaing Go Fish with some cards that had survived the crash. Jhonny was still stearing the boat. Zack felt the pain in his stomach again. He hadn't eaten scence yesterday.

"We didn't bring any food." said Jhonny when Zack asked him for breakfast. They finally decided to go ashore in search of food. They tied the boat to a tree and set out for food. It wasn't long before Zack smelled something.

"FOOD!!!" he yelled. He began sniffing the air and ran off into the forest.

"Follow you nose, Zack." Rose called out as she and Johnny chased after him.

"Wait!" called out Wiki. "I don't think that's a good--" , but they were to far away to hear him, "Oh well," he muttered. ", when in Rome." and he flew off after them.

Zack was hot on the trail, and he sniffed the air and ducked through trees and leaped over streams. Rose followed him, eager to find food. Zack suddenly came to a stop. Rose ran up to him.

"FOOD!!" Zack exclaimed sniffing the air.

Rose looked around.

"Where, where?" she asked eagerly. "I don't see anything!?"

"ZACK, ROSE, COME BACK!" came Johnny's voice.

"Don't have a bird, Johnny." Rose said as she turned to face him.

She blinked.

Johnny and Wiki were standing 10 feet away on the edge of a small cliff.

"Hey, how are you guys all the way over there, if Zack and I are-?"

Johnny pointed to the ground.

Zack and Rose looked at each other, then slowly looked down. They were floating in mid air! They had ran straight off the cliff!

With a shriek of "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" they fell to the ground bellow.


"Help!" yelled Zack as he emerged from the surface. "Im drowning!"

"Uh, Zack." said Rose nudging him."

"I'm to young, and handsome, to die!" Zack squealed. "FAREWELL CRUEL WORLD!"

"ZACK!!" yelled Rose, grabbing his shoulders and turning him to face her. "It's okay, we just landed in this big pot of soup."

Zack looked down.

They had landed in a large stone bowl, filled with the most delicious soup he'd ever seen.

"FOOD!!" he yelled. He began scooping the savory stew with his hands.

He drank a big gulp.

"It's delicious!" he confirmed, smacking his lips.

Rose dipped her finger in the broth and took a lick.

"Oh my!" she said. "This IS delicious!"

She cupped her hands drank some more.

"I don't think ANY of my Goons could prepare something this GOOD!" she said taking another sip.

Johnny and Wiki climbed down the small cliff and approached the bowl.

"Soup!?" said Johnny. "In the middle of nowhere!?

"This looks suspicious," added Wiki. He took one look at the broth and said "But, delicious.!" and he plunged his head into the soup and began slurping up big gulps, with loud sucking sounds.

Johnny looked at the soup and sighed. "Why soup?" he muttered "Why not Foi Grass?"

Just then, he heard a rustling in the nearby bushes, one of his long ears perked up. Something emerged from the bushes.

Johnny's fur turned white. Whiter than it already was!

"Uh, guys!" Johnny squeaked.

"Yeah, Johnny?" said Zack. He looked at what Johnny was staring at, and froze. Rose looked at Zack.

"You okay?" she asked.

"R-R-Rose, W-W-Wiki." Zack squeaked pointing a trembling finger at what he was looking at. They looked and gasped.

An entire tribe of Growlin Goblins had appeared out of the bushes. The chief, the one with the white mane, was eyeing Zack and friends.

" A boy, a girl, a flying golden monkey, and a Rabbit!" he growled. "And, they have violated the sacred stew!"

"Mmmmmm." said one of the goblins rubbing his tummy. "Rabbits make good eating."

"Now, uh, look," said Zack as he and Rose and Wiki got out of the pot. "we're just passing through and, um, uh-" Then, Zack did the only thing he could think of. Using his strength, he picked up the great, bowl of soup, and ran!

Rose, Johnny and Wiki followed, just as the Goblin chief shouted, "Get them!"

The Goblins ran after them, spears in hand, shrieking. The chase continued, until they reached a cliff over looking the shore of the river.

"Just give them the soup, Zack!" yelled Rose as she and the gane approached him."

"No way!" Zack shot back. "I'm starving.

The goblins appeared through the trees. Zack closed his eyes and prepared to be beaten. But the pain never came. He opened his eyes. The goblins were running away,. Retreating, but from what?

There was a splash from the water and a fish, the size of a car, with razor sharp teeth, leaped out of the water at Zack and friends. They screamed and ran, leaving the soup behind. The giant fish lunged…but missed and instead bit down on the side of the stone bowl. The fish fell from the cliff, pulling the soup with him. It hit the shore with a loud thud and struggled to get back into the water. The last thing it saw, as it looked up, was the bowl of hot soup pouring down upon it, burring it to a crisp.

Zack and the gang had witnessed this and stood there, awestruck.

"Great!" moaned Rose "Now what are we goanna eat?"

Zack looked down at the fried fish below.

"Sushi any one?" he asked.