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This is my take on the Jungle Movie! I know I know, hardly original, but I hope you like!

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The rain forest was silent. Nothing moved, nothing stirred.

Looking up from her perch on a treetop branch, Maya gazed at the stars. This far from civilization, the silken swathe of the Milky Way was easily seen, along with the light of a thousand stars.

Maya's eyes darted to a mountain pass to the east. The first signs of sunrise had appeared.

As a pink glow engulfed the horizon and silhouetted the mountains, the first signs of life could be heard as the Spider Monkeys began chattering and scurrying about in a neighbouring tree.

At this time of year, sunrises were short, and within minutes it was over, and the jungle was bathed in morning light, the twilight silence replaced by the racket of the rainforest's denizens.

Maya smiled to herself, knowing how lucky she was to live in San Lorenzo. All too suddenly however, her mood became somber. Reaching into a pocket in her huipil, Maya pulled out one of only a few mementos of her family – a family she'd never met. The faces of her mother, father and brother smiled back at her.

If only they were here now. If only they could see what she could see...

Her thoughts were interrupted by a helicopter flying high overhead – an unusual sight so early in the morning. Maya watched it's path as it hovered across the sky. Her mood further soured as she saw it turn north – towards La Sombra's territory. At the tender age of six, La Sombra could already invoke a cold hatred within her. Maya shook violently. Suddenly the heat of the morning sun no longer reached her.

"Maya? Maya!" she heard in the distance.

"I'm up here!" She shouted down through the canopy.

Balam, one of her guardians looked up aimlessly.

"Balam! Hello!" she waved to attract his attention.

Smiling, he waved back at her, "Hey Maya...come on down! We've been looking everywhere for you!"

"Sorry," she murmured, "just wanted to watch the sunrise...I'll be down in a minute"

"Okay short stuff," Balam replied, heading back towards the city.

Maya watched him go, before once again gazing at the picture of her family.

One day, somehow, she'd find them, and La Sombra would pay for what he'd done...