"The Flying Check"

I was little Elijah Wood in the town in Radio Flyer, except it was kinda different, more modern. Instead of a little brother, I had a little sister with blond hair.

We were kind of in the area where the clubhouse was, but the clubhouse was on the other side of the street. I was there with the Radio Flyer mom and a bunch of the local people.

The sister ran by with one of those checks you see on TV all the time with those people in that white van. She started to run down the alley to the left of the clubhouse. Like she intended, I took the check from her and ran down the alley.

I started running down different streets and around different corners in some city I had never seen before. People started after me. They came around corners I was going to. Finally, I took a left turn, and I was sure I was caught. I wasn't, so I kept running and took a right turn.

Suddenly, I knew where I was: Old Town Manassas, where we always went after my real sister's play practice. A breeze came, and the check was being lifted into the air, and I was still holding it! The check started to fly with me on it! A few feet away, I started to notice the check was going back to the ground. I continued running, waiting for a breeze. I flew again.

Pretty soon, I was back in Unfamiliarland. I was lost. I was scared. I turned around, looking at Old Town Manassas. I called out for my family, first sis, then mom, trying each. Nobody came. I got even more scared. Finally, someone came. It was Little Blonde sis. I gave her a hug. Then came a slightly older Elijah Wood, my older brother. I hugged them both, kind of a group hug. Finally came Radio Flyer mom. She came and hugged the three of us, squashing the siblings in a sandwich. Before the family came, the check had flown away.

The End.