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A grey cat was running through the streets of Station Square. He was holding a small box with wraping paper covering it. 'Damnit,I'm not gonna make it on time!Wy does this girl have to live in that apartment room!It's too high up!' He though angerily.'When and if I make it,I'm gonna tell her she needs to all of us can run as fast as her!' When he finally made it to her apartment, he looked about ready to pass out. Thank God someone opened the door for him.

"Oh, hi Ash. What's with the rush?" A black hedgehog asked him. It was none other than his closest friend Dragonclaw, or Dragon since that was the only thing she let everyone call her. Ash looked up at her with pierceing amber eyes. His sides were heaving to try to get some oxygen back in his lungs. How he felt like cussing her into next week, but he was too tired to even try.

"You....need.....to....move to....a closer apartment." He said in between breaths. Dragon held back a giggle at her long-time companion. She found it funny to watch him try to regain breath and try to cuss her out at the same time. She sat him down on the couch and took the present from him. "For Rouge?" She asked as she quietly and carefully but it away. Ash nodded. He wanted to get his gift to her house as soon as possible. Dragon started to giggle. Ash looked at her like she was crazy.

"What?" He asked, obviviously confused. Dragon shook her head. "Nothing. Just remembering when you wanted to give Snow her gift on time once." She let out a small laugh. It was true Ash had tried to give Snow, Dragon's little sister, her birthday gift on time. He too remembered the young white-fured hedgehog laughing at him. It made him feel embarrassed just thinking about it. "Well, I'd better wake Shadow up. I've told him a thousand, mabe a million times before to not take naps during the day or sleep in." Dragon had been living with Shadow and Rouge for the past year now, and was used to complaining about the habits Shadow has.

"I'm already up." A voice was heard from the back room of the apartment. There was no doubt that the voice belonged to Shadow. "Then get your black-fured ass out of bed!" Dragon shouted towards the room. Ash was a little too used to listening to their fights. It seemed to him that it was a part of life for those two. "No." Came Shadow's simple reply.

"Get out of the goddamn bed or else!" Dragon threated. Ash knew all too well what was going to happen. "Or else what?" Shaow called. He was teasing her, and doing a pretty good job of it. Dragon stormed to his room, and shoved the door open. There Shadow sat, very content with himself. Dragon, due to her powers, grew out her tail to the size of a dragon's tail. She thrashed her tail around until it caught him.

'Oh, crap.' Was all he could think about.


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