Since I got a review saying for more, I thought of an epilouge and sequel! The sequel should come out soon. I HAD TO GO TO SCHOOL THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! I am now happily insane. Enjoy! Btw, the epilouge is in Dragon's POV.

Dragon's POV:

A month. Has it really been that long? I guess it's ture when they say that time flies whne you're having fun. Exactly one month ago was my eighteenth birthday, me and my twin brother Silver. Also on that same day I sent Eggman to the 'DarkWorld' for all time.

"Hey there Crazy," Oh, and did I mention me and Shadow were goning out? I didn't? Well, you know now.

"Shut up, you're ruining my peace," I simply said.

"Are you sure you just don't want to get morning sickness?" Another thing I left out. I was pregnate. With Shadow's child, of course.

"You know the answer, Shadzy," I replied as cute as I could. He growled, how much I love that. He hated me little nickname for him. At least I didn't annouce to a whole mall my nickname for him, like Ashfur. 'After you're born kid, I'm gonna kill Ash,' I thought. I closed my eyes hoping for sleep, but that didn't happen. Shadow waved a candy bar right in front of my nose. Yum, dark chocolate. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am a chocolate addict. The stuff is too sweet and yummy to hate!

"I thought that'd wake you up," Shadow smirked. Curse you, smell. Having inhanced senses of smell and hearing can be a blessing, and one hell of a pain. Now was one of the times I hated my sense of smell.

"I hate you," I breathed. Suddenly I felt something other than the couch beneath me, and take one wild guess at who. I didn't have to know why he did what he just did, but I think I has something to do with the night me and him spent together. Which had also been on my birthday.

"You get on my nerves, you know Shadzy," I joked and rolled carefully onto my belly to look him in the face.


"So you might get caught in one of my moodswings sooner or later."

"Don't care."

"Why my parents think I'm crazy," I whispered. "Is because of you." I quietly slid myself to his right side, which was facing the back of the couch, and nuzzled my head into his chest. I heard his heartbeat, every beat helping me falling into, hopefully, peaceful slumber. He turned onto his side to face me, making me let out an accidental whimper. I've gotten too use to him being my pillow, but hey, it's best one I've had in years!

"I'm home," Somemone said from the door. Rouge. I wonder where she goes half the time, maybe to Angel Island to see her baby's father. Yes Rouge has a child with Knuckles. She had a one year old daughter, whom she had introduced me to. Amy was pregnate, too. Sonic damn near fainted when he heard, I still tease him 'bout that. My friend Tree was with Ash, and we might have one happy family of cats on our hands. Silver got Blaze pregnate, the dumb hedgehog. I really am the smart twin.

"Well, don't you two look happy," Knuckles said.

"If you guys are gonna do something, stay out of my room. Last time I went in there it smelled worse than Ash and Fang after taking a shower," I said. Never make someone whose prenate cross, you might end up outside a window on the tenth story of an apartment building, no wait, that's if you make me cross. Either way. Amy simply attacks you with her hammer, Blaze sets random things on fire, and Tree, well I won't say. It's too funny.

"Shut up," Came the reply from both.

"I love my job," I said happily. Then something started to come up, not good. I ran to the bathroom and, well, let's just say I hate morning sickness.

"Again, you engaged to her?" Knuckles asked when I came back. I guess I looked like a mess, felt like one too. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

"Yes, I did," Shadow said. I must be leaving stuff out, because right now you're probably confused. Well, the day Shadow found out I was pregnate he proposed to me. I told him after he proposed, though it probably wouldn't have made a difference. He hugged me and acted like the baby was already here. Then again I'm use to it.

And yes, the others had engaged to their girlfriends. Amy didn't act crazy when Sonic proposed. Weird. But the one I remember was my favorite was when Knuckles proposed to Rouge. She had him in one hug. He said he felt like he was dying.

"I'm happy he did. If he didn't, my dad would've knock him out," I said quietly. I guess I was falling asleep because Shadow had to shake me a little. I couldn't help it if I wanted. His scent was like my own personal drug. I tried to bury my nose further into his chest, but Shadow started to push my head away.

"Aww, come on Shadzy, please. I want to sleep," I whined. It almost always works. The black furred idiot ignored my plea. Now I was mad. I started to nibble on his arm since that was his closest body part to me.

"You're not getting your way this time," He teased. Okay, as soon as the kid is born, Shadow's my pillow wheather he likes it or not!

"Do you not remember the last time you denied her sleep?" Knuckles asked. I hung the poor hedgehog out the window, although that time I almost did drop him.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let her fall asleep on me again," I punched him in his side. Best I could.

"I hate you right now," I snuggled closer to him.

"I love you too, Dragon," He whipsered in my ear. God, why does that feel so good? That makes me want sleep even more. His hot breath ran down past my ear, his breath hot, warm, and sticky against me. Someone barged into the apartment. Didn't take long to find out who it was.

"What's up?" Ashfur. The smoke colored cat. He came up with his own nickname for Shadow: Dragon's Little Shadow. Poor Shadow. Ash had first said it right in the middle of the freaking mall!

"Get out," Shadow calmly said. Still not over the whole mall thing.

"Fur-fur," Tree started. The look in his face was priceless! He was redder than both Knuckles and blood!

"Please don't call me that," Ash begged. Tree, my brown furred feline friend (A/N: For a more detailed description, look on my profile) whom I have known since I was an infant and she was a kitten, simply pecked him on the cheek. I snuggled closer to Shadow, once more attempting to get some sleep. This time, in a response, he snuggled closer to me as well. Shadow started to pet my back which, even though I liked it, it was pissing me off.

"Quit it," I hissed into his ear. I was in one of my many moodswings. This one up: anger, lots of it. Victim: Shadow the Hedgehog. Almost as fast as I could run, I had my dragon tail wraped around his waist. Without moving from the couch, I had Shadow out the window once more.

"See, this is why I love you."

"I just might drop you, Hegdehog!" If you ever catch me calling any of my hedgehog friends "Hedgehog", then it just means they pissed me off.

"Alright, I won't try to do anything to you, happy?"

"Very," I replied, pulling him back into the apartment. I dropped him on the floor nearest the window. He might be my lover, fiance, and be the father of my unborn child, but Great God is he a pain!

"So, Shadow was hung out the window once more, huh?"

"HOLY CRAP!" I yelled, scared out of my mind. How the Hell could he hide in the shadows, and escape my hearing and smell?!

"So, what's my ninja cousin Fang doing here?" Ash asked the black furred cat beside him. This cat's name was Fangulus I, or to simply put it, Fangulus the First. Fang, along with his cousin and Tree, had been my friend since we were infant and kittens. Fang was currently an apprentice under Espio the Chameleon. I guess Espio has already taught him the act of hiding, hell even Espio escapes my detection!

"I wanted to say hi to Dragon and Rouge. Once more you two, congrats," The jet-black cat replied. Fang tended to stay hidden in the shadows. What a strange cat. Then again his whole family was.

"Thanks Fangy," I tiredly said. I looked over to Shadow, sitting by the window. "Shadow, come here."

"Why?" He replied, very calmly.

"I need a pillow," I said with a yawn following. 'Damn it all Shadow!! If you don't get your ass over here, I'll go beserker on you!' I bitterly thought. Hey, I needed my pillow.

"Will you fall asleep?" He asked, like an idiot. He stood up and walked over to me.

"Go on ahead, Shadzy. I won't bite," I said, hoping he'd lay down. "I promise."

"Fine," He gave in! Yes! A smile placed it self on my face as Shadow layed next to me. I quickly inhaled his smell. God, I love him and his smell. Once more, I was plunged into a new world of smells. He smelled of the nice, easy breeze, chocolate, and I think shampoo. Not sure on that one.

"Good night Dragon. I hope you have sweet dreams," Shadow said tenderly into my ear, like I was made of glass or something.

"Good night Shadow. I hope you have good dreams too," I whispered.

Dream World

Where. The. Hell. Was I. From no where, a beach just appeared in front of me. I knew I'm dreaming, but come on! A beach?! I haven't been to one in quite sometime. Oh, just great. A dream flashback. Why do I keep having these?

"Hey, what are you doing out here by yourself?" It was Shadow. From when we first met. Well, a few weeks after we met. And there I was, standing near the edge of the water.

"I just want to be alone right now." Hey, I was on an island with some rapist scientist, a jewel-thief bat, and a hedgehog with some mental problems. I needed to be alone right then. So sue me.

"Well, I don't think standing here all alone is a smart idea. Come on back to bed," He said, a small glow in his eyes from the full moon over head.

"I'm not up to it," The past-me said. I always did act like that around people I didn't know. Truth behind the reason I didn't return with Shadow back to his room and nice, warm bed, was because I was sexually attacked by his boss, Eggman. I didn't want to go back inside. The fat man freakin' beat me up, just because I wouldn't let him have his way with me. I actually wanted to save myself for someone who really did love me. Result in the future: me getting together with Shadow in bed, not only to normally sleep. See, when I was stuck on the little island, Shadow offered to share his bed with me. I happily accepted. I was taken away from the memory of me and Shadow at the beach, and to my room, the night of my birthday.

"Shadow, do you love me?" My naked form from the past laying next to Shadow, whose arms were behind his head, and his legs tangled within the sheets. Thank God his middle was covered. I don't need to see at this moment.

"For as long as I live," He happily said, moving closer to the past-me whom was fully naked but thankfully covered by the sheets.

"Shadow, what if I get pregnant? It only takes one time," I said. We only did it one time, and took one time, too. Past- Shadow wrapped his arms around me from the past.

"Then we'll start a new life together," He tiredly said. "Now go to sleep, alright Dragon?"

"Sure thing, Shadow."

End of Dream

I hate being woken up. But when it's my brother, I have certain rights. I punched him, right where it hurts! Hey, I don't like to be woken up.

"For Christ's Sake Dragon! Great God that hurts!" Silver howled on the ground, covering his middle and curled up in a ball. Whimp. Okay, I don't know what it's like to get hit there, but come on! This is Silver the Hedgehog we're talking about!

"Whimp," Fang casually said. See, when me and Fang agree on something, then it's true. Never argue with a black cat with amber eyes and a black hedgehog with red stripes and red eyes. You won't win.

"S-shut up Fang," Silver hissed. Blaze sat in the chair nearest the door. She watched Silver hiss in pain, rolling her eyes. It was getting hard for me to keep my laughter back, so I just giggled to get rid of some of the pressure in the held-back laugh.

"If you weren't pregnant I'd kick you ass in Dragon," Silver said, having fully gotten rid of the pain.

"Silver, if I wasn't pregnate, then I would've kicked Ash's ass from here all the way to Angel Island," I replied. Suddenly, I felt something kick me.

"The baby kicked!" I happily said. Then another kick.

"Well, the kid probably wants out," Sonic said.

"I'm not due for another eight months!" I whined.

I looked over at the blue idiot I called my friend. I swear, me and him have lineage somewhere, I just wish I knew where. Amy was standing nearby him, just as prego as me.

"If you wanted me to get up you just had to say so," I said sitting up. Soon, Amy and Sonic were next to me.

"Okay, where the hell is my fiance?" I asked when I noticed Shadow wasn't there.

"Left," Scourge said. I. Was. Pissed! I started to tear anything close to me to shreds. Why?! Why did he leave?! Was there someone else? No, Shadow loves me to much to cheat on me. But, where is he?

"Looks like Dragon's up," I hear Shadow's low voice. I turned towards the door and saw Shadow in the door way. I ran right into him and hugged him, asking why he left.

"I went out to get something for you," He said.

"What?" I was confused. What did he get. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a locket. It was so... beautiful. Shadow put it around my neck and stood back to look.

"Perfect," He whispered. "It's perfect."

"Dragon's little lover!" Sonic, Ash, and Silver yelled.

"I don't care about what you do. Just don't kill them," I said, walking into my bedroom. I could hear pleas for life through the door. Then I heard a very loud crash, and then two more. Damn, Shadow doesn't play. I walked out of my room and into the kicthen. I was hungry, and looked for something good to eat. Hey, a candy bar. Cool. I grabbed it and walked into the living room, seeing my brother and friends on the ground. Ash looked the worst. He had a black eye, some blood trickling from his mouth, and his tail was bent in an almost unnatural angle.

"That's what ya get for messing with Shadow," I said. "I just wish I could have helped."

"Don't worry Dragon," Shadow whispered. "As soon as the kid's born, we can both kill them."

"Hey Shadow," I started. "We haven't thought of names!"

"Crap, we should've done that awhile ago,huh?" He said.

"Okay Shadow. I was thinking Rio if it's a boy," I said. "I'll let you pick a girl name."

"Duma?" Shadow asked.

"I like it."

Then we had our two names. About five months later, I went to get a sonogram and found out that it was a boy. So his name was going to be Rio the Hedgehog. Three month later, little Rio was born. He looked exactly like his father, but had my ear and tail stripes as well. He's so beautiful, I can't believe me and Shadow had been able to make him. Sonic and Amy's little girl was named Skyscisk, pronuced sky-s-kiss. She was a light blue hedgehog, and Rio's closest friend. Ash and Tree's son was named Leonidas "Leo" the Cat. My nephew's name was Matthew "Matt" the Hedge-Cat.

So these were our kids. Me and Shadow's little Rio. Sonic and Amy's Sky. Ash and Tree's Leo. Rouge and Knuckles' Mary. And Silver and Blaze's Matt. They formed their own little group they called The Group. I just hope they don't hurt themselves. But now, the world has new heroes, ready to take a stand with the old, always ready for the danger, and most of all, always with together as friends. Their bond to never break. To hold together for as long as they live. Their futures intertwined for all time. They may fall, but will stand up once more, stronger than before.

Why did I just say that? I sounded like my Grandpa Platinum right then. Although all that is true. They are very strong, and we pray they will make the right choices.

She did sound like her grandpa. How funny!

Well, there you have it. The last chapter of "A Dark Past Revealed". And there will be a series to follow this. Until next time FanFiction! (American Idol music plays)