Something in him breaks when Stefan stabs him. Damon's alone on the roof, staring up at the sky, when he feels it hit him, when he feels everything shatter. He needs blood, but he can't bring himself to move; Stefan could have killed him. Would have killed him if he was anymore like Damon.

He sighs and lets his fingers wander over the still open wound. Only fresh blood would seal the wound. Damon stands and nearly tumbles. He's dizzy; he looks drunk and he feels almost giddy as he spins, dangerously close to the edge of the roof. He's ready to tumble off when he feels arms securing him against a solid chest.

"Stefan!" He giggles, turning in his brother's arms. "I thought you'd be with Elena! Did she break up with you again?" The blood from the stake wound has seeped into Stefan's shirt, staining the blue cotton with burgundy red betrayal.

"Damon, why are you still bleeding?" Stefan pushes a hand against the wound and only relents when his brother hisses, more blood gushing out.

"Haven't had a chance to eat yet." Suddenly, he remembers why he hasn't fed. "I was just leaving to go get some fast food. Well, how fast can they be? They're human!" He giggles again and moves away, but Stefan pulls him back.

"Damon, you almost fell off the roof. You're in no shape to be hunting." A hand sticky with blood caresses his cheek and Damon almost nuzzles it; his nostrils are thick with the scent of his own blood, but underneath he can smell Stefan.

"And whose fault is that?" It's supposed to sound like another joke, but it comes out bitter and spiteful; Damon yanks himself from Stefan's grasp and stalks across the roof, away from Judas.

"Damon, you killed Lexi!" Stefan's caught up to him in a heartbeat; is that how weak Damon is right now?

"To protect us! To protect you!" Damon shoves him, but Stefan just grabs his wrists and holds Damon's hands to his chest.


"No." He's not going to listen to that voice filled with unending patience. He's sick of it. "Go running back to Elena. She can tell you how bad I am."

"I'm not leaving you here." Stefan releases one of Damon's wrists and then bites down into the flesh of his arm.

"So selfless of you little brother, but I don't need your help." Damon tries not to lick his lips when he smells Stefan's blood; he fails and his eyelids grow heavy.

Stefan rolls his eyes and sucks some of his blood into his mouth before he presses his lips to Damon's. Damon's eyes widen before they close and his lips part, letting Stefan push the blood into his mouth. The hunger makes him kiss back, makes Damon grip Stefan's shirt just to keep himself standing. Stefan pulls away and Damon, for a moment, is confused, trying to kiss Stefan again, but he is redirected to the bite mark on his brother's arm.

He drinks and drinks until he feels Stefan prying him away and then he kisses Damon again, wrapping bloodstained hands in his hair and Damon can only blissfully respond. It was like this once. Katherine ruined it, twisting everything Stefan and Damon were.

But now it's real again. Stefan's kissing him; Stefan's blood is fueling him, healing him, and nothing will ruin this. Not Elena, not Katherine's ghost. No one will take Stefan from him.