Title: Patiently
It never bothered Seravi when people call him hopeless or obsessed. He was always willing to wait for Dorothy to be ready to face her feelings.


Ruefully, Seravi brushed off the dirt on his robes. From where he fell—rather, from where Dorothy made a giant man-eating flower spit him— he carefully stood up, and made sure Elizabeth is unharmed.

He had just visited Dorothy early morning, but when he offered her some freshly-cut roses and said that she looked as lovely, she cast a spell on the flowers and brought it to life, commanded it to chase him, and eventually throw him out of the manor.

Apparently he caught the lady in a bad mood. And now he's been thrown back to the open field, trying to see if she's still there at the terrace of the manor, watching him from afar.

"She looks so pretty even when she's fuming like that, doesn't she, Elizabeth?" he asked, his eyes beaming with love.

When he looked up at the sky, he saw Chacha, Riiya and Shiine flying towards him.

"Teacher Seravi!" Chacha shouted and ran to him as soon as she landed. "I was worried! Shiine said a giant rose monster ate you!" She sobbed.

"Aha, don't worry about me, Chacha," he patted the girl's head. "That was just Dorothy's way of showing her appreciation that I visited her early morning. She just showed me a shortcut so I won't tire while flying out!" He joked.

"T-that's a crazy way to put it," Riiya butted in. He really, really, cannot understand how Seravi's mind worked.

Shiine shook his head. "He's obsessed."

"But she doesn't like him," Riiya added. "No hope."

"Hey, hey, I'm still here!" Seravi cut them off, laughing. "And who said Dorothy doesn't like me? You just don't see what the truth is because you're still young."

Both Shiine and Riiya shrugged, not believing.

"Oh, you little ones," Seravi said, with a childish gleam in his eyes. He leaned closer to them and looked at them in the eyes. "You'll understand it fully soon. You do know how it feels when the girl you like doesn't see or understand your feelings?"

Both boys blinked several times, looked at Chacha's direction — she is currently preoccupied with Elizabeth – then blushed and looked away almost at the same time.

Seravi eased his stand and laughed. "Either she doesn't understand or she's not sure of herself, or she's not yet ready. You don't have any choice but to wait patiently."

Both Shiine and Riiya felt embarrassed to say anything.

"Hey, Chacha!" he called his student. "You're going to be late for school."

"—Oh no! We just took a detour to check on you, teacher! Riiya— Shiine…!" Realizing that they are actually a few minutes late already, the three little magicians hurried to leave.

Walking alone on the field, Seravi took time to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the morning sun.

"What a lovely day it is, Elizabeth," he said cheerfully to the doll replica of his one true love. "Let's invite Dorothy for a picnic."

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