I have never written for G.I. Joe before. This is written from the MOVIE-verse as it's all I have to go on for the moment. Please be kind as I'm not the best writer but I'm trying.

Life through Snake's eyes

Chapter One: Weeding

He sat silently up on the rail of the catwalk above keeping a constant eye on the ground level of the training deck. His mind was calm as he watched the trainees run sprints back and forth. His face turned this way and that taking mental notes of each Green shirt that had been asked to attempt to meet the requirements of G.I. Joe.

Scarlett stood across the way hand forward barking orders. Her hands moved to her sides as she stood weight shifted to her right foot. Her head shook and she looked up to Snake-Eyes who watched from the catwalk rail. She motioned a hand to him in questioning.

Snake-eyes could merely shake his head, this group wasn't worth much. He jumped down from the railing to the ground floor and walked over to Scarlett. "I know I know…there's not much in this batch either." She said quietly. He put a hand on her shoulder and pointed to a female soldier who seemed to be the best suited to stay. "Yeah she's going to get another battery of tests first."

Snake-eyes could only nod. His hands rose [You think she'll pass?]

"Not sure yet…it's too soon to tell." Scarlett shook her head "COME ON LADIES LETS GO!" she said "PICK UP THE PACE!" Her head turned and her red curls fell over her shoulders "Could you do me a favor and round up Duke for me…these rookies need a good example."

Snake-eyes could only nod. He turned and made his way to the mess hall. Duke was sitting in the back of the mess hall with Ricochet and Sergeant Stone. The three men were exchanging stories about women, as they laughed exuberantly. "No she was totally legal…I swear" Ricochet laughed slightly apparently he wasn't as sure as he said he was. "She showed me ID."

"It was a fake." Duke mused motioning his coffee to stone.

"It was not…it was real." Ricochet tried to protest against his friends. "At least I think it was." He faltered.

"And I'm innocent." Sergeant Stone looked up "Snake…what's going on?" Snakes hands rose for a few moments signing directly to stone."Alright eh…Duke they need you in the training hall to show the Rookies how it's done."

Duke turned around on the bench looking up to the dark clad ninja. "Suicide Sprints?" Snake eyes nodded "Alright give me five and I'll be right over." He said and grabbed up his tray moving to dump it in the garbage. "Just what I need to do on a newly full stomach…run…are they a slow batch?" Snake shrugged and lifted a hand tilting it this way and that. "Bit of half and half huh…great…running." Duke mused again setting his try down for the dishwasher.

"It's good for you." Stone smiled and lifted his coffee to his lips.

"I'll come too." Ricochet said standing making his way to the door with Duke. Snake waved at Stone and turned following the other two men out. As they approached the training center General Hawk made his presence known in the main hall.

"Snake-eyes." Hawk's voice had caused the three men to turn "My Office please."

Snake-eyes shook his head lifting his hands to sign [Training with Scarlett.]

"Yes I know but you'll be along shortly …Duke will let Scarlett know." Hawk waved Duke and Ricochet on. "Come on Snake." He said motioning him over. Snake looked back to Duke and Ricochet but did as asked turning on a heel heading for General Hawk's office. "I will be sending you on a little recon mission."

[Just me sir?]

"Yes just you…you'll be gone for a few days but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle Snake-eyes." Hawk passed a folder to the man before his desk. "You can head back to the training room…you leave at 0800 AM in the morning." Snake-eyes put the folder under his arm to free up his hands.

[Understood sir.] His hands flew.

"Dismissed." Hawk motioned him out the door. Snake saluted him and then turned leaving. "Oh and Snake-eyes…" Snake-eyes turned and looked at him "NEST is doing a few things in the area try not to get in their way." Snake nodded slowly and turned to leave again.

He walked down the hall reading as he did so moving the pages back and forth in the folder before sealing it shut and moving to duck it away in his room before returning to the training field.

Snake-eyes would reappear as the training session was coming to a close and soldiers and rookies were leaving the training floor. Scarlett was taking notes and she looked up "Thank you boys." She said to both Duke and Ricochet who walked away a touch winded.

"You got it…if you need me…I'll be laying down somewhere." Ricochet said with a twinge.

"You're awful." Duke said seeming fine for the run.

"Snake we're pretty much done here…I think you can take a few hours off. There'll be an obstacle course race tonight at 8 could you be here?" She inquired. Snake-eyes nodded slowly, he could do with some quiet meditation right about now, but he would return to witness the race. He would be able to go over the mission file in the mean time. He turned and made his way back down the main hall corridor.

The female rookie sat on a bench in the hall wrapping a black band around her forearm. Snake-eyes tilted his head and walked up to her standing over her, looming. She looked up and stood "Snake-eyes sir." She saluted. Snake waved a hand to tell her to stop. He reached out taking her arm. "Its tennis elbow …it keeps the pain away." She said "Keep it tight enough it does."

Snake-eyes nodded and reached around her arm removing the Velcro and sliding the wrap off her arm. He extended her arm and reached around the elbow. Thought gloved hands he could feel the scar tissue built up and he twisted her arm a bit and put pressure over the joint and it popped. "OW!" she said for the seeming instant pain. The pain subsided and she merely blinked "It doesn't hurt now." She pulled her arm back from him and started to bend it this way and that.

Snake-eyes nodded and turned to move down the hall. "Thank you sir…" She called after. Snake didn't respond to her just continued down the corridor to his room. She turned and saw the faces of the others who were also trying to enter G.I. Joe, and shook her head at them as their snickers and whispers began in the adjacent room. "Oh, Shut up!" she called to them. However the snickers and quiet gossip kept going.

Snake-eyes sat on the floor of his room cross legged just focused. He had the file open in front of him and was reading quietly. This would most likely be the easiest mission he'd been on …sneak in …take photos…not really difficult. He reached down flipping the page to the building he would be infiltrating. He looked over the blueprints and security system placement and started to make mental notes; as to how he would go about getting in and out without much trouble.

Snake looked up a few hours had past. He tilted his neck to both sides a few pops as the joint finally moved. He stood and closed the folder; he would go over it again in the morning before he left.

The training room was loud with all the voices of the soldiers. "ALRIGHT!" Scarlet stood up on the hook of General Hawk's hummer. "Teams! Three to a team! Work together…you have to work together to even consider…finishing this course." She said. "Soldiers to the LINE! Thomas! Jane! Rich, and Montgomery!" The four soldiers approached the line as Snake-eyes entered behind Scarlett and offered her a hand to help her down off the vehicle. He noted the female he had helped earlier on the line. "READY! GO!" Scarlet yelled. The four soldiers took off and made their way through the start of the course, the array of nets and tires, water and sand, and then there was …the wall. There were four ropes hanging off the 20 foot wall.

The soldiers all made it around the same time, but one of the other soldiers swung to the far rope and pulled it up with one arm and then dropped it, the force of the drop making the woman fall 12 feet. The other soldiers kept moving but she lay at the bottom of the pit. Snake looked at Scarlett who nodded to him "Go." She said. Snake-eyes ran into the fray and made his way down into the pit.

"It's dislocated." She uttered holding her shoulder. Snake motioned he was about to take her off the field. "No …can you push it back in?" he tilted his head but nodded. "Do it." She said "I have to finish." Snake grabbed her arm firmly with both hands and pushed as hard as he dare to put the shoulder back into its socket without doing more damage. She yelled out as the bone snapped into place. "Thanks." She stood and grabbed the rope and started to climb through the pain. Snake looked up as she climbed and waited a moment till she was up three quarters of the way.

Snake stood and looked up watching her climb and then nodded and turned making his way off the field. "What was that?" Scarlett asked.

[Dislocated shoulder…I reset she went on] Snake motioned to her as she continued on.


[You like her] Snake gave her a sign then turned to watch.

"She's definitely Joe material." She said "Going on after dislocating her shoulder…admirable."

[Toss the man who tossed her down.] Snake signed.

"Planned on it…I'm only keeping three of the twelve of them…this is getting harder…weeding is taking too much time and effort…we need to start looking over theses individuals better before we bring them in."

[I agree] snake looked up and pointed seeing that this first run was almost over.

Scarlett checked her Clip board as the three men finished the course. "Very good boys that was fast. However, Michael Jane you're not what we want here at G.I. Joe…you're out …go get your things…you leave tonight."

"What the hell I finished it first." He protested as the woman crossed the line. She stood obviously winded but she stood unflinching. Snake-eyes held up a hand to Jane to silence him. "Yes sir." He stood and waited for Scarlett to speak.

"She would have finished first had you not knocked her down…and dislocated her shoulder." Scarlett said. "This takes Team work…and since you are more willing to injure than help your team mates…you can gather your things." She said "Montgomery nice work…" she said to the woman who stood and saluted her. "Hit the medical bay..." she said "Get that shoulder checked."

"Yes Ma'am." She said and saluted. She turned and started for the exit.

"Snake-eyes will escort you." She said and motioned Snake to go with her. The woman stopped and stood waiting.

[I'll be back] he signed to Scarlett.

"Ok." She said and nodded "NEXT UP! Marcus! Allen! Conlin! Kozuta!"

Snake motioned a hand to the woman and allowed her ahead of him. "thanks." She said and walked slowly.

[Do you understand my signs?] Snake-eyes motioned to her.

"A bit…" she said.

[your name?]

"Victoria Montgomery sir." She said quietly. "US airforce." Snake nodded and motioned her into the next room. As he entered he made for the closest nurse.

[She dislocated her shoulder. I set it but please make sure she is fine and comfortable.] Snake-eyes then turned to the woman [Welcome to G.I. Joe soldier.] She nodded slowly and reached her hand up slowly to run through her hair.

"I'm in?" She asked quietly blinking her green eyes. Snake-eyes nodded and put a hand on her back and then turned walking out of the room. The nurse smiled at her.

"Come on let's get you to x-ray." She said and motioned the soldier forward. Victoria turned and saw that snake was already gone and then re-focused on the nurse and followed her to the back room.

Snake-eyes shook his head "That was a nice thing you did." Scarlett walked up beside him with her clip board clutched tightly to her chest.

[Finished?] He turned his head motioning to the list.

"Yes…Is she going to be ok?" Snake nodded to her and then motioned to the mess hall. "No I'm not hungry…" She said and smiled "I hear you're leaving in the morning… I'll see you in a few days." She said and walked on leaving the silent soldier to stand in the hall.

Snake had been gone for three days. He was glad to be back to the pit. His solo mission hadn't been hard, but he didn't like being far from his comfort zone for too long. He had dropped his equipment and the camera off to General Hawk for review and was making a slow track around the base to see what was going on at present. He entered the rec-room slowly. Victoria was on the treadmill and running. She had headphones on and seemed to be no worse for the wear of her shoulder. He was behind her and she didn't see him. He turned to leave but ran smack into Duke. "Hey snake ...admiring the view?" he asked. Snake shook his head. "She's got a code name now…" Duke shook his head.

[What?] Snake motioned.

"What?" Duke asked and snake nodded "Oh …um Strata. Something to do with the stars or something…" Duke shrugged. "Well enjoy the show snake." He said patting him on the shoulder, and Duke made his way inside the rec-room and smiled at the woman who only smiled back but kept running. She was very determined Snake could give her that her stamina was not in question.

"What cha looking at Snake-eyes?" Scarlett walked up behind him. "She's cute..."

[Why do you all think I'm looking at her?] He let his hands fall exasperatedly.

"Because you are…" Scarlett laughed and gave him a pat on the shoulder. Snake just turned and decided it would be best if he got as far from the rec-room as humanly possible. "Oh come on Snake-eyes!" she said "I was kidding!" he didn't turn he just kept walking she hadn't been kidding and she as well as he knew it. He didn't like to be made fun of or picked on whatever it was she and Duke were doing. It didn't interest him…he made his way to the weight room; he would muscle out his frustration.