Through Snake's Eyes

Chapter 3: Bliss

Rated M for sexual Content:

The buzzer was quiet, and I rolled over and sighed. 0530 perfect timing. I slid my legs out from under the sheets and stood. I turned and quickly made up the bed. I knelt beside it and took five minutes to collect my thoughts for the day. Sometimes focus and calm are the backbone of my day.

After taking those few moments to clear my head I stood and turned and found my light clothing, a morning run, something quick to eat; toast. I would be able to get a quick shower, and then arrive at my training session at 0800. All in all a busy morning; before I could do anything there was a knock at my door. I grabbed my hood off the top of my dresser and pulled it down over my face and pulled my jacket around my shoulders zipping it up. Walking over in my dark pants, my bare feet the only part of my body actually showing I open the door.

"Hey…Snake." That auburn haired goddess stood "About yesterday…look we were …too harsh I'm sorry…you just seem distracted by that girl."

[You are Jealous.] I sign and motion her inside and close the door.

"I…" I can tell she wants to deny it. "I guess you're right…" she blinked quietly. "I just feel if I can't have you…no one else should try."

[I have my hang ups.] I admit. [Look nothing is going on.]

"What is she?" Scarlett asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

[A lost sparrow.]

"A bird?"

[No. A lost sparrow.] Scarlet blinks at me and shakes her head.

Holding up a hand Scarlet pulls her hand back crossing it across her chest "I'd love to understand what you mean." She seemed to be waiting on an explination.

[I'm sorry…] I say [She's confused, she has no one …no friends…] I reach for a stack of files and run through them and find Strata's file I hand it to scarlet and drop the other files back down on my desk. [No family.]

"Nothing…" Scarlet blinked and sifted through the information "She never said anything."

[We never asked and maybe there was no need.] I lean back on my desk and glace at my clock, my morning run a mere thought now.

"No need?" Scarlet looked up to me "What do you mean no need snake?"

[She didn't want us to know…She's a Joe now she's trying to belong here.] I crossed my arms around my chest.

"And you have no interest in her at all?"

[Aside from her abilities as a Soldier…No] It's an honest answer.

"I see…" She closed the file and pitched it past me onto the stack behind. "Snake…what about us?" She asked and I shrug, I don't know what else to say. I can't risk hurting her. I care for her too much.

[I think…] I begin to sign, to explain myself. However I am cut off, as she clicks the lights off.

"Don't think." She says and in the dark I can feel her hands upon my chest. Her nails trace over my collar bone and up to the mask, she lifts it and I reach up and grab her wrists firmly. "Snake…" reluctantly I loosen my grip and let my arms fall to my sides. She steps closer and my hands trail down to her hips.

She spends little time lifting my mask off my face, I can barely see her, and I know she can barely see me. We are mere shadows in the darkness. I purse my lips in apprehension as her lips touch mine. I make the word NO with my lips, but say not a word. "Oh must we do this every time?" Heartbroken as I am this very moment the woman I love draped in my arms I close my eyes and nod. "Just one kiss…" She pleads.

Against my better judgment I raise my hands from her hips to her lower back and pull her closer my scared lips press against her soft ones and I kiss her. I can feel her tongue against mine as I pull her closer and I open my mouth and for a few minutes we stand like that just kissing. I fear not only breaking her heart but my own. Her lips back away from mine "Snake…" she whispers. I kiss her again, and pull her closer.

I will pray that my selfish nature can be forgiven. I kiss her again firmly and I am tossing all cares and all regard for protocol aside. I pull her to my made bed and I slide down into it pulling her with me I reach over and adjust my bedside clock. [REST] I sign against her hands.

"Rest?" She seemed confused I nod and pull her closer kissing her one last time. I feel her hand up over my ear up into my medium length hair. "Alright…" I pull her head to my shoulder and just lay there on top the sheets. I shake my head and mentally kick myself for the trouble I'm putting myself through.

I didn't realize I had fallen asleep until my little alarm went off. I reached over and silenced it. I suddenly heard my communicator beep on the night stand. I rolled over Scarlett releasing me as she sat up. I pressed the communication button. "Snake-eyes?" I press two keys that beep slowly. "it's Hawk, I'm canceling your morning training session today…Heavy Duty needs the room and put forth a convincing argument…is there any way you would reschedule for 1200 hours?" I pressed the button again twice. "Good we'll see you then." The communicator went dead.

"We get the morning off." Scarlett smiled I can see her better in the dark now though I'm pretty sure her vision is still a bit impaired. I reach up and run my hands through her hair. "Are you reconsidering my offer?" I kick myself mentally and pull her forward kissing her lips laying back she slides up over my hips. My hands trail up over her arms to her neck sliding along her jaw bone I take her neck and the base of her skull in my palms pulling her toward my kisses. I move my lips to her neck and kiss along the jaw line up to her ear. "Oh snake…" she moans her kisses against my ear soft and very enjoyable I will not deny.

Her hands trail down and she sits up out of my grasp and she reaches down pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing it down to my floor. I forgot when the last time I allowed myself a luxuries like this was. I don't know what to do with my hands, they end up back on her hips and I look up at her in the dull lighting. I swallow and worry.

"Snake?" she whispered and leaned down "I hope you're ok…with this." I wasn't complaining I just lay there under her grasp and weight. I'm controlled for the most part and keeping myself wholly together. I feel her hands on my face and I nod in response to her statement. "You're ok?" She asks now. I nod it's the only response I can give her in the dark. I scoop my arm around her lower back and turn her over onto the bed and slide on top of her grasping at my own shirt I lift it up over my head and I'm not longer worried about time or space. Nothing is in my mind but right here right now, and the redhead moaning under my touches.

I smile down, though she can't see. My hands grab her wrists pinning them up beside her head and I kneel down and kiss her firmly I can hear her moans between my gasps for air as I struggle with her bra. I hate things like this lace and metal hooks, thank god I'm not a woman. I release the unflattering object and slide it off of her pulling it out off her arms and toss it down with my shirt and hers on the floor.

"Snake-eyes." She moans my name and I let the air hanging in my lungs out through my nose, like an angry bull. She bucks up at my hips and I groan a bit, but it's not a very loud sound. My hands travel to her breasts and touch each in turn. I groan again as she grinds against me once more.

"Do that again." She bucks against my hips one more time with more force and I wince as her belt buckle makes contact with my already compromised manhood. I groan but it's almost a painful sound, still soft and ever quiet. "Oh my god…did I hurt you?" Her hands clap around my face and I shake my head. "I'm sorry." She's giggling now, at my pain. I sigh and shift my weight to move off of her.

"NO!" she stops me "No…" she repeats quietly "Please don't I'm sorry…I know…I can be too harsh." I look down at her and nod; her hands are still on my scared face. I smile and she runs her hands across my rough lips. I lean forward and there is a tender soft serene kiss between us. I put my hand on her chest over her heart. I just hold it there. Her hand moves to the left side of my chest the other still on my face. "I love you too…" she admitted. I bite my lip a moment and smile. I could get use to mornings like this. I lean down pulling her into a kiss and I breathe her name on her neck and know for the next few hours, she's not going anywhere.

The focus and Calm I woke up with, well, they were out the door by this point and long gone, the backbone of my day was being stroked by the most beautiful redheaded goddess within 500 miles.