Disclaimer- I own nothing- Credit goes to Diane Duane. Though Powers know I really want to own YW. =)

Heya All!

I know this is probably not what you want to be reading when you first go into a story but I'm not starting the sequel to "Life's Song" until Diane Duane's ninth book "A Wizard On Mars," is released.

So basically what I have here is a sneak preview of what's to come in the format of overview (it's going to be vague because I do not know exactly what will happen in AWOM).


Kit arrives on Mars to find that he not only has to accomplish more tasks than he originally planned in order to help Harran, but that it will take more than just his strength and energy to bring Nita backā€¦ if he can do it.

Meanwhile Dairine and Roshaun have their own problems to deal with, namely that while Roshaun was gone and Dairine was looking for him, the Lone Power took over Wellakh and its people are in turmoil of the loss of the King, Roshaun's father who has been assassinated. What can two wizards do to stop the destruction and corruption of an entire planet from the inside out?

See you all in April when book nine is released!!

-Don "QuixoticQuest" =)