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I was jolted from my reverie about the image of a girl. Someone, the one and only, who managed to make me smile. I sighed softly, looking away into the television in the living room, revealing me, smiling, and a dark-skinned girl who was laughing at my side. We hugged each others, made me re-think what happened yesterday. I hugged that girl and right after the competition was over, I kissed her cheek, and suddenly I ran away, embarrassed. I can't even think anything because only the image her face that came to my head. That girl. Akeelah.

"Dylan! There's someone comes looking for you;"

I sighed softly right after Dad's bass voice called me, almost cried 'I'm in no mood to receive guests'; but in the end I went from the living room, opened the front door. I surprised to see my guest, Akeelah. Oh, and Javier.

"Well, hello."

I raised my eyebrow, and Akeelah smiled broadly, suddenly hugs me, made me blushing madly. Javier looks a bit jealous of me and scowled beside Akeelah.

"…I miss you;" whispered softly to her ear, I snuggled, hugged her tightly as if I didn't want to take her off anymore. I… like her. Love her.

"It's just… Not even a day since yesterday, Dylan," she laughed.

"But I miss you;" I tighter my hug, propped myself, kinda spoiled, into her body that smaller than mine. From the corner of my eye I saw Javier scowled even more, cleared his throat softly, made Akeelah realized that he's still there. She suddenly let go of me, whispered an apologize to Javier.

"It's OK. Oh um… I should go now," Javier looked into his watch, "I will go swimming with my parents, ehm," he looked nervous, glancing at me, "Dylan can drive you home, right Dylan?" he grinned nervously, and I know that Javier is jealous. Very jealous.

"Of course," I smiled casually. I own Akeelah for now. I smirked and held Akeelah's hand, led her inside.


"Here you go," I lend a can of soda, then sat down beside her, opened the tin I was holding, sipping soda slowly. "Er… Akeelah;" I stopped and gulped, looking right into her obsidian eyes. "Would you come to Prom Night at my school with me?"

"Err… Sorry;" she bowed her head slowly, appear to feel guilty to me, "Javier just asked me the same thing and I said yes. I also said yes when he told me that he want me to be his girl."

I smiled and whispered 'It's okay'; then kissed her lightly on her lips. She looked at me with worry in her expression and I repeated to tell her it's okay. Then everything turns dark.