Admiral's Quarters, Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer Quill, Southern Polar Orbit, Despayre

Cadet Yos thought that First Lieutenant Roblin was astral. He was fit, gorgeous, and had single handedly saved the Death Star. The pilot was a certified Hero of the Empire and sadly he didn't even know she existed. Of course, he had never met her, and a week ago she didn't even know of his existence either, and there was the fact that he was a least a decade older than her, but none of those factors ever crossed Phasma's mind.

She the cruel pangs of jealousy as she sat in her quarters watching the feed from the MedBay's HoloCam. It seemed the handsome TIE Pilot was recovering rather quickly from his combat wounds. She enviously watched as he regaled two young nurses with his tale of heroics from a few days past. Every time she checked in on him his story seemed to grow, which just made him more charming she told herself. She had seen the after action report on the incident at the Death Star and had found the actual story to be just as amazing.

Her father would never approve she told herself, but she wondered if she could try her hand at flying a TIE one of these days. She seemed to remember her father saying he had wanted to be a fighter jock in his younger days. Phasma had trouble imagining the old man in anything besides a captain's chair. She had never known her mother and her father never talked much of her besides the fact that she had died in childbirth. She sometimes got the impression that he hadn't really known her that well, and Phasma had once found in his service records that he had never married the woman. Phasma wondered if she was missing out on some great benefit that her peers had enjoyed.

Ten year old Cadet Yos turned off the feed from the cam before it started to upset her, and signaled for her COMPNOR approved TTS-15 tutorial droid to start its lesson. The silver droid activated its HoloVid once again and returned to its prior lecture on fleet positions during the first and second battles of Kamino. She let the droid drone on, and thought she could probably have taught this lesson to it instead. She realized COMPNOR had installed lessons that taught her to treat aliens and droids as less than ideal, but even on her own she could never get past treating her tutor like it was part of the furniture. To aid matters the thing swiped its own memory every month and as such never developed much of a personality. She never understood why her father had gone to great expense to purchase the thing, since it seemed to only be concerned with turning her into a mindless puppet for Palpatine. His only reason, he had assured her, was that it would help get her ahead in the fleet.

She rose from her desk as the droid meandered on and approached her closet. She answered the droid's test questions absent-mindedly as she rifled through her clothes. The droid acknowledged every answer as correct and she struggled to remember when she had last got one wrong. She decided on wearing her unofficial uniform as she was sure it would be another busy day getting the fleet ready to sail. The regular crew of the Quill knew her, but she found she had troubles getting sailors from other starships to follow her orders when she was wearing anything else. It was frustrating at times, but she wouldn't have an official rank until she graduated from one of the service academies. At least her father had enrolled her in the ship's logs when she was four, so that she would shot through the ranks quickly once she received her commission due to her time already served.

She came across an all white outfit and momentarily thought of wearing it. It was a smaller replica of a Denonian Senator's robes that her father had bought her the previous Empire's Day. She knew she looked good in it and quickly thought of donning it and making a stop in the MedBay before reporting to duty. She thought of the compliments she would get from the dashing Lieutenant, but then it occurred to her that she had nothing clever to say in return. With a sigh she returned the tight fitting outfit to its place in her closet.

She got dressed and made sure her cadet rank of a single gold bar was in its correct place. She had seen an image of Grand Moff Tarkin before and wondered how the weight of his rank badge didn't rip off the front of his uniform. The image of it in her mind made her laugh as she told the tutor to power down in the middle of its lecture. The droid gave her an inquisitive look before acknowledging. She entered the kitchen of her quarters and saw the kitchen droid already cleaning her father's dishes from breakfast. It made sense that he was already gone. She was slightly disappointed as she grabbed a nutritional energy bar for her own breakfast and headed out the door of their quarters and made her way to her duty station. She knew how busy he had become since getting his promotion. She had been so impressed and proud that he had gotten promoted to Fleet Admiral from the Grand Moff himself. Except when duty called her to the bridge she had barely seen her father over the past week. Once all of the four fleets under him had arrived here in this system he spent most of his time coordinating them along with a training program that had called for his fleet to move to the southern polar orbit of Despayre, on the other side of the planet from the Death Star. He'd given her the mind-numbingly dull job of helping other officers loading cargo that was arriving from all over the galaxy. Most of it was marked as going to the Death Star, and it was a little exciting to see how her father and the Grand Moff were subverting it to Tarkin's Fist.

When she wasn't busy with that she recognized her father had thrown her a bone, when he assigned her to help out with planning the training schedule. She had expressed her delight in throwing squadrons of TIE's against each other in mock combat or ordering a brigade of stormtroopers to invade some part or another of the planet below. She had even came up with a training mission where she had ordered Imperial Commandoes under her father's command to infiltrate various prison compounds on the planet below and extricate themselves once again. During every mission she felt sure she was more and more destined to lead troopers of her own in battle one day.

The nature of her father's mission disturbed her some. The Admiral had always assured her that she was destined for high rank within the Empire's Service, but hiding out in the maw from that very Empire seemed to preclude that option. He had assured her when he told her of the plan that she would be educated by the finest professors in the galaxy. Finer even than any that had stayed to teach at the Imperial Academy on Imperial Center. He had told her how Moff Kuat had pulled out all the stops in his recruitment drive of these men, and how the Empire would be left the lesser for it. She wouldn't even be alone during her education. The dependents of the crews of the fleet included thousands of younglings who would be called on to be educated by and then to serve Tarkin's Fist when it became operational over the next few years. She of course was expected to be the top of her class at the school her father was set up. She guessed it would probably be dubbed the Maw Academy or some other name that would be unknown to the rest of the Galaxy.

The young cadet made her way into the central hanger bay of the Quill. Several TIE squadrons were missing from their racks and she assumed they were on station somewhere outside. A stormtrooper platoon was checking its equipment near an old LAAT/i nearby. She had organized a mock engagement with two companies of naval troopers who should be setting up their defense on the planet below. She went to check on the trooper's status and tried to hide the fact that she was secretly rooting for them in the upcoming engagement. They had such astral uniforms, but they seemed to be outnumbered in the fleet. She had seen the numbers and they had been enormous. Tarkin had really done some fancy juggling when he had transferred all these men to the Horuz. Several corps of Imperial Army and Navy Troopers, a legion of Kuati Army Troopers in their own specialized armor, a corps of Imperial Marines, a weird consignment of clone troops under Moff Culter (Which she was sure was a mistake, or someone had forgotten to rename them after the Clone Wars were over.), and three of the Emperor's Stormtrooper Sector Corps made up the ground forces of Tarkin's Fist. That was just the beginning, because by the end of the week they should have the manpower of four Sector Armies at their disposal. It seemed an awful lot, until Phasma contemplated the actual size of the Emperor's forces. She wondered if he would ever notice these trooper's absence. She hoped not, at least not until Tarkin was ready for them.

Her father had also told her of Tarkin's pet Captain Daala, already in command of the maw fleet. It had excited both of them to know that she could find her proper place in the Navy after years of watching COMPNOR's influence frustratingly erode away a female's place in it. Her father had told her this was their chance for Phasma's destiny to never be denied. She listened to the stormtroopers answer her questions and they felt her genuine concern that they were ready for the upcoming practice battle. They didn't see her as a ten year old daughter of a Fleet Admiral, they saw her as an officer that made the right decisions and cared about their welfare.

No, she thought to herself, she wouldn't find her destiny here amongst the stars of the known Galaxy, but she would assuredly find it amongst the black holes and asteroids of the maw. What a life it was going to be she thought to herself. Maybe she would stop by the MedBay today after all.