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The weekly brain-storming meeting of the Senior Creative Team had been going on for more than an hour and so far the only thing they had agreed on was lunch should be ordered out. Stephanie McMahon-Levesque sat at the head of the table, lightly tapping her pen. She was tired of arguing and not getting anything accomplished. She had watched Claire Davis, her best writer, draw stick figures for the last 30 minutes.

"Since we're not making progress with the final revisions of next week's main scripts, we should move along. A few weeks ago we decided on the new list of bios. I think it's time we assigned them." Stephanie glanced at each person in turn, waiting for someone to step up. The silence was too thick. Each week's meeting was getting more difficult. Nobody wanted to take the lead and make suggestions. She was getting annoyed with her staff.

Stephanie looked around the table again. Nobody would meet her gaze. She sighed heavily and leaned forward in her chair, grabbing an empty coffee cup. "If nobody wants to be brave and volunteer, we'll do this the old fashioned way. We'll draw."

Stephanie wrote the names down of the WWE's top stars on pieces of paper and folded them neatly before placing them in the cup. Four of the names they had already agreed on; John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and The Undertaker. Just to make sure she had everyone's undivided attention she added one other name. She handed the cup to Lorraine Evans, the older woman sitting to her left. "Take one and pass it around."

Claire startled slightly when the cup was set in front of her on the table. She had been daydreaming as Stephanie had droned on about falling ratings and sparks of creativity. Claire reached forward and grabbed the last slip of paper. She held it loosely in her fingers as she continued to doodle on the bottom of her agenda. Stephanie cleared her throat and pulled a legal pad toward her. "Let's make a list of what assignments every one has."

Halfheartedly she listened as the list was made. Lorraine had John Cena, Melanie had picked Matt Hardy, Jasmine pulled the Undertaker, Lucy had drawn Rey Mysterio. That left her with Kane. Claire unfolded the neat square and stared in disbelief. No way in hell this way right. She blinked hard and the name didn't waver a bit.

Horrified Claire looked at Stephanie, "Randy Orton. Are you serious?"

Stephanie couldn't help herself. Laughter bubbled up and she couldn't hold back. She simply nodded at Claire. "Now that I have your attention, maybe ALL of you will be more willing to co-operate. I want the outlines and first two chapters on my desk in 3 weeks."

This was hell. She had died and gone straight to hell. Claire was pretty sure this was some forgotten part of hell. It just wasn't possible that she had just been assigned to the devil himself. Orton's name hadn't been on the original list. Stephanie had just added him into the mix to be spiteful.

Claire waited until the room cleared before she looked at Stephanie again.

"Steph – you know I have NEVER refused an assignment. But this, " Claire shook her slip of paper at Stephanie, "This is BEYOND what I am willing to do. That man is ….impossible."

IMPOSSIBLE was the easiest way to describe Mr. Randal Orton. Any other description would be putting it much too nicely. Stephanie leaned forward in her chair and gently patted Claire's hand. "Look on the bright side, honey. The faster you get it written, the faster you'll be rid of him." Stephanie stood and gathered her notes.

"Seriously, Steph, you can't expect me to deal with that …. man." Claire cringed as she thought about the last time a writer had been assigned to shadow The Viper. Angela had turned in her resignation within 24 hours of getting started.

"So you're refusing?" Stephanie arched a brow and waited for Claire's answer. Stephanie knew what buttons to push better than anyone. They had known each other since high school and Stephanie had a knack for figuring out what made people tick. Claire had NEVER backed down from a challenge. She hated to admit failure. It just wasn't in her nature. Claire shook her head. "No. I'm not refusing. I'm reminding you that the man is unbearable."

Stephanie looked over at Claire and smiled. "Claire, you're the best writer I've got. You have never let me down. I'm sure you'll be able to do this. You just have to get past the shallow, asshole exterior and get to the man underneath. Once you do that, the bio will practically write itself."

Claire leaned back in her chair. She really didn't want to disappoint Stephanie. She was like a sister. But on the other hand, she really didn't want to be attached to Orton for the next few weeks. Damn her bad luck. "What's the next stop on the schedule?"

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