The Spirit of the Archdemon

Summary: Post-Game, Adora Cousland and Alistair Theirin managed to restore order to Fereldan and defeat the archdemon, without sacrificing their own lives. They lived on to become the King and Queen. Ten years have past, and with the arrival of their first born child, the heir to the Fereldian throne, things are beginning to change for them once more, and their past choices may now alter the very fate Fereldan itself. [female human noble origin, pcxalistair]

Brief Introduction of the Characters:

Adora Cousland-Theirin: Human Noble Rouge. She is known throughout the world as the Hero of Fereldan, the Grey Warden who managed to stop a Blight before it ever truly began. In the factions of the Grey Wardens, she is renowned as the Grey Warden who managed to truly destroy an archdemon without sacrificing herself or her lover. Of course, she will not tell how she managed to do so, and swears to carry the secret to her grave. In Fereldan, she is better known as their beloved Queen, who, like Anora before her, does most of the ruling while her husband serves more as a figurehead. No one minds, for while Anora was the daughter of a hero, Adora is a hero. She is currently with child, carrying the first child she and Alistair have been able to produce, a miracle within itself considering the taint. She is travelling to Highever, her homeland, with her husband for the actual birth of the child.

Alistair Theirin: Current King of Fereldan. Known as the Common King because of his bastard heritage and his willingness to be with the common man. Prefers to work with his people and travels continually to get to know his people and his land. He works with the people while his wife manages the political side of royal life. He is also the head of the Grey Warden's in Fereldan. He is travelling to Highever with his wife for the birth of their first child, which he hopes is a boy.

Adrien: OC. Head of the Grey Wardens in Orlais, and the foremost scholar concerning the Wardens. He is on his way to Highever to study the most unusual case of a child being born of two Wardens. He is also fascinated by Griffons, believing them to be not as extinct as previously thought, and hoping to bring them back to battle the darkspawn.

Christian: OC. The Head of Security in the palace, especially concerning the royal blood of Fereldan. He is constantly harassed by Alistair for being overprotective and paranoid concerning the safety of the King and Queen.

Ceridwen: Morrigan's daughter, and Alistair's bastard. She carries within her the spirit of the archdemon, and was supposed to have been the host of an old demon-God. She has yet to show any signs of either, to the disappointment of her mother. That, however, may soon change. She is named after the Celtic moon Godess, who also served as the Goddess of Dark Prophesy and the Underworld.

Fergus Cousland: Adora's older brother, and Teryn of Highever.

Leliana: Queen Adora's personal handmaiden, spy, and bodyguard. Some say she and the Queen were lovers at one point, but there is no truth to those rumors, at least according to the Queen.

Morrigan: Ceridwen's mother. Morrigan created Ceridwen in hopes that she would be the reincarnation of the God of Death. That hasn't happened yet, and Morrigan is visibly disappointed. She still loves her daughter and raises her in the wilds for fear that if she lived in a city, she would be taken by the Circle. Morrigan is constantly on the lookout for Flemeth, fearing that the woman is not truly dead and will somehow possess her body even from the afterlife.

Wynne: The Royal's personal healer, friend, and advisor. Wynne is travelling to Highever to assist with the birth of the heir to the throne.

The Meeting

"Christian will be angry at us, my love."

They were humans, the both of them. Ceridwen had never seen humans before, at least not this close, no one besides Mother. Her rabbit-eyes were not the best, but she could make out some details about the pair. The woman had hair the color of straw, tied in an elaborate bun at the top of her head. She wore an elegant blue gown, and seemed to have a petite figure were it not for the unusual roundness of her belly. Ceridwen noticed a pair of daggers hoisted behind her back, and wondered if the lady was dangerous or not.

The man was different: he had a smiling face, hidden behind a bushy beard. He had light red hair and wore a full suit of golden armor, his sword and shield proudly out in the open so that all could see his might. His eyes seemed to be laughing, and they seemed almost familiar to Ceridwen, though she could not place them.

"Christian is always angry at us, my love." The man laughed loudly. "If he wasn't so damn good at his job, I would have fired him years ago. 'Your majesty, the wilderness is dangerous!' 'Your majesty, there might be bandits on the road!' 'Your majesty, please stay in the Capitol so I can protect you better!' Bah! As if we need protection! You would think our head of security would realize that we defeated the archdemon on our own—I think we can handle a couple of bandits, if there are any stupid enough to try and attack us."

The woman merely smiled. "I'm sure he means well."

"Oh, I'm positive he means well. But how can I have an afternoon tryst with my lovely wife if Christian is constantly underfoot?"

The pair kissed, and Ceridwen watched with curious interest as their lips touched. She had never seen people kiss before, having been raised in the wilds with only her mother for company. She wondered if it felt as nice as it looked.

"Alistair," the woman whispered, and Ceridwen lifted a rabbit-ear to hear her. "I believe we have a visitor."

What? But there was no one in the forest, no one but the lovers and Ceridwen! Who was the woman talking about?

"Little Rabbit," the woman spoke louder this time. "You can come out now. I promise we won't hurt you."

How did she know? How could anyone know? Mother said shape-shifting was a rare form of magic that few knew about besides her. How could this strange woman, intruding upon their woods, know who she was in her rabbit-form?

"It's alright, you can come out. I give my word as a Cousland and as a Theirin that no harm will come to you if you change forms."

She did not know why, but Ceridwen trusted her. The woman's eyes reflected goodness and justice—how could she not? So Ceridwen transformed from rabbit to girl-child, and stepped towards the couple in the woods.

"My, what a lovely child." The woman complimented. Ceridwen did not know if she was lovely or not, having spent her years alone. At ten, her long black hair was tied back into many braids, and her warm brown eyes conflicted with the paleness of her skin. She did not speak: instead, she listened to the lovely lady—for with her human eyes, she could tell the lady was so very lovely—as she cooed at Ceridwen.

"So very beautiful. You take after your mother, you know." The woman continued, while the man said nothing but stared at Ceridwen in disbelief, in fear, and a little in awe.

"Would you like a present?" Ceridwen nodded, the first sign that she could even understand what the woman was saying. Ceridwen did not know much about the human world, but she did know presents were customary. The little shape-shifter watched as the woman dug through her packs before finally pulling out a rather ornate hand mirror.

Ceridwen could not help but gush, having never seen something so pretty. "It's—it's lovely. I—thank you."

The woman merely smiled. "I knew a woman once who loved a mirror like that. I hope it serves you well."

"I don't even know your name, but you've given me a wonderful gift. Who are you?" Ceridwen had to ask, and she hoped the lady wouldn't take offense.

"I am Adora, and my companion here is Alistair. Alistair, dear, say hello."

The man balked, and then began to stutter strangely. "I—I—er, h-hello, young one."

"And what is your name, child?"


The woman licked her lips and smiled. "Ceridwen. That's a pretty name. Ceridwen, child, will you do me a favor?"

Ceridwen nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"Will you tell your mother that Adora would like to speak with her? Tell her she can find me at Highever Castle for the next few weeks. Of course, knowing Morrigan, she probably already knows that, but still. She should come. You are more than welcome to join her, too, Ceridwen, if you'd like."

Ceridwen gasped. "Y-you know Mother?"

Lady Adora simply laughed. "Yes, I do know your mother. She and I are old friends. Anyway, be a dear and pass on the message, will you? Thank you, child."

With that, Ceridwen transformed into her familiar rabbit form, eager to tell her mother of the people she had met in the woods.


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