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Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. Beep…………


I watch in horror, as the scene unfolds before me like a nightmare. Only I know its not, I'm awake and I am brutally aware of this fact. I know this because I just felt myself being shoved as the entourage of medical personnel flood in to the room. I felt it like a pinch, that pinch you give yourself so you know your not dreaming.

"Code blue…. I need a crash cart stat"

I can hear someone yelling, urgency flooding their voice. I can't bring myself to move, I can do nothing but watch as they put shock after shock through his body. The sound makes me jump internally every time I hear it.

"Push an amp of epi…"

My mind drifts to the man on the bed, who, if I'm honest with myself means more to me than I let on… Who am I kidding if there is anytime to be honest with myself, its now. Because if I wait too much longer it might be too late, my words will hold no meaning…. Maybe it already is… No I can't think like that.

"Tony, Come on…Son…Fight" although there are spoken at merely a whisper, I put as much urgency, affection, love and hope into them as I can. Now isn't the time for my usual second B for bastard routine.

"I've already lost one family…I can't lose you too."

"…Shit! Were loosing him"

I know who is to blame for all this, and the bastard is down the hall in another room blissfully unaware of the goings on. That Bastard who walked back into Tony's life after all these years and demanded of him, what we all knew could kill him.

I want to go down to that room, and beat the crap out of him, that man who calls himself a father – that man who for years threw away the best thing that happened to him. I want to put all my frustrations, anger, sadness, rage, despair, in to pummelling him. I'll do it. I do it for Tony. If he dies the consequences wont matter nothing will. But in my mind I know it wont help.

"Charge again 360…"

Logically I know I cant really do those things, this was Tony, valiant, stupid, Tony. And this was his decision, he went through with this, he knew the risks the surgery would have. Especially with the increased risk of complications with the aesthetic on his plague scarred lungs. We drummed that into him Ducky and I, made sure he knew the risks. He knew. I can feel the rage bubbling up inside me, screaming to get out. I know why I'm angry and it has nothing to do with blaming anyone, it's because I'm worried…. Aw hell, I'm not just worried, I'm scared. Scared is not a word usually associated with me, gruff, bastard, and cold, Yes, but not scared. Yet I am. Scared that I'll loose him before I get a chance to tell him how I feel, scared of living a life without him. Just like Shannon and Kelly. Scared of losing another friend another child…Damn I should of told him, I should of told him someone cared other than just because they wanted some extra body parts- Damn that bastard of a man. I should have told him I cared, given him a reason to fight, a reason to stay.

"Fight son… Fight this!... Come on DiNozzo…. Come on Tony!" Again my words are drowned out by the commotion in the room, but I can always hope that somehow my message is getting through.

I wonder what he would think of this.

"I saw this in a movie boss, I've seen it a million times. The hero goes into the hospital, and while there gets hooked up to a machine that beeps along. As long as that machine is beeping, and the jagged lines on the monitor and go up and down in a heart beat rhythm everything is fine.

But then suddenly, the beeping becomes erratic and the lines on the machine jump up and down rapidly, without rhythm, until finally the lines flatten out and the machine lets out a long sustained beep. The room suddenly bursts with people and someone yells ' CODE BLUE', all these hot nurses are around, and boss, I mean HOT!......."

A small chuckle escapes my lips, inappropriate I know. I think I must be loosing my mind, but that would be exactly what DiNozzo would be looking for, the hot nurses. I make note to tell him about the nurses in his room now he wouldn't be disappointed. I'll tell him when he wakes up.

"SHIT…SHIT…SHIT....!" I can hear the Doctor cursing; the urgency in the room steps up a notch again, if that's even possible.

If he wakes up…No I cant think like that, so I continue with DiNozzo's movie reference in my head.

"Any way boss, inevitably a defibrillator will be wheeled in and the macho Dr steps in yelling 'Charge to 360' he pauses before yelling 'Clear' and delivering his shock to our hero. Most of the time the hero will be revived and the beeping and regular jagged lines on the machine's screen restart. But sometimes, sometimes………."

Sometimes not. I finish off his reference for him. I can feel the hot tears as they start to fall; I'm crying now and for the first time in the years since Shannon and Kelly died, I don't care who sees. The alarms are still screaming, people are still rushing around; I can here the sounds of the shocks as they continue through his body. And yet there's an eerie calm settling around me. I look up at the monitor above the bed

…There's nothing, not beat, no pulse, nothing… Flatline…

"Once more, give it one more try…. Charge to 360 again………Clear…"

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