Malcolm's College Graduation

Malcolm walks out of the janitors closet he looks like he is about half asleep he walks into his dorm room where his roommate Josh is sitting at the desk looking at a book "Hey dude" sees that Malcolm is about half asleep "Hard day"

Malcolm pulls a chair over to the desk where Josh is and rubs his eyes "I'll say three classes , three hours at the bookstore, and four hours at the Janitors closet" Lays his head down on the desk and closes his eyes

Josh looks at him "Maybe you should just get ready and go to bed"

Malcolm lifts his head and looks at him "I wish I could but I cant I have a big chemistry test tomorrow I have to stay up long anothe to study for it"

Josh looks at him "you know you're the most devoted person I've ever met I'll put a pot of coffee on before I go over to Tara Johnson's"

Malcolm looks at him "So you finally scored a date with Tara Johnson huh"

Josh looks at him "Yea were going to see a movie and I actually get to be in the same theater with her this time"

Malcolm grins at him before looking back at his chem. Book "Well have fun and thanks for the coffee I'm gonna need it"

Josh starts the coffee maker and grabs a bag of coffee " If you want to study for more then five minutes you are"

Malcolm gets up and walks over to his dresser and pulls out a tee shirt and some pajama bottoms "I think I'll take a good hot shower before I start maybe I'll wake up some"

Josh looks at him from the opposite side of the room "that might just help"

Malcolm walks past him and opens the door "Well ill see you later have fun with Tara"

Josh looks at him with a sneaky look "Oh I will"

Malcolm gives him a look before turning around to face his girlfriend Emily who has just walked into the doorway

Emily enters the room and gives Malcolm a kiss "Hey stranger" she pulls away fast holding her nose "you had to work as a janitor today didn't you"

Malcolm starts to smell himself not realizing how bad he smells he pulls away quickly "Uhhhh…I reek"

Josh walks over waving his hand in front of his face to circulate the air "yea I was just trying to be nice but now that its out in the open"

Malcolm looks back at Emily "listen I'm gonna go take a shower come back in about 20 minutes and we'll talk"

Emily goes over and embarrasses him in a hug "Sounds great and please promise me you'll smell better"

Malcolm grins at her he couldn't believe as much as his girlfriend got grossed out that he had meet her during dissection week in chem. Lab but he was reminded everyday when he saw her just how much he loved her "I promise I'll smell better"

Emily turns back as he ushers her towards the door "you better" she gives him one last kiss before she turned to walk back towards her room