A couple of days before graduation Coral is sitting in Emily's room watching cartoons on her TV while Christy and Emily are looking at a bridal magazine

Christy points to a picture in it and starts to giggle "what about that one?"

Emily looks at the Picture she is pointing to "Yea…no I don't think Malcolm would want me to wear a leopard skin wedding dress"

Christy giggles some more at it "Why would they even consider putting that in there ?"

Emily starts to laugh along with her sister " I don't even know"

They continue looking at the magazine when there's a knock at the door they hear Malcolm from outside the door "Is everyone descent ?"

Emily smiles at the door "Yes honey come on in"

Malcolm walks in he's wearing his Janitor uniform " I just came to get your trash" reach's down and picks up the trash can and empties it into a bigger cart "what are ya'll looking at ?"

Emily smiles at him "Wedding dresses"

Malcolm gives her a confused look "We're not getting married for six months"

Christy looks at Emily "Guys just don't understand"

Emily looks back at her "Yea I know right"

Malcolm gives them a look "ok well I'll just see you later"

Emily looks at him as he opens the door to leave "Wait"

Malcolm steps back in the door "Yea"

Emily walks over to him "What time do you get off tonight ?"

Malcolm looks at her "Well I'm working the night shift so probley not till after ten"

Emily looks at him "Well since Josh doesn't have a date for once I was thinking maybe your brothers could come over and Christy, Carol and Coral could come and we could have like a Movie night since tomorrow is graduation day

Malcolm looks at her "I don't know I'm going to be pretty tired I should probley get a good night sleep before tomorrow"

Emily gives him a sad face "Please"

Malcolm gives her a look "How can I say no to that of course I'll be here" He gives her a kiss on the forehead before leaving

The scene changes to later that night Reese, Dewy, Jamie, Coral, Emily, Christy and Josh are sitting on the two beds and in chairs in front of the TV

Reese looks up at Emily "Can we start the movie already"

Emily looks down at him from her bed "I told we are not starting the movie until Malcolm shows up"

Reese looks back at her " Emily it's almost 11 I don't really think he's"

Emily cuts him off " He'll be here"

Reese turns back around as he dose there's a knock at the door

Emily jumps up "I got it" she jumps up and opens it to Malcolm "hey honey"

Malcolm looks at her "hey sweet hart sorry I'm late this kid ate some bad pasta and threw"

Emily looks at him "Do I really need to hear this"

Malcolm smiles at her "No but long story short I had to take a shower before I came"

Emily smiles at him " Well come on in lets get this movie started"

Malcolm walks in and over to the bed as Emily turns of the lights and starts up the movie

Reese realizes after a few minutes what kind of movie it is "Oh this is a chick flick"

Dewy turns around " Yea uhhh…we have to go right Reese, Jamie"

Reese looks at him "Uhhh…yea we do see ya'll later

They get up and run out of the door Malcolm looks up at Emily "Do I have to watch this"

Emily gives him a look

Malcolm looks up at her "Apparently I do"

The scene changes to a little while later Emily, Carol, Christy and Coral are crying in front of the TV Malcolm's legs are sticking off the end of the bed

Emily turns around thinking Malcolm is still sitting up beside her "Isn't this romantic sweetie" there's no response "Malcolm" she turns around and sees he's asleep "MALCOLM !!"

Malcolm shoots up "What ?"

Emily looks over at him "Your drooling"

Malcolm looks at her " What are you talking about I was just crying (feels his chin) through my mouth"

Emily looks at him " Yea I would believe that if you hadn't been asleep look if your bored just leave"

Malcolm looks at her "No I'm fine"

Emily gives him that tells him she doesn't believe him

Malcolm sees her looking at him "Thank you" starts to run towards the door and turns around "I love you"

He opens the door and runs back down the hall

The scene changes to the next day Malcolm runs into the girls room where the girls are getting ready he still his on his night top his hairs a mess

Emily looks at him as he runs through the door "Malcolm why aren't you ready"

Malcolm looks at her "I ran out of hair gel do you have anything for it"

Emily looks at him " I have some hair spray"

Malcolm runs towards her bathroom "I'll take it"

Emily continues to braid Corals hair "This most be a preview to the rest of my life"

Coral just grins up at her

The scene fades to the next afternoon everybody is sitting around In a restraunt Malcolm and Emily are sitting at the table with Francis and Piama

Francis over at him picking at him "So I guess I can say at least one of my brothers graduated from a Ivey league school"

Malcolm smiles at him " I guess so" He had graduated he had the girl of his dreams for the first time Malcolm knew what it felt like to be truly happy

Ok so I know this wasn't the greatest ending ever and I'm sorry about that but I ran out of ideas =(