"I am Tigwi-Igwi, likewise I'm glad you came along. I'm trained in the healing arts and I assume by your attire, you are handy with melee weapons? What I propose is I will sneak out first and get the orc to look the other way. You sneak up behind it and deliver a mortal blow. Orcs have horrible hearing and do not see well in the bright light. This should work"

"Ok," nodded Rik, "this plan seems sound to me."

The plan went off without a hitch, Tigwi-Igwi ran out and cast a spell of binding on the orc. Unable to move, the orc grunted in anger and watched the taru run across the meadow just beyond reach. Rik saw his opening and stealthily crept up behind it spear drawn. In one quick strike, he'd impaled the orc and the tip of his spear burst through it's heart. It immediately groaned and crumpled to the ground in eternal slumber.

After a few moments of cheering, Tigwi-Igwi asked Rikan, "where are you going?"

"To San O'dria," Rik answered.

"So am I" Remarked Tigwi-Igwi marking the beginning of a new friendship.

Meawhile ….

About three hours into the ferry crossing, the ferry began to lurch violently. The sea had grown turbulent and an eerie dark choking fog enveloped the vessel and it's passengers. Daniki glanced a Sy, nervousness and fear on her features.

"Relax Danika, it will be ok," He chided, "the pirates have not been seen in over a month."

"Pirates?" Gasped Alora. She'd been told of them by her father. Pirates nearly killed her parents when they'd first come to Bastok.

"Look there!" Shrieked a tarutaru woman with a platinum ponytail. She pointed just off the bow at an object nearing the ferry. "A Ship!"

A wizened galka stood to her left and muttered, "It's Silverhook, I'd recognize that cursed ghost ship of his anywhere. If you can't wield a weapon, I suggest to take cover below decks now!" It yelled drawing a great sword from the scabbard on his massive back.

Alora noticed a group of children standing to one side, apparently frozen with fear. "Help me Danika," She called.

Danika rushed to aid her in herding the children behind the heavy doors of the cargo area where they would be safe from the inevitable battle.

"I'm going back out to help Sy," Danika told her, "you stay with them and keep them safe."

"Be careful out there!" Alora called after her.

A sudden jolt announced the contact of the pirate ship as it drew up tight to the side of the ferry. On deck the galka had organized those who could fight in a line along the portside on which the skeleton pirates were beginning to board.

Now a galka is one of the two tallest races of sentient beings of Vana'diel. They are the most massive of all of them. The galka leading the ferry had short gray fur and full black mane and beard. It was at least 2 ½ feet wide and close to seven feet tall. It's short tail was as thick as a small tree at its base. They are a race unequalled in sheer strength and endurance. There is a reason I refer to the galka as 'it' dear readers. A galka is neither male nor female and very little is known of how they are born per the galka guard this information fiercely. They are however reborn at the end of a lifespan, to live yet again.

To the galkan's right stood a well equipped elvaan paladin with his white hair pulled back in a simple pony tail. The sword and shield that he carried were of the finest craftsmanship. The armor he wore shown evidence of the great care this man took of all his belongings.

To the left of the galka, Sy stood ready brandishing his trusted great katana, while Danika stood a few steps behind, readying protective magic for the fighters to increase their resistance to physical attacks. Then she began to cast a spell that would temporarily cause any wounds they received to heal up anew.

"Attack!" Shouted Silverhook in his raspy skeletal croaking, "Leave none alive!"

"Oh no you don't!" Called Sy moving to intercept and dismantle a skeleton heading straight for Danika. It snarled in frustration as Sy's blade found its mark & severed it's spine in one swift strike. It's bones tumbled to the planks with a loud clatter.

The paladin was fending off two more that were taking him to his limits, the first one tried to stab at his throat and the elvaan brought his shield up quickly to block it while simultaneously deflecting a blow from the other with his blade. Uttering a incantation as he fought, the skeletons found themselves severely weakened by the casting of this divine spell of banishment. It was not long until the pair lie in pieces at his armored feet.

The galkan had three fiends in his sights but being a highly trained monk combined with natural strength unrivaled, the skeletons were no match for his powerful blows. Quickly and assuredly, he smashed them into pieces before they could do much damage to his toughened hide.

There were many skeleton pirates but they are not the quickest opponents. Little by little, the ferry riders were able to reduce several to piles of disconnected bones. Deftly, the galkan swung blows thru several hapless witless skeletons at a time. Until at last, only a handful of Silverhook's warriors yet stood. Realizing the odds were not in his favor, Silverhook growled and sprung back onto his own vessel.

"You will not win the next time vile living creatures," He rasped, "retreat my minions. We will fight again soon. These be our seas but today is not the day to teach these fleshhoaders the lesson." with that he hurled a dagger at the nearest ferry passenger he could. Danika cried out in alarm as she watched her friend Sy fall down as the dagger sunk deep into his abdomen.

"Sy!" She screamed and rushed to his side.

This of course had been Silverhook's wicked intent, to create a distraction that would allow his remaining crew to escape and they all hurried away as suddenly as they appeared.