Not Easy.

AN: Okay, who else is mad at the chicken man episode? Stupid Angela! Being all non celibate with the wrong guy! Being mean to Bones, choosing a pig over her friend… Wow. That was a lot of spoilers. I love animals really, but Angela is swiftly becoming weird to me. This is a continuation after Booth catches onto Angela and Wendell. This is after that adorable little scene when they are gazing at each other.

The bar was soon emptied and the familiar SUV driving the duo to Booth's apartment. Booth knew Bones was worried about something: he could feel it.

"Bones." He didn't need to say any more.

"Although I think I made the right decision to assist Angela in buying the piglet, I feel hurt by her earlier comment." Her logical comment is directed anywhere but his face. He feels guilty. He never asked about the fight, refusing to get in the middle.

"What did Angela say?" Her eyes don't met his. "Look at me Temperance." Booth said.

"Why I am even friends with you?' That's what she said." Bones says. Her eyes are watering. He is saddened by the vulnerability she displays yet always proud that she can feel safe enough to break down around him. He wants to take all that self doubt away. Can Angela not see all the dimension and wonder in this woman ? Booth thinks and begins to speak.

"She is your friend, she's just having a rough deal. You, Bones, don't trust easy. But once you let someone in, boy, it's pure loyalty. Don't let a comment from anyone make you doubt that." He is earnest and by the slight coloring in her cheeks, he'd say she notices.

"If Hodgins and Angela can't make it work…" Bones pauses.

"Make what work?" Booth inquires.

"A romantic relationship for two coworkers and friends. Then what about.." She pauses, not to think. She knows what she was going to say. As he pulled into his driveway he knew what she meant too.

"Us. If they can't do it how can we?" His eyes are in hers. It's magnetic.

"I don't know." It is in unison.

"I hate the line Bones." Booth admits.

"I do too." She inches closer.

"I don't love you like a friend, Bones. This is not going to be easy. Hodgins and Angela are not me and you." They are a breath apart.

"Since when, Booth, is easy what we do?" And a line is shattered.

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