Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is loosely inspired by the various Dear You Higurashi songs, just thought I'd write something fitting for BattlerBeato (it feels weird to call her Beato...in my mind, she'll always be Beatrice). It is largely inspired by events in the third arc. Also, the instrumental is the same as the other Dear You's, but I picture this to be more along the lines of Dear You (Vocal).

I thought I was just playing a simple game

Until I opened up my eyes and saw you

I never knew a lonely heart like mine

Could possibly feel this way

Both the smile and the frown on your face

Always make me smile and laugh and glad to be alive

But now, I'm beginning to realize

That maybe, I have gone too far in my games

The anger in your voice makes me begin to doubt what I have done

And now I ask of you to please forgive me

Please find it, in your heart, to look me in the eye again

Please take these tears in my eyes as my most sincere apology

I'm beginning to doubt you will ever see me

As nothing more than your quarrelling foe

The folly of my actions is now being realized

And I hope you can see what I have done for you

If I had the chance, I would go back to it again

And I would tell you my most sincere feelings from the bottom of my heart

Take these sacrifices I make

As a sign that I do love you

I thought I was just playing a simple game

Until I opened up my eyes and saw you

I saw the smiles on your face, and the frown in your eyes

I look forward to the day you finally speak the words I cannot say


A/N: If anyone wishes to take this song and sing it on YouTube, or translate it into Japanese...feel free; just give me the proper credit.