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The school bell rang, signaling the end of the days classes and at the same time, signaling the awakening of one sleepy student. He sat on the far right side of the classroom, near the row of windows overlooking the school grounds. The boy groggily stood and packed away his books which had until recently been serving the role of comfortable pillows, until the bell woke him from his doze.

He began to walk out of the door, glad to finally begin his trek home.

"Mr. Kurosaki," his teacher said in a displeased tone. Ichigo turned to his teacher and saw the annoyance in her face. "This is the eleventh time I've had to remind you." She said to him, obviously irritated. "Do not sleep in my class."

Ichigo just looked at her agitated expression and nodded sleepily. "I'll try not to let it happen again."

"You would do well to uphold that statement young man," his teacher said as he walked out of the room. She sighed. Why do I even try, he'll just come back and go asleep again tomorrow.

As Ichigo exited the school building, he chuckled a bit to himself about his teachers statement. It's not like it matters, I'll ace the test anyway.

He continued to walk home, but as he rounded a corner, a chill ran down his spine. Another one? he thought, now where is the see-thru bastard? He quickly looked around the intersection, trying to find what he was looking for. No…no…no…no not him…no…AH there he is! He started over to the other side of the road until he reached a small alleyway and entered.

There in front of him was a person, although not really. This person was transparent, and as far as anyone could tell had no visible legs. He was a ghost, a spirit of one who died, invisible to all living things, but not to one Ichigo Kurosaki. "How am I here, why am I down there two?, what's going on?" The ghost mumbled hysterically to nobody in particular, it was obviously panicked; scared at the unexpected change of events.

"Hey there," Ichigo said to the floating spirit, trying to gain his attention.

"Huh," the ghost said as he spun around to see the boy standing behind him. Oh, he can't be talking to me, nobody can see..

"Hey!," Ichigo shouted, interrupting the spirits thoughts. "I'm talking to you, don't just float there looking stupid!"

"You can see me?," the ghost said, with Ichigo nodding in response. "Oh, that's a relief, I…" the color that had briefly returned to the spirits face disappeared completely. He began to back away. "If I'm dead…..than…than..you must be death here to take me away to the Underworld!"

"Sorry to bust your bubble," Ichigo responded. "But I am not here to carry your soul away." He took a step closer to the spirit. "I'm here to help you."

"Help me?," the ghost responded in confusion. "But, how? Can you bring me back to life?!" Hope flooded to his face at the prospect.

"No, I can't," Ichigo said to the ghost, obviously disappointing him.

"Then how are you supposed to help me,?" the ghost cried out to him. "In case you haven't noticed, I'M DEAD."

Ichigo gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his mounting frustration. "It's up to you, do you need anything, do you want for me to tell someone something for you?"

"Like what?," the spirit shouted. "HEY, GUESS WHAT I'M DEAD!!!"

This was all Ichigo could take. Bastard should be happy I'm even offering to help him out. He turned quickly and marched out of the alleyway, leaving the rude ghost behind. Hope nobody saw that, me having a conversation with the empty space of an alleyway; yeah that looks sane.

After Ichigo left, the ghost went back to worrying about his situation. Where will my money go? Who's going to look after my dog? Who's going to run my company? DAMN, why didn't I write a will?

Unbeknownst to the ghost however, he was being watched. A very confused cat sat on top of a trash can in that very same alley. It had a solid jet black coat and yellow eyes, but mot of all, it had seen the entire conversation. How was that boy able to to see the spirit? Why does he look like…like…I've got to inform Kisuke of this. The cat nimbly leapt down from the perch and darted down the sidewalk, weaving through the mass of people. The feline made its way several blocks though the city, certainly at some time passing the boy from before. As the cat swept down onto another street, a tall wooden fence came into view, it nimbly lept to the top and bolted down it until a small building came into view, "ah finally, Kisuke's shop," the cat said with a decidedly masculine voice. The cat lept off of the fence and made it's way inside. Passing a girl with absurd bangs getting bullied by a boy with short, bright red hair, and another very large man with glasses cooking something over a stove.

The black cat entered the back room of the building. "Kisuke!," it said aloud.

"hm..," a voice said from the corner. It came from a man in a dark coat and a striped bucket hat. He was currently messing around with a small orb, tossing it from hand to hand. "What is it Yoruichi?," Kisuke Urahara said as he raised his head to look at the feline. "You look like you've been in a hurry."

"Well Kisuke, I've come across something that may interest you," Yoruichi said to the laid-back shopkeeper.

"Really?," Urahara said. He put the orb back into a case and locked it. "Well let's hear it then," he said as he turned back towards Yoruichi.

"While I was going for a stroll around the city today, I came across something odd."

"Like what, anyone suspicious from the soul society?"

"No, Kisuke," responded Yoruichi. "I've never seen something quite like it before, there was a human, a schoolboy in fact, who was able to see a ghost.

"Seeing a flicker of a ghost isn't uncommon Yoruichi," Urahara told the cat. "Everyday someone sees a slight shimmer and believes it's a ghost."

"NO, no, no, you misunderstood me Kisuke," the cat said with slight annoyance audible in its voice. "This boy could see the entire ghost, and even had a conversation with it." A flash of interest darted across Urahara's eyes at the statement. "The boy was so casual about the situation, as if he had spoken to ghosts many times before, like it was part of his daily routine."

"You sure he wasn't a soul reaper?," asked Kisuke.

"I'm positive, he had neither a zanpakto nor was he in a gigai."

"A human that can see spirits…," Urahara mumbled to himself. "Sounds interesting."

"I thought you would find it so," Yoruichi said as he hopped down off of the crate. "I'm going to go take a nap now," Yoruichi said as his thoughts turned a bundle of cushions laying in the corner.

"Yoruichi," Urahara called out to him from his seated position. "Bring him here tomorrow, I'd like to meet this person."

"Sure thing," the cat answered. Urahara nodded and began to walk out of the room. "By the way," Yoruichi called back to him. "The boy I spoke of, he strongly resembles someone you may remember."

"Hmmm..," Urahara mumbled. "And who would that be?"

"Kaien Shiba."


While he was being discussed at Urahara's shop, Ichigo was just arriving home. A sign saying "Kurosaki Clinic" hung over the doorway, identifying the building as a medical center. Ichigo's father was in the Medical profession and had opened this place as an alternative for local people to the general hospital downtown. Ichigo himself was never heavily involved, although his sisters occasionally served as nurses on the busy days.

He approached the door and opened it, finally home after another long day. Althougth as he opened the door, he was met with a flying kick from his father. "You're late Ichigo!," the father yelled at his son.

"What the hell is wrong with you!," Ichigo shouted.

"I see nothing wrong with caring about my son," his father said with a smirk.

"You kicked me when I opened the door!," he yelled, gritting his teeth and picking himself up off the ground.

"It was a kick of concern!," his father told him, crossing his arms. "Besides you're the one who broke the rules."

"You're insane!," Ichigo growled out to his father.

"Perhaps, but I care," Mr. Kurosaki answered.

"I'll show you caring!," Ichigo shouted back as he threw a punch that connected with his fathers cheek.

"*sigh* They're at it again Yuzu," said a girl with short dark hair inside the house. She was watching the two quarrel from a window.

"Oh no!," another voice said from behind her. Another girl, the others sister, popped up beside her. Her hair was lighter than her sisters and was pinned back by a hair clip. Her face was obviously full of concern at the scene developing outside.

"Relax Yuzu," the first girl said to her worried sister. "They're men, it's how they settle things."

"But Karin, what if they hurt themselves," Yuzu said worriedly.

"They're not that stupid," Karin responded nonchalantly. "They'll be back in when they get tired." Yuzu looked at her sister and nodded, she was usually right about things like this. She took one more worried glance at the two and then headed back downstairs to finish dinner. She had placed herself responsible for such things after their mother had died, while her sister Karin had developed a tough shell around her and her emotions; trying not to burden the others with her problems.

Just as Karin predicted, the two boys entered the house a few minutes later, battered and bruised, but not anything serious. They sat down at the table where Karin was already present. "What I say sis, here they are now," Karin shouted back to her sister who was still busy in the kitchen.

Yuzu looked around the corner to where the trio was seated and let out a gasp of shock at their condition. "Your hurt!, here let me find the first aid kit…"

"Don't worry about it Yuzu, I got it this time," Karin said to Yuzu. "I already got the kit here," she held it up so she could see it.

"So, mind telling me why you were late Ichigo," Mr. Kurosaki said to his son as Karin began to bandage them up.

"Sprits again," Ichigo responded. "More and more of them seem to be seeking me out every day."

"Spirits or no spirts, I expect you to not be late, understand?" His mother used to see those things, floating around. She always had a knack for the amazing. "oww, Karin what are you doing!?"

"If you would just sit still, my job would be a lot easier you know," Karin responded as she again began to stitch her fathers wound shut.

"Dinners ready!," Yuzu shouted out of the Kitchen. A moment later, she wheeled it all out to the dining room on a modified gurney. After everything was set on the table, she said "dig in," and they all began to eat.

Another eventful day in my life. Ichigo thought to himself. Why are those damn things drawn to me anyway, maybe they know I'll be able to see them? I don't know, I guess I'll think about it tomorrow.